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Cat Has Scabs on Neck but No Fleas

Cat Has Scabs on Neck but No Fleas

You have recently noticed your cat scratching intensely, particularly around the neck area like there is no tomorrow! So you started investigating and, to your horror, saw the little red, crusty bumps and lesions around the neck. You noticed your cat has scabs on neck but no fleas – so, what’s going on? Scabs are

Cat Meowing at the Door

Cat Meowing at the Door

Have you ever been woken by incessant meowing from the other side of your bedroom door? Is your cat constantly begging for attention or food while you are sleeping? If so, you are not alone! Persistent meowing at the door can be both annoying and frustrating for cat parents. It can interrupt your sleep and

Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Always Dilated

Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Always Dilated?

Just like with humans, your cat’s eyes can speak volumes about their mood and general state of health.  When you look into their eyes, you might notice that their pupils are slightly dilated, and this is usually normal. However, if their pupils remain dilated and do not seem to react to changes in the light,

Cat Sitting Like Person

Cat Sitting Like Person

You have probably seen cute videos or pictures of cats sitting in the most hilarious positions, and you cannot help but smile! So why do cats do this? Is it normal for a cat to sit like a person? Animal experts have revealed several theories as to why our feline friends display such comical, human-like

Do Hairless Cats Like Water

Do Hairless Cats Like Water?

Hairless cats are among the world’s most unique and rare cat breeds. While many people might not find these kitties an attractive companion due to their lack of fur, they are actually incredibly fun-loving, affectionate, and fiercely loyal to their human families.  Because they do not have a lot of hair to protect their sensitive

Do Savannah Cats Like Water

Do Savannah Cats Like Water?

One of the common concerns of cat owners when they decide to adopt a new kitten is how challenging it will be to bathe them. Some cats are naturally comfortable in the water, but most of them have a strong dislike of getting wet. Hydration is another issue, as most cats are known for snubbing

Why Do Cats Like Moving Water

Why Do Cats Like Moving Water?

Cats never cease to amaze us with their quirks and antics! If you have ever caught your feline friend staring at the faucet and batting the water with their paws, it might have made you think – why do cats like moving water? There are several reasons cats go crazy about running water! The primary

Do Siberian Cats Like Water

Do Siberian Cats Like Water?

Siberian cats are a well-loved breed of feline hailing from the coldest regions of Russia. They have medium to long coats that are thick and water-repellent, making them one of the few cat breeds in the world that have a positive relationship with water. So, do Siberian cats like water? The short answer is yes.

Do Norwegian Forest Cats Like Water

Do Norwegian Forest Cats Like Water?

The Norwegian forest cat, or “Wegie”, as they are affectionately known, is a stunning breed of cat popular for its long, thick coat and beautiful colors.  But what makes the breed truly unique is their love of water – something quite rare among cats! Thanks to their waterproof coat, they can happily go for a

Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water

Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

For most fur parents, cats and water are like oil and water – they certainly do not mix! However, this might not always be the case. While some cats are seen scrambling to get away from a bathtub filled with water, others might surprise you with their enthusiasm for playing or even swimming in the

Do Cats Like Warm Or Cold Water For Baths

Do Cats Like Warm or Cold Water for Baths?

Cats are notorious for hating baths – we cat parents know all about it! Meticulous as they are, cats are proud of their grooming skills and that they do not need human assistance in that department. However, their curiosity can sometimes leave them dirty and smelly, and what their little tongues cannot remove can only

Do Cats Like Water Fountains

Do Cats Like Water Fountains?

Domestic cats are notorious for snubbing their water bowls – but most cannot resist a fun water fountain! But why do cats like water fountains? The primary reason is most probably related to their preference for clean, free-flowing water. Plus, running water is very entertaining for a cat – anything that moves will quickly catch

Do Sphynx Cats Like Water

Do Sphynx Cats Like Water?

You might have seen stories online featuring Sphynx cats playing in their tubs. But do Sphynx cats actually like water? Like most felines, Sphynx cats are not naturally great fans of water. Plus, it can easily make them cold, due to their lack of fur. That said, their hairlessness does actually necessitate frequent bathing and

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water

Do Ragdoll Cats Like Water?

Most cat parents are probably familiar with what it is like to bathe their cats – they scratch, lash out, yowl, and will do anything to escape the tub! A once-sweet, docile feline suddenly becomes psychotic as she declares war on her human. Unfortunately, Ragdolls are not so different from other cats. They, too, hate

Do Bengal Cats Like Water

Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

Bengal cats are one of the smartest and most playful cat breeds, as any Bengal owner will attest! They have an insatiable curiosity about their surroundings, and will closely investigate anything that sparks their interest. But do Bengal cats like water? The answer is a resounding yes! Most Bengals love water. In fact, they are

Do Cats Like Cold Or Warm Water

Do Cats Like Cold Or Warm Water?

Are you looking for ways to improve your cat’s hydration in the hot summer months? If so, you are probably wondering what water temperature is best for your fur-baby. So, do cats like cold or warm water? In a nutshell, cats like both warm and cold water, but the preferences of individual cats may vary.

Do Cats Like Ice Water

Do Cats Like Ice Water?

Summer is here, and a lot of cat parents are probably worried about how to keep their furry companions cool and well-hydrated! So what are the best ways to encourage our feline friends to drink more water? And do cats like ice water? Most cats love ice cubes, so ice water is definitely a great

Cat Belly Trap

Cat Belly Trap

One second you are lovingly stroking your cat’s chin and belly; the next, your hand is trapped between her sharp claws while she aggressively bites your fingers! What happened? Most cats do not readily display their vulnerable belly to just anyone. When they do, it is out of trust and love toward the human in

Cat Stopped Sleeping In My Bed

Cat Stopped Sleeping in My Bed

“My cat stopped sleeping in my bed – have I done something wrong?” This is a fairly common question, and it may pop into your mind if your feline friend suddenly avoids sleeping beside you. Cats may avoid sleeping with their human guardians for a variety of reasons – from avoiding their humans’ night-time movements

Can Cats Be Mute

Can Cats Be Mute?

Most cat parents can attest to how vocal their feline furkids can be!  However, some kitties tend to be on the quieter side. If this is your cat, you might even find yourself wondering – can cats be mute? Or is it just normal for some cats not to meow at all? Cats can be

How To Retrain A Cat To Use The Litter Box After UTI

How To Retrain A Cat To Use The Litter Box After UTI?

Urinary tract infections can be very painful for cats, and unfortunately they do not understand why they are going through such agony. They do not know why it feels painful to urinate or defecate every time they visit the litter box, and that means the innocent litter box becomes a suspected source of their traumatic

Cat Moon Phases

Cat Moon Phases

Animals, in general, may exhibit a variety of strange behaviors during a full moon. But how do the moon’s phases affect cats? Is it anything we should be concerned about? Claims about the moon’s phases influencing feline behavior have not been scientifically verified by experts. Furthermore, many believe that any sudden, weird behavior in animals

How To Store Catnip

How To Store Catnip?

As cat owners, we are all familiar with how obsessed our whiskered friends are with catnip. Just a whiff of this magical herb is often enough to make a cat go whacky! The plant is a good stress reliever for cats, too. So, why not grow and preserve your own catnip treats? Your furry friend

Is Tap Water Safe For Cats

Is Tap Water Safe For Cats?

You probably drink tap water every day. You might even have a filter on your faucet to make it slightly healthier. But are you aware that tap water might not be safe for your cat? In this article, we will answer a very common question asked by new cat owners – “Is tap water safe

Should I Leave the Air Conditioning on for My Cat

Should I Leave the Air Conditioning on for My Cat?

Cats are warm-blooded creatures, as most of us probably know. They also love lying in the warmth of the sun. It is never a surprise to see your cat basking belly-up in the sunlight or resting in a sunny spot near the window as they gaze at the birds outside. Unfortunately, cats can also be

How Often To Change Cat Litter Crystals

How Often To Change Cat Litter Crystals?

As a loving fur parent, you want to make sure that your feline companion is as happy and comfortable as possible. One way of doing this is to keep their litter box clean and odor-free. Crystal litter is becoming a popular option nowadays because it is more hygienic and cost-effective than other types of cat

Why Does My Cat Show Me Her Belly

Why Does My Cat Show Me Her Belly?

Cats are so mysterious! Sometimes, their body language is simply too complex for us humans to decode. One question asked by numerous cat owners the world over is, “why does my cat show me her belly?” So, why do cats act the way they do? What do they want when they show us their fluffy

Why Are Cats Mean To Dogs

Why Are Cats Mean to Dogs?

Cats are not always friendly to dogs. They have even been known to chase and attack them. Impulsively bringing home a cute puppy might not always be a good option if it ends up with one of your pets being rehomed due to incompatibility.  But why are cats mean to dogs? Cats are territorial animals

Why Are Tabby Cats So Mean

Why Are Tabby Cats So Mean?

To better understand feline behavior, many cat owners have tried to link a cat’s coat color with its temperament. For instance, a tabby cat might be thought of as an aggressive cat due to the distinctive striped pattern of its fur. But are these correlations a fact, or just another rumor? While the relationship between

Are Persian Cats Mean

Are Persian Cats Mean?

Many people find cats adorable. They are cute and cuddly. They can also be great companions if you are lonely. However, not all cats are the same. Persian cats are among the most sought-after breeds in the world. They are also known as one of the nicest breeds due to their gentle nature and affectionate

Are Sphynx Cats Mean

Are Sphynx Cats Mean?

If you are thinking of adding a unique and unusual cat to your family, it is quite possible that the Sphynx breed is on your shortlist. But, if a cat’s personality is very important to you, you will first want to make sure that the cat is a good fit for your home environment. So,

Are Tortoiseshell Cats Mean

Are Tortoiseshell Cats Mean?

Tortoiseshell cats are notorious for their feisty and aloof personalities. Some people even believe that tortoiseshell cats are aggressive and bad-tempered – but is there any truth to these rumors? Are tortoiseshell cats mean?  Well, after digging a little deeper into the cat world, we have found that torties may just have certain traits that

Are Orange Cats Mean

Are Orange Cats Mean?

Cats are possibly the most popular pets in the world, despite the fact that they can be standoffish, cranky, and sometimes downright mean! Most fur parents, at some stage, find themselves struggling with how to deal with their cat’s behavior. But, while our whiskered companions can be aloof and independent, on the whole they still

Are Black Cats Mean

Are Black Cats Mean?

Planning to adopt a black cat but not quite sure what their personality will be like? For years, black cats have been considered bad omens by some, associated with witchcraft, death, and other superstitious beliefs. Unfortunately, these misconceptions have led many people to believe that our ebony friends are more aggressive than other cats. So,

Why Are Female Cats So Mean

Why Are Female Cats So Mean?

Female cats are stereotyped as being more vicious than males. They are known to be independent, aloof, territorial, and over-protective of their kittens.  But why are female cats so mean? There are several possible reasons a cat can become mean. And, while females tend to be less friendly than males, it does not mean they

Why Are Calico Cats Mean

Why Are Calico Cats Mean?

If you are planning to adopt a cat, it is possible that a calico is among your considerations. And the first thing you probably want to know about is the cat’s personality. You might have heard some less-than-positive comments about these cats, in which case you will be wondering – why are calico cats mean?

Are Maine Coon Cats Mean

Are Maine Coon Cats Mean?

If you are looking for a feline companion with a temperament similar to that of a dog, then a Maine coon cat might be suited to you. These beautiful cats are popular for their outgoing personalities and gentle nature. However, the breed’s large size is intimidating to some would-be owners, who might find themselves asking,

Are Gray Cats Mean

Are Gray Cats Mean?

There is something undeniably adorable about a solid gray cat. Be they short-haired or long-haired, there is just something about that soft, gray fur that can make anyone fall in love. But what about their personalities? Are gray cats mean? This is a question that curious would-be cat parents may well ask. Unfortunately, there is

Are Female Cats Meaner

Are Female Cats Meaner?

The gender of a cat can sometimes influence its behavior and level of aggression. While both male and female cats can be amazing furry companions, many cat parents might have a specific gender preference which is, in part, due to the behavioral differences between male and female cats. Neutered male cats are known for being

Are Savannah Cats Mean

Are Savannah Cats Mean?

Planning to bring home a Savannah kitten but not sure if the cat is suited to your family? Savannahs are one of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world, with unique traits and an exotic appearance. However, they are easily misunderstood as an aggressive breed due to their wild cat lineage. So, are Savannah

Do Bengal Cats Like to Cuddle

Do Bengal Cats Like to Cuddle?

Bengals are a bit like miniature leopards, thanks to the exotic looks they inherited from their wild-cat ancestors. Their coats have impressive, leopard-like tabby markings; their eyes are like bright green emeralds. Truly, anyone who lays eyes on a Bengal is bewitched by its beauty! When it comes to personality traits, though, it is easy

Do Stray Cats Choose Their Owners

Do Stray Cats Choose Their Owners?

According to a survey, one in every five fur parents became cat owners because a stray cat chose to “adopt” them. This might lead you to question – do stray cats choose their owners? Cats, as we all know, are solitary animals. They come and go as they please. At some point, a stray might

Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Companion

Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Companion?

If you have a Ragdoll cat at home, chances are you have asked yourself at some point whether another cat will be good for your kitty. While it is true that Ragdolls are independent and can live as a single pet in the household, these cats do crave feline companionship. Aside from their humans, cats


Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash

21 Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash You might have thought leash walking was exclusively for dogs, but did you know that cats can be taught to walk on a leash, too?  Training your cats to walk on a leash can be beneficial for them in several ways. First, it allows them to

Why Are Persian Cats So Expensive

Why Are Persian Cats So Expensive?

Persian cats are loved the world over for their cute, stubby faces, fluffy coats, and affectionate natures. But these cats are not for everyone! As you might know, owning a Persian kitty is not cheap. This breed of cat is one of the most expensive, and there are a few good reasons they are so

Are Russian Blue Cats Aggressive

Are Russian Blue Cats Aggressive?

You have always wanted a Russian Blue cat, but you are not sure whether it will be friendly toward your household pets and family members. So, are Russian Blue cats aggressive? These beautiful felines are known for their fierce loyalty and strong bond with their favorite people. And, fortunately, Russian Blues are not an aggressive

Do Male Cats Hunt

Do Male Cats Hunt?

Most cat parents have probably spent hours watching their furry companions stalking and attacking their favorite toys. They crouch, chase, wrestle and pounce on slow-moving objects or creatures with their sharp claws and teeth, like merciless predators. But what many pet lovers do not know is that not all cats are killing machines. If you

Will A Cat With Rabies Eat And Drink

Will a Cat With Rabies Eat and Drink?

Rabies is one of the many serious diseases that cause fear and worry to fur parents. And, once its symptoms start to show up, it is almost never possible to save an infected cat from dying. Additionally, rabies can be transmitted from animals to humans. Hence, there are several good reasons why every cat owner

Will a Cat With Rabies Eat and Drink

Do Male Cats Kill Kittens?

You have probably heard horror stories about male cats harming or even killing kittens. This can be terrifying if you are expecting your female cat to give birth soon.  So, do male cats kill kittens? Yes – but this behavior tends to be more common among community cats. Because newborns are so delicate and vulnerable,

Do Feral Cats Look Different

Do Feral Cats Look Different?

Knowing the difference between ferals and strays is extremely important before interacting with any outdoor cat you might encounter in your neighborhood.  But do feral cats look different? How can you distinguish between a feral and a stray cat? At first glance, both feral and stray cats might appear similar. Look closely, though, and you

Do Feral Cats Want to Be Indoors

Do Feral Cats Want to Be Indoors?

The life of a community cat is not always easy. Outside, there is fierce competition over food sources. Feral cats are also at higher risk of contracting diseases, engaging in fights with aggressive animals, ingesting toxic chemicals, and getting injured.  However, converting a feral cat into a household cat can pose a lot of challenges.

Do Cats and Raccoons Get Along

Do Cats and Raccoons Get Along?

Raccoons are common nocturnal animals that can be found throughout the United States, except in parts of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. So, if you have cats at home, the first thing that might come to mind when you think of these animals is, do cats and raccoons get along? As fur parents, we are always

Will Stray Cats Drink Antifreeze

Will Stray Cats Drink Antifreeze?

Stray cats and kittens have been known to drink antifreeze, whether intentionally or accidentally, as they wander the neighborhood in search of food. Antifreeze, a common substance used to protect equipment and car engines from freezing temperatures, can be particularly attractive to stray animals thanks to its alluring smell and taste. However, this chemical is

Types Of Siamese Cat Colors

Types Of Siamese Cat Colors

For decades, people have been fascinated by the colorpoint fur of Siamese cats. Hailing from Thailand, this beautiful Asian cat breed is also popular for its sleek physique and piercing blue eyes. It is really not surprising that so many cat fanciers count the Siamese among their top favorites. While a typical Siamese has dark-colored

When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color

When Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color?

Playful, affectionate, and vocal – these are just some of the qualities that have made the Siamese cat one of the most popular household breeds in the United States. But, aside from their unique quirks, Siamese are also a favorite among cat fanciers for their beautiful pointed coats.  But did you know that Siamese cats

Why Are Tabby Cats So Mean

Why Are Tabby Cats So Mean?

11 Reasons Your Tabby Cat Is So Mean Cats are considered by many to be the sweetest, most loving pets in the world. Undoubtedly, they are also one of the cutest. They are fiercely independent creatures with their own unique quirks – no wonder we love them so much! That said, cats can also be

Do Feral Cats Purr

Do Feral Cats Purr?

In the cat world, purring is considered a sign of happiness or contentment. This unique vocalization is often reserved for mother-to-kitten communication, and sometimes for communication between cats and their humans. However, there are also other reasons that cats produce this soft, rumbling sound. At some point, a cat might purr to soothe itself from

Do Cats Catch Moles

Do Cats Catch Moles?

Moles are one of the common-but-unwelcome visitors to our lawns and gardens. These sluggish little mammals can damage your property by digging tunnels under the ground to create burrows and hunt for food. One can easily recognize their presence through the conical piles of soil that are pushed to the ground’s surface as a result

Do Tabby Cats Like Water

Do Tabby Cats Like Water?

Cats are well-known for their strong dislike of water. But did you know that some cat breeds actually enjoy taking the occasional dip? In fact, some of these kitties are great swimmers! For example, some tabby cats like the Bengal are particularly fond of water, thanks to their ancestral origins. Other breeds that are naturally

What Breed Of Cat Has Black Paw Pads?

What Breed Of Cat Has Black Paw Pads?

If you have a cat with black paw pads, you might be wondering why they are this color. Well, the truth is that cats can have pink, black, or gray paw pads – depending on the color of their coat. Some multicolored cats even have several different pad colors! It is almost like our feline

Maine Coon American Shorthair Mix

Maine Coon American Shorthair Mix

For cat lovers, Maine coons can make an interesting breeding mix due to their wonderful traits. Apart from their large size, these cats also have a bushy coat and a bit of a wild look. And, while purebreds have been preferred traditionally, mixed breeds are becoming increasingly popular as they often receive the best genes

Do Cats Need Haircuts

Do Cats Need Haircuts?

The summer season is fast-approaching and you are planning to give your fluffy friend a nice haircut to help keep them cool during the hot days. But, while humans might benefit from a shorter haircut to stay cool and refreshed during summer, this does not necessarily mean our feline friends would feel the same! So,

Are Siamese Cats Mean

Are Siamese Cats Mean?

Siamese cats are loved by many for their beautiful eyes and elegant, glossy coats. But do you know that this stunning cat breed is also prone to problematic behaviors? Siamese cats are generally friendly and sociable creatures. However, without proper training and environmental enrichment, they can quickly get up to mischief and even become aggressive. 

Do Cats Fight To The Death

Do Cats Fight To The Death

Aggression and fighting between cats is inevitable – even among those who have grown up together.  Cat fights can leave pet owners stressed, particularly if one of your household cats has suddenly developed a behavioral issue and you cannot pinpoint the actual cause. Often, this could involve an underlying medical issue, or the cat could


African Domestic Cat Breeds

Five African Domestic Cat Breeds When you hear the word “Africa”, the first thought that probably comes to mind is jungles, nature, and rich diversity of wildlife. And yes – you have probably imagined lions, cheetahs, leopards, and other exotic wild cats, too. But did you know that a lot of well-known domestic cat breeds

Do Feral Cats Meow

Do Feral Cats Meow?

There is barely a cat lover out there who does not have a soft spot for homeless cats. However, of the cats we might encounter on the street every day, some are feral while others are strays. Both resemble typical household cats, and you might feel sorry for these kitties who do not have loving

Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed

Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed?

Nobody wants to deal with the mess of cat fur all over the house. But, if you own a cat – particularly one with long and bushy hair – you will have to accept that cleaning up loose hair will become part of your daily routine. But do domestic shorthair cats shed? Perhaps you have


Dumbest Cat Breeds

11 Dumbest Cat Breeds Cats have a reputation for being rather less friendly than dogs. Our feline friends are also known to be aloof, independent, and selfish. Their body language is quite sophisticated – you need to learn and understand cues such as purring, tail-twitching, and positioning of the ears and whiskers to determine whether

How Many Litters Can A Cat Have Safely

How Many Litters Can A Cat Have Safely?

Perhaps you are considering breeding your beautiful queen to experience the joy of having kittens. Or maybe your cat’s breed is highly valued and you want to share her bloodline with other cat lovers. Either way, you probably want to know how many litters a cat can have safely. Breeding a cat requires lots of

How to Keep An Outdoor Cat From Running Away

How to Keep An Outdoor Cat From Running Away?

Some cat owners might feel reluctant about giving their pets free outdoor access, for fear of losing them. But there are also plenty of fur parents who believe that allowing their kitties to enjoy the fresh air outside is more natural and makes them happier.  Unfortunately, there are circumstances under which cats might run away,

Can Cats and Dogs Drink from the Same Water Bowl

Can Cats and Dogs Drink from the Same Water Bowl?

Some cats and dogs enjoy a special bond at home, especially if they have been living together since they were young. They can enjoy each other’s company, cuddle together, and even share the same toys. But can they share the same water bowl? If your furry companions are used to sharing resources or belongings with

Natural Pain Relief For Cats

Natural Pain Relief For Cats

Watching your furry friend struggling with pain is heartbreaking! But it is encouraging to know that, whether your cat is suffering from arthritis, physical injury, or pain after surgery, there are natural and holistic options available to provide some comfort. This guide will reveal some natural pain relief options for cats that are proven effective,

What Kind Of Worms Do Cats Get

What Kind Of Worms Do Cats Get?

Have you noticed your cat dragging her bottom along the carpet or floor lately?  Have you observed that she lost weight, has a bloated belly and coarse fur? Chances are your cat may be infested with worms. Parasitic infections are quite common among cats especially if you allow your cat to go outdoors.  What kind

Fleas happen, but don't despair. Check out these four helpful steps on how to treat fleas on a kitten.

How To Get Rid of Fleas on Kittens?

Unfortunately, fleas happen. Especially if you’ve rescued your kitten from a barn or a homeless situation or if the mother cat herself has fleas. These itch-inducing, blood-sucking parasites can cause anemia, flea bite dermatitis and other health issues in your new fur baby, so you will want to remove them as soon as possible. Plus, once fleas have entered into your home, they are even more difficult to eradicate. Don’t despair, there are safe and effective ways to get rid of those nasty pests.

How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Carpet

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine in Carpet?

There are many reasons why cats urinate outside the litter box including stress and health issues. Some cats simply like to mark their surroundings and that leaves our homes with that distinct, undeniable pungent scent. Even more so if they decide to urinate on our carpets, couch cushions, hardwood floors, or other porous material around

Can You Flush Cat Litter

Can You Flush Cat Litter?

If you are tired of scooping and disposing of cat litter, you might consider flushing it down the toilet. But, is it safe to flush cat litter? Read on and let us discuss the pros and cons of flushing cat litter down the loo. Can you flush cat litter? No, you should not flush cat

Do Cat Whiskers Grow

Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

Yes, cat whiskers grow, fall out, and eventually grow back although it may take quite a while, usually around two to three months. They grow from the whisker pad which is located between the cat’s mouth and nose. Whiskers normally grow at an equivalent width as your cat. You should not cut your cat’s whiskers because

How To Communicate With Cat

How To Communicate With a Cat?

You are happy to have a cat at home but you are uncertain how to communicate with her effectively, especially if you are a first-time cat owner. There are effective means to reach out to your cat so read on for some insightful tips. How to communicate with a cat? Here are some effective ways

Cats and Dogs Living Together

Cats and Dogs Living Together

It’s a myth that dogs and cats are mortal enemies. This terrible injustice of the truth may have been perpetuated by the cartoon industry or pet owners of yesteryear that didn’t perhaps have the time or inclination to help the two species become the best of furry pals.

Why Do Cats Growl

Why Do Cats Growl?

Some cats can be quite vocal and they can have quite a few vocalizations in their vocabulary. One of these is the low rumbling growl. If you have not yet heard what a cat growl sounds like, it sounds like the growl of a dog – low, deep, and rumbling. Some cat owners compare a

What is Feliway Diffuser

What is a Feliway Diffuser?

Keeping a cat calm can be hard, especially if she is anxious or stressed. One option that may provide relief are synthetic cat pheromone products. The most common brand of is undoubtedly Feliway. It comes in different forms including plug-in diffusers, spray and even wipes. The Feliway Classic Diffuser The Feliway Classic Diffuser is a

How To Travel With Cats In A Car Long Distance

How To Travel With Cats In A Car Long Distance?

Traveling with your cats in a car for a long distance may seem arduous but it can be done with the right preparation and by being organized.  Make sure to bring your cat to the vet for a thorough check-up before your journey, have it microchipped and see to it that the carrier is comfortable

Trimming the Claws of an Aggressive Cat

8 Tips for Trimming the Claws of an Aggressive Cat

Trimming your cat’s claws may be necessary, but it is not an easy task for all cats or for all cat owners. It may look easy and not all cats mind claw trimming, but it can be a huge problem if your cat hates it and gets aggressive. You may even have to restrain your

What Do Cats Think About

What Do Cats Think About?

Cats are sociable yet complicated pets.  One moment you think you know what goes through their heads, the next minute they completely opposite to what you expected. Cats “think” about their owners and food but they also think that humans are of the same species, only bigger. What do cats think about? While cats are

Find out how to know if your cat has swallowed string and how to handle this stressful and, potentially dangerous, situation.

My Cat Ate String. How Long Will it Take to Pass?

Kittens and cats are oftentimes depicted as being all tangled up in a ball of yarn or string. But what these adorable images do not show us is the potential problems that could arise if your feline friend decides to swallow bits of it. This nightmare has happened to many pet parents with a feline

Cat Shedding A Lot

Cat Shedding A Lot

The fur on your clothes, couch, and practically your whole house – becomes your reality when you decide to get a pet cat. But when is too much, well, too much? No matter what your cat’s breed is, it will shed fur. The amount will vary from one breed to another, but one thing is

Worms In Cat Poop

Worms In Cat Poop

Seeing worms in cat poop is a cause for great alarm and a prompt visit to the vet. While it is common for cats to get worms at some point in their lives, the presence of worms, especially in clumps or large numbers, in your cat’s poop is a sign of a serious infestation and

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating?

A cat can go without eating for between 7 and 14 days as long as she has water intake. However, if aside from not eating she is also not taking a drop of water, she will only survive for more or less three days.  How long can a cat go without eating? While cats tend

Why Do Cats Have Tails

Why Do Cats Have Tails?

If you think your cat is just acting playful and cute when you see her tail swishing back and forth, you better think twice! A cat’s tail has many uses from providing balance to communication.  Why do cats have tails? Cats have tails for the following reasons: 1. To provide balance.  Providing balance is considered

Smells that Cats Hate

Smells that Cats Hate

A cat’s tiny nose is fascinating. There’s a lot more to its cuteness – the sense of smell is the most important sense for them. Cats have around 200 million odor-sensitive cells in their noses, compared to humans having only 5 million odor-sensitive cells. Aside from that, the entire nasal organs of cats are much

How To Introduce Two Cats When One Is Aggressive

How To Introduce Two Cats When One Is Aggressive?

Introduce your cats gradually by keeping them in separate rooms for the first couple of days or weeks. Give them their own beds, bowls, and litter boxes. Feed them on opposite sides of a door so they can hear and smell each other. This way they become familiar with the other cat’s presence and associate

Savannah Cat Care - How To Tend To Your Savannah

Savannah Cat Care – How To Tend To Your Savannah?

The Savannah cat is a relatively new breed and has only been recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA) since 2012. This unique cat is considered to be exotic because of its distinctly patterned coat and its resemblance to its wild ancestor the African Serval. However, as with any domesticated animal, there are very specific

13 Litter Box Hacks

13 Litter Box Hacks to Prevent Unwanted Odors

Keeping our home odor-free is a priority but it seems impossible to do especially if you have cats around. The good news is, that you can control unpleasant odors effectively by following these litter box hacks. Say goodbye to the stinky litter box smell by scooping clumps at least twice daily, washing the litter box

Maine Coon Vs. Siberian

Maine Coon Vs. Siberian

To the unfamiliar, the Maine Coon and the Siberian look like the same cat. But as you will see in this Maine Coon vs. Siberian breed comparison, they are two distinct but equally elegant cats. Maine Coon Vs. Siberian It is easy to understand why these breeds are mistaken for each other. Both cats are

Litter Box for Maine Coon Cat

Litter Box for a Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat. These cats are really big. In fact, the record for the world’s longest house cat belongs to a Maine Coon who grew to be over four feet long.  With their size, a regular litter tray is likely going to be too small for a Maine

Does Feliway Work

Does Feliway Work?

Yes, Feliway works in addressing common cat behavioral problems like spraying and scratching and some studies attest to its effectiveness in reducing spraying on vertical surfaces like walls and doors. However, the effectiveness may vary from one cat to another. While other cat owners see results in as early as one week, for others it

Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic

Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic?

Most cats owe their striking appearance to their unique coat colors and patterns. But what if a cat is hairless? Also, hairless cat breeds are popular because where they lack in the hair section, they make up in terms of personality! Moreover, they are preferred by cat lovers who are prone to allergic reactions. Are

How to Dispose Of Cat Poop

How to Dispose Of Cat Poop?

Owning a cat has several benefits but along with them come a few downsides, including the fact that you will need to deal with your feline’s poop, especially if your cat lives indoors. There are a few ways that you can get rid of your cat’s fecal matter so lets take a look. How to

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Water

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Water?

Cats tend to drink too little and many get a big portion of their hydration from wet cat food. A dehydrated cat may develop serious health issues, make sure that your pet cat has unlimited access to water.   How long can a cat go without water? A cat can go without water for about three

Tabby Cats Personality

Tabby Cats Personality

Tabbys are the most common domestic pets cats. They have the reputation for being social and smart, making them adopted at the highest rates compared to other color patterns. But before knowing more about this popular type of cat, let us understand first what is a tabby. The tabby cat is often mistaken for a

Siamese Cat Lifespan

Siamese Cat Lifespan

Siamese is one of the longest-living cat breeds. They are well-known for their blue eyes and point coloration. They have quite a distinctive vocalization and are extremely intelligent. This breed has a long life expectancy but just like other cat breeds, their lifespan will depend on their overall health and life circumstances. What is the

Where To Put Cat Litter Box In a Small Apartment

Where To Put a Cat Litter Box In a Small Apartment?

The best place to put the cat litter box in a small apartment is somewhere that is private, where your cat has easy access, and that is a low-traffic area.  It should also be in a well-ventilated area and hidden from sight which may be accomplished with litter box furniture or a utility closet.  Where

Do Cats And Ferrets Get Along

Do Cats And Ferrets Get Along

Yes, cats and ferrets can get along given a proper introduction and an after some time to get used to each other. They can even become great playmates. Cats and ferrets have their unique personality and temperament so you should have a good understanding of how and when to introduce a ferret to your kitty.

How To Calm A Hyper Cat?

How To Calm A Hyper Cat?

Does your cat have the habit of running around like crazy at home?  Cats that have zoomies and exhibit hyperactivity can be quite a handful for cat owners. However, there are methods that you can do to pacify your cat.   Tips to calm a hyper cat: You can calm a hyper cat or a hyper

Why Do Cats Curl Up

Why Do Cats Curl Up?

Cats are playful and loving companions with a penchant for weirdness. Take, for instance, how they sleep. They may sleep on you or between your legs and may stick out their tongue when in deep slumber.  You may also have noticed that they like to curl up into a ball when they go to sleep. 

Siamese Cat Personality Traits

Siamese Cat Personality Traits

Known for their striking features and affectionate nature, Siamese cats can make great pets. They originated from Thailand and their breed’s name is actually derived from the word “Siam”, the former name of Thailand. Their distinct feature is their crystal-blue eyes, unusually large, pointy ears, sleek tails and bodies, and color points are seen on their

Red Maine Coon

Red Maine Coon

If you are raring to own a large cat with striking eyes and a coat, that has a friendly temperament along with a little mischief on the side, a  Red Maine Coon may be the perfect one for you. Red Maine Coons are loyal, have dog-like qualities, and stand out because of their coat patterns. 

Are Bengal Cats Aggressive

Are Bengal Cats Aggressive?

You can easily spot a Bengal cat because of its striking, exotic look and muscular body. This breed is popular in the US and other countries although there are legal restrictions on ownership. A major reason why owning Bengal cats is illegal or restricted in some areas is that they are considered a biosecurity threat

Ragdoll vs Maine Coon

Ragdoll vs Maine Coon

Each cat breed is unique and intriguing . Take, for instance, the Ragdoll and Maine Coon breeds. They are both large cats and only have a slight difference in their weight although the latter is longer. Both have many similar attributes, temperaments, and behavior but each has a distinct characteristic as well. Ragdoll vs Maine

Every child should have a furry companion to cuddle with, tell secrets to or just hang out with around the house. Find out the 14 breeds that experts say get along with children the best.

Best Cats for Kids – 14 Breeds That Get Along with Children

Every child should have a furry companion to cuddle with, tell secrets to or just hang out with around the house. Some parents may be reluctant to bring a cat into their home because of their tendency to use their claws. However, there are many different feline breeds that will do just fine with a child.

Are All Orange Tabby Cats Male

Are All Orange Tabby Cats Male?

Are you a fan of the eponymous cartoon character Garfield and wished you had a cat like him? Orange tabby cats are quite common and make great pets because they are affectionate, smart, and friendly.  Are all orange tabby cats male? No, not all orange tabby cats are male although at least 80 percent of

Where To Buy Feliway

Where To Buy Feliway?

Feliway is widely available and you can buy it from online retailers, local pet stores, and from your veterinarian as well.  Here is the list of online retailers that sell Feliway products: Amazon This American multinational company is based in Seattle, USA, and founded by Jeff Bezos who’s also its Chairman and CEO. You can

When Do Male Cats Start Spraying

When Do Male Cats Start Spraying?

Cats are adorable companions but they can drive you out of your wits when they start spraying on furniture and other objects and your home starts to reek with the pungent and foul smell of cat urine. Spraying is a natural cat behavior but it has to be curbed as it can wreak havoc on

How to Calm a Cat in a Car

How To Calm A Cat In A Car?

Most cat owners have a hard time traveling by car with their cats. Unlike many other pets, most cats simply do not like traveling. In this article, we look at reasons why cats dislike traveling in a car and what to do to make the feat less stressful. How to Calm a Cat in a

Let's explore your options when it comes to the death of your feline and how much is may cost to cremate a cat.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Cat?

No one wants to think about the day when their beloved feline friend passes away. Unfortunately, every pet parent will most likely have to face this situation at some point in their life. Although it may be a difficult task to ponder over, it’s best to plan ahead while your pet is young and you are clear-of-mind, not jumbled-up with emotions and off-the-cuff decisions making skills. Let’s explore your options when it comes to the death of your feline and how much is may cost to cremate a cat.

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

Do cats have nipples? Yes, all cats, female or male, have nipples. The only difference there is, is female cats use them to feed the kittens, and male nipples are entirely useless. Almost all mammals have nipples, regardless of the gender. This is because the nipples are developed in the womb way before the gender

Corgis and Cats

Corgis and Cats – Do They Mix?

Pop culture has perpetuated the myth that cats and dogs are mortal enemies that cannot live under one roof. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Dogs and cats can live together. But what about corgis and cats? Can these two live peacefully inside your home or is this a bad idea that you need

Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic

Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic?

You have always wanted to own a Maine Coon cat because of its sweet temperament, adorable appearance, and huge size. However, you are prone to allergies which is why you are hesitant to own one. The good news is, that you may still be able to have one so long as you follow basic guidelines

How To Protect Cords From Cats

How To Protect Cords From Cats?

Have you noticed your pet cat nibbling and chewing on wires and cords? You have to act quickly as this poses a great risk of accidents like an injury to your cat, electrocution, or a fire. How to protect cords from cats? You can outsmart your cat and prevent him from nibbling on wires and

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost?

The Siamese cat breed is among the most popular breeds around and they’re often seen in films, cartoons, and books. Physically, this breed is known for its elegant and long body, has long triangle head, and almond-shaped blue eyes. Siamese males weigh 8 to 12 pounds while females mostly weigh 8 pounds. How much do

Do Siamese Cat Shed

Do Siamese Cat Shed?

Thinking of adding a Siamese Cat to your household and wondering about how much it will shed? Do Siamese Cats shed? Yes, Siamese cats do shed. Like most felines, the Siamese Cat sheds fur. The key difference compared to many other breeds is that the breed has short fur, making the fur they shed less

Are Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic

Are Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic?

If you are a certified cat lover but tend to have allergic reactions, you are not alone. Many people have mild to severe allergic reactions but still own cats. The best you can do is to opt for a cat breed that is hypoallergenic meaning that it has fewer allergens compared to most breeds.  Are

How to Tell If a Cat Has Broken Legs

How to Tell If A Cat Has a Broken Leg?

Cats are fluffy bundles of energy but sometimes the adventurous part of them may lead to an unexpected accident including a broken leg. They typically break their legs while landing, fighting with other cats, accidents, or because some heartless person attacked them. A broken leg is not a small thing but by providing basic feline

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive?

Maine Coon is considered as the largest cat breed and these felines are renowned for their regal looks, lush fur and affectionate nature. Due to their large muscular bodies and piercing eyes most people assume that they are more prone to aggression compared to other breeds. However, you would be surprised to know that these

Why Do Cats Like Earwax

Why Do Cats Like Earwax?

Cats are quirky and have strange habits which makes them unique and entertaining. But some of their odd habits are just disgusting. One of these is licking human earwax. There are many videos showing how cats react when earwax is placed in front of them. They don’t get turned off like us. They just lick

Is Baking Soda Safe for Cats

Is Baking Soda Safe for Cats?

Baking soda is generally safe for cats. However, ingesting it in large quantities may be toxic and very dangerous for a cat or other pets.  What is baking soda? Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a salt-based and non-toxic chemical compound. It is generally safe to use in your home but it can be dangerous

How to Groom a Persian Cat?

How to Groom a Persian Cat?

If you are thinking of adding a Persian Cat to your home, one of the things that you need to be aware of is the breed’s grooming requirements. The breed has a characteristic long and silky fur that needs to be groomed daily to achieve the Persian’s popular lustrous locks. Grooming your Persian Cat Despite

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

Are you considering a Ragdoll cat but are worried about possible allergies? There are claims of some cat breeds being hypoallergenic but such claims are untrue, although some breeds are better for allergic people than some. Are Ragdoll cats hypoallergenic? No, Ragdoll cats are not hypoallergenic and neither are any other cat breeds. However, Ragdolls

Is Incense Bad For Cats

Is Incense Bad For Cats

You may like the calming scent of incense but this poses a problem if you’re also a cat owner. Cats have lungs that are more sensitive than humans and incense may be harmful for them. Incense is bad for cats because it emits smoke which may lead to issues such as respiratory infections and asthma. 

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Maine Coon

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Maine Coon?

Knowing your cats breed is interesting in itself but can be vital for understanding its behavior, tending to its health and also for breeding purposes.   How to tell if your cat is a Maine Coon? You can tell if you cat is a Maine Coon by examining her physical traits and attributes and by observing

Do Maine Coons Like Water

Do Maine Coons Like Water?

Maine Coons make good family pets because they are sociable, affectionate, playful, friendly, and inquisitive. They get along well with kids and other pets but they are not clingy which means they can be left at home for certain hours. They also have an affinity for water and some of them may even have the

Are Siamese Cats Good Pets

Are Siamese Cats Good Pets?

Yes, Siamese cats make good pets because they are friendly and affectionate, and they are beautiful to look at because of their sleek bodies and blue eyes. However, they depend on human interaction so it is not advisable to keep them as pets if you are not home most of the day. They also tend

Why Is My Cat Eating Paper

Why Is My Cat Eating Paper?

Cats often exhibit peculiar behaviors such as licking walls or shower curtains and eating inedible items like cardboard, plastic bags, and paper.  These behaviors are often harmless but sometimes they can be a result of behavioral or even health issues.  Why is my cat eating paper? Your cat may be eating paper, among other things,

How Tall are Cats

How Tall are Cats?

Cats come in all sizes. There are small cats that are adorably cute. And there are big cats that could make your dream of snuggling a tiger or leopard come true. The average-sized ones are nevertheless lovely to live with.  If you are curious about how tall your cat will grow to be, you can

Why Does My Cat Lick the Floor

Why Does My Cat Lick the Floor?

Cats sometimes exhibit weird behaviors such as licking the floor. There could be several reasons for this from simply enjoying a taste on the floor to some that may be a health concern. Why Does My Cat Lick the Floor? The most common reason why your cat licks the floor is simply because they smell

How Often Should I Brush My cats

How Often Should I Brush My Cat?

The frequency with which you should brush your cat will depend if you have a short, medium, or long-haired cat. The prevailing recommendation is that medium and long-haired cats like the Manx and Persian breeds should be brushed daily while short-haired cats like the British Shorthair should be brushed at least once a week.   How

How Much Space Do Cats Need

How Much Space Do Cats Need?

Some people assume that cats need a minimal amount of space because of their relatively small bodies. And indeed, some cats can thrive in small homes and apartments. But how much space do cats need to really thrive inside a home? How much space should you allocate for your cat? The rule of thumb is

How Many Whisker Does a Cat Have

How Many Whiskers Does a Cat Have?

Whiskers are very useful for cats and help them in sensing their environment. Whiskers grow in patterns not just on a cat’s muzzle but also in other parts of their body – above their eyes, ears, jaw, and forelegs. The whiskers on their forelegs, called carpal whiskers, help them determine the movement of their prey.

Do Owls Eat Cats

Do Owls Eat Cats?

There are many animals that look innocent but are actually dangerous. One of those deceiving animals is the owl.  With their large and sharp talons, they are formidable predators. Their hunting strategy mostly involves surprise and stealth. As a cat parent, it is important to learn about owls and their behavior as they can pose

Do Maine Coon Cats Use A Litter Box

Do Maine Coon Cats Use A Litter Box?

Yes, Maine Coon cats do use a litter box as long as it is clean, spacious, and large enough to accommodate their big body size. The factors that you should consider in selecting the best litter box for Maine Coon cats are the size, type, and placement of the box.  Do Maine Coon cats use

Cat Panting Stress

Cat Panting Stress

Is a cat’s panting an indicator of stress? Yes, it may indicate that a cat is stressed and anxious. A cat that is panting manifests an increased respiratory effort coupled with an accelerated heart rate. However, stress is not the only reason why a cat may be panting. It may also mean that she has

Are Male Or Female Cats More Affectionate

Are Male Or Female Cats More Affectionate?

Many cats are cuddly companions and having an affectionate one is a definite bonus. But does the gender of the cat affect how affectionate it is? There seem to be varying opinions on this among pet parents. Some argue that male cats are more affectionate and sociable compared to female cats while some argue the

Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Him Eat

Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Him Eat?

While Garfield prefers to scarf down a pan of freshly baked lasagna away from Jon and Odie, some cats love to eat in the company of their humans. Unlike dogs that exhibit territorial tendencies around food, some felines enjoy eating with their owners watching or even petting them. Cats have earned a reputation for being

Syringe Feeding A Cat

Syringe Feeding A Cat

Your cat may not be eating well on her own for many reasons such as a recent surgery or not feeling well. What you can do is to syringe-feed her or do assist-feeding to ensure that she is well-nourished. This is done by feeding your cat her usual wet food or prescribed cat food as

Litter Locker Vs. Litter Genie

Litter Locker Vs. Litter Genie

Pet parents have one big struggle when it comes to their furry cats and that is cleaning up and disposing of cat poop. The strong and unmistakable smell of poop can be so arresting and could cause major nasal turmoil, if not properly disposed of. Thanks to some innovative products,  litter disposal systems have become

How to get cat urine out of hardwood floor

How to Get Cat Urine Out of Hardwood Floor?

Cats are lovable and gentle animals and many of us love them as endearing pets and house companions. However, one major disadvantage is the strong smell of their urine which can be quite intolerable. Even worse if the cat pees on material such as carpet or on the floor that is made of hardwood because

How to Get a Cat to Stop Hissing

How to Get a Cat to Stop Hissing?

If you want to know how to get a cat to stop hissing, you must first understand why your pet is doing that. More often than not, a cat hisses because he wants to be left alone. And the best way to stop him from hissing is to just do that – leave him alone

How Long Can A Cat Remember A Person

How Long Can A Cat Remember A Person?

There has been a debate going on as to whether cats have a definitive short-term memory and whether they remember a person even after a relatively long period of time. While there is no exact scientific answer to this question, it is generally accepted that cats can remember a person that they are familiar with

Do cats shed

Do All Cats Shed?

All cats shed but there are big differences in the amount of shedding between breeds. The amount of shedding also varies according to the seasons, diet, and the overall health of the cat. Top breeds that shed the least The main factor that affects the amount of fur a cat shed is its breed. In

Why Is My Cat Thin at The Back End

Why Is My Cat Thin at The Back End?

We’re all attracted to affectionate cats that are pudgy and healthy. But sometimes it can be deceiving as a cat can look big but it’s actually mostly fur. If our pet cats start to get thin, especially at the back it is best to try to find the cause for the loss of weight as