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Winning the affections of a feline is not always the easiest task on the planet. In fact, with some cats, you are going to work for it! If you're in the battle of Love-Me-Kitty, then you've got to check out these 21 ways to make your cat love you.

21 Ways to Make Your Cat Love You

Even though we know the personality of most cats can be demanding, aloof and more than a bit “me-centric,” we still want to feel, at least on some level, that our beloved kitty actually does view us as more than a feeding-machine. However, winning the affections of a feline is not always the easiest task on the planet. In fact, with some cats, you are going to work for it!

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Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Siamese cats are popular for their distinct coloring and affectionate nature. They are among the world’s oldest breeds and highly intelligent, loyal and energetic. They are also curious pets, may follow you around and they may try to swat the running water in the faucet

Russian White Cat Personality

Russian White Cat Personality

A cousin to the more popular Russian Blue, the Russian White is a rare, good-looking, friendly, smart and loving cat. Not much sets it apart from the Russian Blue except for the color of their coat. They have a similar temperament and personality. They are

Introducing a Third Cat

Introducing a Third Cat

Adopting a cat is not as simple as bringing one home even if it is the first cat to live in your home. But what if you already own two cats and you are now thinking of getting a third one? Instead of being conscious

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Ever wondered why your furry friend likes to share your bed? Ever wondered are there any pitfalls to this? Read and find out.

Why Do Cats Sleep on You?

For most pet parents there’s nothing quite like the feeling we get when our beloved feline friend decides to curl up on us. The soft vibrations of a purring kitty can do wonders to soothe our jagged nerves or just reassure us that we are loved by a different living species. But what does all this furry attention really mean?

8 ways experts say will tell if your feline friend is a happy cat.

Is My Cat Happy?

Unlike a dog that will show his happiness by wagging his tail or bouncing around, cats are more subtle in their approach to happiness…or any other emotion, really. Most cats go through life with dignity and reserve, so if you want to know if he is happy, then you’re going to have to know what to look for when asking yourself “is my cat happy?” We’ve scratched through the mounds of information from pet experts to put together a list of “happy” signs your cat is probably exhibiting on a daily basis.

No one wants a pet that is constantly nipping or biting; it's like playing with a cactus! Read on to discover 7 ways to stop your cat from biting.

7 Ways to Stop a Cat from Biting

Is your precious furbaby a biting machine? Do you spend more money on bandages and healing ointments then on hairball remedy? Then you may be living with a feline biter. No one wants a pet that is constantly nipping or biting; it’s like playing with a cactus! What can we do as pet parents to stop this nasty behavior?

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Do Cats Like Milk or Water

Do Cats Like Milk or Water?

Are you a cat parent? If you are, you have probably tried offering your feline friend a bowl of warm milk at some point. But the question is – do cats like milk or water? Like humans, cats require adequate hydration to stay healthy and

Cat Not Drinking Water

Cat Not Drinking Water

It may be difficult to tell on a day-to-day basis if your cat is drinking enough water until dehydration sets in. If your cat is not drinking water it is most likely being caused by a serious underlying health issue and should be seen by

The wet versus dry cat food debate has been going on for years, but science has discovered what cats crave and need to sustain a long healthy life.

Wet vs Dry Cat Food

Unlike humans and dogs, cats are purely carnivores. This means they cannot survive on a diet that isn’t protein-loaded. In the wild, cats will hunt, kill and eat their prey which gives them all the nutrients they will ever need. However, once domesticated, we don’t necessarily want our feline friends hunting for their dinner. This is where a good commercial brand of food enters into play.

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