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Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad

Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad?

Most cats like to nibble at any given time of the day which makes dry cat food an convenient option. Pet owners also like it because it is affordable, easy to serve and lasts longer that its wet counterpart. However, dry cat food can also go bad and may get stale if not stored properly

What Can Cats Drink Besides Water?

What Can Cats Drink Besides Water?

Most cats are not fond of drinking water. They sometimes refuse to drink water completely which can cause serious dehydration. Ideally, cats should only be given water to drink, but in some cases the cats simply will not drink it. To encourage your cat to drink, there are other options that you can try to

What To Feed A Nursing Cat

What To Feed A Nursing Cat?

You should feed your nursing cat with kitten food that is rich in proteins, has a high-calorie content, and energy-dense. It should also be complete and balanced, made of highly-digestible natural ingredients like whole grains, and should have a high moisture content. Most importantly, a nursing cat should also be provided with food supplements that

Can Cats Drink Lactose Free Milk

Can Cats Drink Lactose Free Milk?

Yes, cats can drink lactose-free milk but make sure that it is specially formulated for cats, for example Whiskas Cat Milk and Cat Sip Milk. In any case, it should only be given to the cat in moderation. Most cats are lactose intolerant because they cannot digest and tolerate the sugar in milk which is

Homemade Kitten Formula

Homemade Kitten Formula

When kittens are born, they are helpless and dependent on their mother. A mother cat’s milk provides them all the nutrition they need for the first months of their lives. However, there are situations when the milk of a mother cat is not available. Some mother cats grow ill and cannot nurse their young. Some

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

The best cat food for older cats with bad teeth is a food that consist of small and tender pieces that are easy to chew and digest while giving the cat the right proteins along with a balanced amount of important nutrients.  Cats are considered elderly when they reach 11 years old and will usually

Young Again Cat Food Reviews

Young Again Cat Food Reviews

Ensuring that your cat gets the best nutrition is a part of being a responsible pet parent.  With the plethora of cat food available in the market today, deciding what brand to give your kitty can be a daze. Young Again Pet Food is among those that has been singled out for its quality cat

Why Do Cats Like Fish

Why Do Cats Like Fish

Cats like fish because they evolved with humans who hunt and serve fish and have also adapted the humans’ penchant for fish. Felines are also so-called opportunistic feeders and will eat anything easily available such as fish that is a common food staple in many households. Finally, the strong smell of fish may be another

Best Canned Kitten Food

Best Canned Kitten Food

The best canned kitten food for your pet kitty should have appropriate and balanced nutrients for her optimum growth and health. These nutrients include especially protein, taurine, DHA, and folic acid. A kitten is usually weaned and starting to eat solid food at around 8 weeks old and should be given solid canned food at

Why do cats like tuna?

Why Do Cats Like Tuna

While some cats do not fancy the taste of tuna, they are generally known to have gotten their liking for fish since ancient times when they were first domesticated. When cats began to co-evolve with humans, they’ve come to like the food that humans usually eat which include tuna and other fish.  Cats are also

Cat Not Eating Wet Food

Cat Not Eating Wet Food

Are you worried that your kitty has developed a special liking for dry food but cat not eating wet food at all? Then, worry not. If your pet cat is not eating wet food, you can slowly do the transition by introducing small amounts first and scheduling meals. While dry food is beneficial, cats should

Should I Leave Food Out For My Cat At Night

Should I Leave Food Out For My Cat At Night

Devoted pet parents like you only want the best for your furry babies. So, it’s like second nature to be constantly checking if your cat has enough food to eat and water to drink. But, while leaving food for your cat at night may be okay, is it really necessary? But should you leave food

How Many Cans Of Fancy Feast Per Day

How Many Cans Of Fancy Feast Per Day

If your cat loves to eat canned food like Fancy Feast then you’re one lucky pet parent. Canned food is easy for the cat’s owner as it preserves well and is typically healthy for the cat including that it helps with the hydration of the cat.  How many cans of Fancy Feast per day should

Montmorillonite Clay In Cat Food

Montmorillonite Clay In Cat Food

With all the diverse pet food available in the market today, you are sometimes at a loss of what to feed your pet cat. Take, for instance, montmorillonite clay in cat food. Seeing the word “clay” may put you off in an instant. The good news is that it is safe for cats and even

Can I Leave Wet Cat Food Out Overnight

Can I Leave Wet Cat Food Out Overnight?

Many pet owners prefer wet food for their cats because of the higher moisture content. Most cats do not drink enough water. Including wet cat food in their diets can increase their water intake which will improve their overall hydration. Although wet cat food is more palatable and has great benefits for your cat, cats rarely

Mauri cat Food Review

Mauri Cat Food Review

Are you confused about what to feed your furry babies? Are you worried that they’re not getting the nutrition they need if you only give them purely dry or wet cat food? Then, you might as well check out our Mauri cat food review to help you decide on what’s the best option for your

Cat Won't Eat Wet Food Anymore

Cat Won’t Eat Wet Food Anymore

Does your cat adore wet food but won’t eat it anymore all of a sudden? So, what to do if your cat won’t eat wet food anymore? You can try giving her another brand or switch to another diet gradually. You could also introduce her to various textures like stews, pates, and shredded wet food.

Find out how much wet food to feed a kitten per day and some other important considerations for feeding a kitten.

How Much Wet Food to Feed a Kitten Per Day?

One of the most important decisions you will make in the lifetime of your kitten is to decide on its nutritional needs. This may not always be a simple choice since there are so many options available to the discerning pet parent today. In this article we are not only going to cover how much wet food to feed a kitten per day, but we will also discuss the difference in wet food quality and what you should look for when choosing a brand.

Prescription Diet ID Cat Food Alternative

Prescription Diet I/D Cat Food Alternative

While pet cats can sometimes be picky eaters, one reason your pet may not be normally eating is because of an upset or sensitive stomach. Just like other animals, cats experience certain gastrointestinal and digestive issues. When this happens, your vet will often recommend the prescription diet i/d cat food. What is the prescription diet

Ever wondered if popcorn harmful to your cat? Read our article to find out…

Can Cats Eat Popcorn?

Years ago I had a cat that would go bananas over popcorn. She would cry and mew until I gave in and tossed her a few kernels of the crunchy stuff. But was I doing her a favor, or worse yet, actually causing her harm? Read on for some facts about feeding popcorn to our

Ever wondered if bread harmful to your cat? Read our article to find out…

Can Cats Eat Bread?

Bread may be a big or small part of your daily diet (depending on how many carbs you are consuming). It comes in a variety of flavors and consistencies and can be baked fresh or bought pre-packaged. But is this tasty staple good for our pets? Bread is made up of flour in one form

Are Betta Fish Poisonous to Cats

Are Betta Fish Poisonous to Cats

A Betta fish in a fish bowl displayed in a room is an interesting sight for your cat. A devious-minded cat naturally enjoys pawing inside a fish bowl in an attempt to score a quick fish dinner. The fish swimming in circles and their glimmering bodies can make a betta fish irresistible for your cat.

My Cat Is So Skinny I Can Feel Her Bones

My Cat Is So Skinny I Can Feel Her Bones

We tend to spoil or overfeed our pet cats and give them treats anytime. However, sometimes your pet doesn’t put on weight at all. Worse, if she starts to lose wight and you can feel her bones. Not sure if your cat is too skinny? Check out these tips to estimate you cats weight situation:

Is your cat underweight – 6 ways to find out and tips to get some fat on the cat.

Why Is My Cat So Skinny?

It can be difficult to determine what a “normal” weight for a cat should be due to varying breed specifications; however, if you can see your cat’s ribs or hip bones he is probably too thin. There are many reasons which could be causing your feline to be underweight. Read on to discover some of

Ever wondered if pizza is harmful to your cat? Read our article to find out…

Can Cats Eat Pizza?

There’s nothing quite like a pizza dripping with hot cheese and meaty toppings. But despite those YouTube videos that have been getting the “clicks,” is allowing our feline friends to indulge in the “za” a good thing? Can cats eat pizza? Read on… Cats and Pizza As a general rule-of-paw, pizza is one of those

Ever wondered if peanuts are harmful to your cat? Read our article to find out…

Can Cats Eat Peanuts?

When we think of foods that our cats may enjoy, peanuts probably aren’t the first thing to pop into our mind. But what happens if a peanut is dropped on the floor and gobbled up by a curious pet? Although the peanut is not toxic to the feline species, there are some things to consider

How to tell if your cat is drinking enough and what to do about it.

Cat Not Drinking Water

It may be difficult to tell on a day-to-day basis if your cat is drinking enough water until dehydration sets in. If your cat is not drinking water it is most likely being caused by a serious underlying health issue and should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. In this post we are going to

Is your cat too thin? Read on to find some simple solutions to Kitty's supermodel-slender situation and how to help your cat gain weight

How to Fatten Up a Cat

Is your cat too thin? Does she need to put a little “plump on her rump?” Then read on to find some simple solutions to Kitty’s supermodel-slender situation and how to help your cat gain weight. Before we go through the different options, the first thing to try in most cases is protein-rich wet cat

The wet versus dry cat food debate has been going on for years, but science has discovered what cats crave and need to sustain a long healthy life.

Wet vs Dry Cat Food

Unlike humans and dogs, cats are purely carnivores. This means they cannot survive on a diet that isn’t protein-loaded. In the wild, cats will hunt, kill and eat their prey which gives them all the nutrients they will ever need. However, once domesticated, we don’t necessarily want our feline friends hunting for their dinner. This is where a good commercial brand of food enters into play.

Iron deficiency can cause severe symptoms for your cat. Find out how to tell if your cat is suffering from this and what to do about it.

Iron Supplements for Cats

According to veterinary science, when your cat is iron deficient it will affect the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells naturally occur through the marrow of the bones. Without the sufficient amount of iron, these red blood cells will be too small and will lack the oxygen-carrying properties to be productive.

43 People Foods that Are Good, Bad and In Between for Our Feline Friends.

Can cats eat that?

We love to share our food with or cats…or sometimes they just nab it off our plates when we’re not looking. However it works in your home, there are many people foods that are healthy for our feline friends and make a nice alternative to those prepackaged treats and dinners. But in the same line of thought, there are also toxic foods that can cause immediate or long term illnesses in our pets.

Potassium deficiency can cause severe symptoms for your cat. Find out the most common symptoms and how to cure them.

Potassium Supplements for Cats

Potassium is a natural mineral that is crucial for both the health and well-being of our cats. It can be found in many foods and is usually added into a well-balanced kibble made specifically for felines. But how do we know if our pets are getting enough potassium and if not how do we supplement them with this vital ingredient?