Do Cats Get Tired Of The Same Food?

Do Cats Get Tired Of The Same Food

Cats generally love to eat, although they tend to be picky with their food. They are obligate carnivores, meaning they should always have animal protein in their diet for optimal health. Domestic felines enjoy foods like cooked chicken, beef or turkey, as well as other deli meats. However, some cats appear to get bored when fed the same meal every day. If you are wondering whether your cat is bored with her food, read on. 

Do cats get tired of the same food?

Yes, cats can get tired of the same food if they are given it repeatedly. They can get bored with their food just as people can. In rare cases, cats that eat the same food regularly could also develop allergies to some of the ingredients in the food.

Cat food manufacturers recommend that your cat be given a mix of part dry food and part wet food. They suggest that two thirds of your cat’s daily calorie intake be derived from wet food, while one third comes from dry food. 

However, some cat experts refute this. Cats are unique, and each has its preferences when it comes to food. Experts note that some cats could benefit more from consuming the same food daily. By doing so, they will be protected from diet-related health issues like inflammatory bowel disease or allergies. 

According to these experts, eating the same food daily could also protect cats from the effects of food changes on a sensitive stomach. They note that they would not recommend a change of diet if a cat has a nutritionally complete and balanced diet that satisfies her palate and medical needs. Furthermore, cats are creatures of habit and most actually prefer to eat the same food regularly. 

Nevertheless, providing your cat with a varied diet also has its benefits, but only if your cat’s digestive system can tolerate it. Commercially prepared cat food that is nutritionally complete should meet a cat’s basic dietary needs as a primary source of nutrition. Needless to say, not all commercial cat food is the same, and some brands may contain ingredients that others do not. 

To ensure that your cat is getting the correct nutrition, you could try rotating various types of cat food. If you are feeding her only dry food, you could mix two or more types of dry food in her bowl. Purchase smaller bags of food to maintain freshness. 

Dr. Jennifer Coates, a doctor of veterinary medicine, does not recommend giving cats a different canned or dry food at every meal. She notes that frequent rotation of flavors could lead to finicky eating behavior. Cats that are fed a variety of foods or flavors come to realize that if they are not happy with their meal, they can just wait for some other food to be served to them. She suggests that, if you want to provide variety, you should rotate different brands on a more gradual basis, rather than daily.

Dr. Coates also suggests that you try switching brands every few months, when you are running out of a certain brand and are due to buy more. Mix the old and new brands of cat food to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal upset, and always make sure that you are giving your cat high-quality cat food. 

How to spice up your cat’s food bowl

  1. If you are changing your cat’s food, do it for one week. This way your cat will not have an upset stomach. 
  2. Mix wet and dry food. Some cats prefer a variety in texture as well as taste, because it is more interesting and therefore mentally stimulating. Keep the mix consistent so their digestive system can tolerate it. If your cat usually eats dry food, try to provide wet food at least a few times each week. 
  3. Select quality food by making sure the brands have a healthy protein content. Also check for freshness and local food-grade standards. 
  4. Sneak in some cat treats throughout the day. 
  5. Provide chew toys for your cat, or some cat grass to nibble on. 
  6. Consult your vet if you are planning to change your cat’s food or add something to her diet.


Some cats tend to get tired of eating the same food all the time, and may get bored with their meals. In certain cases, cats may even develop allergies from eating the same ingredients at every meal. However, some cat experts disagree with the idea of varying a cat’s meals, asserting instead that eating the same food regularly has more benefits for cats. According to these experts, a consistent diet can prevent digestive issues and inflammatory bowel disease, and if your cat is consuming a nutritionally balanced cat food, there is no need to change it. 

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