Applehead Siamese

Applehead Siamese

The Applehead Siamese cat is the so-called traditional breed of Siamese that was originally brought from Siam, now called Thailand. These cats are popular for being vocal but less chatty than the other Siamese breeds. They are also energetic and affectionate. Read on to understand more about this beautiful and elegant cat breed. 

Applehead Siamese: History, Physical Features, Personality and Health 


These cats are the so-called traditional and original Siamese cats of the royal family of Siam. They were considered precious and the royal family offered them as gifts to friends and state leaders. Records show that their history dates back to around 1350 A.D. They were considered bearers of great wisdom and mystical powers during the ancient period and when royal family members died, one of the cats was chosen to receive their soul upon their demise.  

Physical features 

Applehead Siamese cats have round, muscular, heavy bodies. They can weigh up to 18 pounds and their most noticeable feature is their apple-shaped heads. These cats can grow 10 to 12 inches long and their eyes are slightly rounder than the other types of Siamese cats. 

Appleheads have long legs and long tails, although the tail is shorter than the classic and modern Siamese breeds. They have creamy-white, silky fur with points in a wide array of colors. These color points include seal point, blue point, lilac point, chocolate point, red or flame point, cream point, tortie point, tabby or lynx point, and torbie point.


Applehead Siamese cats are popular for being talkative, although not as much as their cousins, the modern Siamese cats. They love attention and they want to be the center of it. These cats are also curious and like to stick their nose into everything to investigate. 

These cats tend to become very attached to their owners or a specific person in the family. They are particularly fond of children and would even protect them. They are also very intelligent and can easily learn things, including their name. They are easily trained and can be taught tricks like playing fetch. 

Age and health 

These cats are healthy and tend to live longer than modern Siamese cats. Some of them may live to 25 years or longer, and they rarely have health issues. Provide physical exercise and activity for your Applehead Siamese to keep her energetic and active. 

Other Types of Siamese Cats 

Classic Siamese breed 

This breed is very athletic and has a long body and tail, and does not have a noticeable nose dip. These cats first appeared during the 15th century and were first introduced by the Cat Fanciers Association as an advanced new breed in 2009. They have smooth bodies, rounded heads, sharp blue eyes and classic dark points that are a stark contrast to their cream-colored body. 

Modern Siamese breed 

These cats have longer and thinner bodies than the other types. They love to talk and are very vocal. They have loud, distinctive meows that can be heard as they follow you around the home. 

Siamese Color Points

  • Seal point – rich and dark chocolate points on the noses, ears, tails, paw pads and paws, with cream-colored bodies.
  • Chocolate point – ivory, cream-colored body with chocolate markings and a rich contrast between the points, body and eyes.
  • Blue point –  silvery, slate and gray-blue shading on the face, ears, tail and extremities, along with shades of blue on the backside and under the belly. They have bluish-white fur coats contrasting with dark grey-colored noses and paw pads. 
  • Lilac or frost point – frosty pinkish-gray tone, with coats that are glacial white with pink undertones. 
  • Red/orange or flame point – unique reddish points on the face, ears, tail, legs and paws, with paw pads and nose leather having a pinkish color. 
  • Cinnamon point – warm, dusty-brown points on the ears, tails, face and legs, with an ivory-colored body. The legs are paler than the rest of the points. This is a watered-down version of the chocolate point. The paw pads and nose leather are pinkish brown and eye rims are light brown. 
  • Lynx point – coat colors vary, including blue, lilac, seal, chocolate and tortie. 
  • Cream point – a cross between the red point, domestic shorthair and Abyssinian cat breeds. They have a soft white body color and the paws and nose leather are pale pink. 
  • Caramel point – warm gray-brown tones across the points. The shades are centered on the muzzle, ears, tail, nose and legs. The paw pads, eye rim and nose leather are soft gray with pink undertones. 
  • Apricot point –  warm and creamy-white points with a metallic sheen. The feet and legs are paler than the other points. The ears, nose, lips and paw pads may develop freckles and paw pads, eye rims and noses are pink-colored. 


The Applehead Siamese cat is the so-called traditional, or old-style, Siamese cat breed. They are the original cats of Siam’s royal family. This breed is energetic, playful and vocal, but not too chatty compared to the Modern Siamese cat breed. These cats are affectionate and love attention, and may get depressed if you leave them alone for long periods.

Image: / axelbueckert