Russian White Cat Personality

Russian White Cat Personality

A cousin to the more popular Russian Blue, the Russian White is a rare, good-looking, friendly, smart and loving cat. Not much sets it apart from the Russian Blue except for the color of their coat. They have a similar temperament and personality.

They are an elegant breed of medium build, with a delicate short white coat. They require minimal grooming, wherein a weekly brush will usually suffice.

Russian White Cat Personality Traits

Russian Whites are very friendly and highly intelligent. Two of the best qualities a potential cat owner would want in a cat. They respond very well to positive reinforcement, so as long as there are treats involved you can teach a Russian White some neat tricks. You can teach them to play fetch, sit or even to open a door.

They also have an impressive memory. Compared to most cat breeds, they are able to remember people quite well. They take to friendly and affectionate people and they also know to avoid those that give limited pets and treats.

Despite being a generally friendly breed, the Russian White can be a bit reserved, meaning they can sometimes go off on their own to enjoy some peace and quiet. They are also on the more tight-lipped spectrum of cat breeds. So, if you are looking for a cat that is a lot more sociable and who loves to mingle with strangers and crowds, then you are better off considering a different breed, like the Siamese. But, if you are the type of person who enjoys tranquility at night, then that’s another check for the Russian White.

Facts and interesting tidbits about the Russian White

  • Size and weight – They can weigh between 6 to 12 lbs. and measure 8 to 10 inch tall
  • Life Expectancy – They can live to be between 10 to 20 years old
  • Health  – They are a generally healthy breed with no genetic issues, but may be prone to bladder stones 
  • Allergies – Their thick coats are believed to keep the possible allergens close to the skin, but they are not 100% hypoallergenic

What are Russian White Kittens like?

Like most kittens, the Russian Whites have boundless energy. You are going to have to tire these kittens out constantly in their first few months of life.

They love interacting with people and get easily bored, so you may need to prepare a bunch of different activities to keep the kittens occupied. Failure to grab and keep their attention may cause them to wander off and explore more destructive hobbies such as scratching the furniture.

The kittens love climbing all over your stuff, such as your curtains or the tallest piece of furniture in the living room. They are incredibly agile and may be too fast for most people to keep an eye on. It can be fun to watch but may be a little too much to handle for some.


The Russian White is a magnificent breed. They are intelligent and friendly, but may be quiet and reserved. As kittens they can be a little too rambunctious, but once they mature they grow into one of the most trainable cat breeds. They have no serious breed related health issues and grooming maintenance is pretty low.

Image: / Mironmax Studio