Why Does My Cat Lick the Floor?

Why Does My Cat Lick the Floor

Cats sometimes exhibit weird behaviors such as licking the floor. There could be several reasons for this from simply enjoying a taste on the floor to some that may be a health concern.

Why Does My Cat Lick the Floor?

The most common reason why your cat licks the floor is simply because they smell spilled food or drink on the floor. Their sensitive nose can detect the smell of food even if it has already been wiped out.

Also, the cleaning agent you use may have scents that a cat may find enjoyable.

Here are seven more reasons why a cat may lick the floor:

1. The natural behavior to explore.

There is an adage that goes, ‚Äúcuriosity kills the cat”. Curious as they are, cats move around the room go under the table and discover smells on the floor they may find irresistible. 

2.  About grooming?

There are instances when your cat is not able to reach areas of its fur that it wants to groom. In this case they tend to reach out to something more accessible such as the floor.

3. Stress

Cat may exhibit stress by obsessive behaviors including licking the floor.

4. Pruritis

This is a medical term that pertains to itching. Your cat may feel itchy, so they roll over the floor to find relief. They may then also start to lick the floor obsessively.  

6. Pica

Lastly, it could be due to this condition that turns your cat to eating or licking non-edible objects. Pica is a red flag, because it could be a sign of a health issue.

6. Nutritional deficiencies

Cats licking the floor may be a sign of nutritional deficiency, but this is very rare.

7. Flooring materials

The flooring materials are also a consideration. For cats, plastic materials can smell like food, odd as it may sound.

Similar to plastic, flooring made of concrete and cement may attract cats because of the minerals in them.

Image: istockphoto.com / Maryviolet