Siamese Cat Personality Traits

Siamese Cat Personality Traits

Known for their striking features and affectionate nature, Siamese cats can make great pets. They originated from Thailand and their breed’s name is actually derived from the word “Siam”, the former name of Thailand. Their distinct feature is their crystal-blue eyes, unusually large, pointy ears, sleek tails and bodies, and color points are seen on their face, ears, paws, and tails.

The personality traits of Siamese cats include being very intelligent, talkative, affectionate, protective, playful, and active.


Siamese is considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds. They are naturally curious and motivated. They know how to open doors and cupboards, steal items around the house and hide them away and have the knack for getting into mischief if not properly supervised. Siamese requires a lot of human interaction, toys, and stimulation to keep out of trouble.


Most cats are quiet and stick mostly to themselves but Siamese cats are an exception and tend to be quite vocal. They are vocal and have a very distinctive voice. They are often compared to a crying baby with varying tones and volumes. This trait is one of the most known of their breed. While this could be fascinating, some may find them noisy and distracting.


Siamese Affectionate
Image: / Diego Cerro Jimenez

Siamese is highly social and intensely affectionate cats. They absolutely love being cuddled, held, and fussed over constantly. They bond deeply with their humans and tend to be loving and trusting to them.

With this trait, they can also be possessive. They are famous for having jealousy streaks and may even become aggressive if they do not receive the attention they demand. For those who have multi-cats at home or thinking of getting more cats aside from your Siamese, the following are tips to ease the tension when it gets jealous:

  1. Spend an equal amount of time with everyone and if you have a favorite, do your best to hide it. 
  2. Set aside regular playtime and have enough toys for all your cats.
  3. Set up separate feeding stations and keep your cats in two different rooms during meal times. 
  4. When your cat gets aggressive out of jealousy, take it aside and calm it by giving some affection. Once you return the jealous cat in the main area, use an appropriate harsh tone and say a command “no” if the behavior continues.

Loyal and Protective

Siamese is among the most loyal and devoted of the cat breeds and become quite attached to their humans. They will follow them around the house, talk to them, and love taking cuddles. Because their bond with their owner is strong, a fearless Siamese will not hesitate to be protective when they seem their human is being threatened.

Playful and active

This breed may look exotic and delicate but they are very energetic with a keen sense of fun. Many Siamese learns to play fetch like a dog and will invent new games to share with their people. Most of them are not content sitting serenely and observing passively its surroundings. They easily get bored and need lots of stimulation so they sure should be provided with toys, a scratching post, and cat-climbing furniture.

Is the Siamese the right cat for you?

Many would love to have a Siamese cat as a pet because of its beautiful appearance. However, it’s good to have known the traits of this breed first. They are great companions, easy to groom, loyal, and affectionate. But if you want a cat because they are independent and will be happy when left alone, a Siamese might not be right for you.