Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal?

Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal

Siamese cats are so vocal because they are more social than other cat breeds which causes them also to communicate more vocally. They like to seek attention and tend to be more interactive and communicative with their owners compared to to other breeds.

Why are Siamese cats so vocal?

Siamese cats are known for their distinctive low-pitched meow which is often called “meezer” and it has been compared to the crying of a baby which tends to be persistent and annoying. These cats have been aptly nicknamed as meezers based on the sound they make when they vocalize. 

These are the common reasons why Siamese cats are so vocal:

It is their way of seeking attention.

Among the cat breeds, Siamese cats are known for being sociable, friendly, and affectionate. They are among the world’s friendliest cat breeds including that they get along with other cats. They continuously seek human interaction which is why they make good pets for families. However, once they feel that they are being neglected they resort to vocalizing and meowing loudly.

They want to make themselves known and do not want to be ignored.

While most cats tend to be aloof and indifferent to a human’s attention it is a complete opposite with Siamese cats. Maybe it is due in part to their moniker as being the “royal feline of the cat world”. Just as you cannot ignore a queen or king within your presence, Siamese cats want their presence in a room to be acknowledged, or else you may have to put up with the persistent meowing. 

It may be a sign of boredom. 

Since these “meezers” are so fond of attention and human interaction, its absence may lead to intense boredom.  Thus, they resort to loud meowing. Siamese cats constantly need to be with humans and they crave consistent stimulation. 

They may be trying to tell you something. 

Siamese cats are not only sociable they are also smart and this may be a probable reason for being so vocal. They are trying to tell you something as they begin to learn discoveries in the environment around them. In a way, these cats remind you of your kids who constantly bug you with endless questions as they follow you around the house.  

Common reasons why cats meow loudly

These are other common reasons why cats tend to meow loudly:

  • Your cat may be sick and experiencing pain. 
  • Your cat is hungry and asking you to give her food. 
  • It is her way of greeting you when you come home from work.
  • She may be lonely especially if she is your only cat and often left at home in the daytime. 
  • Your cat may be in heat and wants to mate. 
  • Your cat may be stressed because of sudden changes in your household such as home remodeling or because of new pets or family members. 
  • She may be suffering from cognitive dysfunction or mental confusion as a result of her advancing age. 

How to stop the loud meowing of your cat?

A Siamese cat’s loud meowing may be amusing and entertaining but it can also become annoying if it is too loud and persistent. Here are some steps that you can do to stop your cat’s loud meowing:

  • If you suspect that the loud meowing was due to a health issue, bring your cat to the vet at once so she may be checked right away. 
  • If the culprit was due to cognitive dysfunction among senior cats, consult your vet at once so your cat may be thoroughly checked and treated.
  • If the loud meowing was due to hunger, try to ignore its demand for food and proceed to feed it once it gets quiet. 
  • If the reason was that your cat is bored or lonely, provide toys and exercise to keep her busy. Install cat trees or cat houses to keep your cat busy as well as her favorite scratching posts
  • If you suspect that your cat simply needs your attention then allot time to play with her at least twice a day for a duration of at least 15 to 20 minutes per playtime session. This makes your cat mentally alert and allows her to bond with you more. Provide interactive toys and puzzle-based games to hone your Siamese cat’s intelligence and mental sharpness. 

Some surprising facts about Siamese cats

Siamese cats are known for their striking blue eyes, elegant bodies, and glossy coats. They are sociable, smart, and affectionate. Most of all, they are very friendly and they adore kids. Here are some surprising facts of this popular cat breed:

  1. They cannot see clearly in the dark because they lack a layer of tissue that is responsible for reflecting light through the retina. 
  2. Their coat is affected by temperature and the patterns are dictated by temperature-based pigments. 
  3. Their common traits used to be crossed eyes and hooked tails due to genetic mutation. 
  4. Siamese cats once had rounder faces and stockier bodies. 
  5. This breed has been featured countless times in films.


Siamese cats are popular for their striking looks and affectionate character. They are also intelligent and they get along well with children which makes them good domestic companions. They are also very vocal owing to their curious and sociable nature.Their popular meow or meezer sets them apart from other breeds and it is what makes them “royally unique”.