Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Other Cats

Yes, Siamese cats do get along with other cats especially those that match their personality and level of playfulness and energy. Cat buddies are good for this breed since they love attention and interaction. Some cat breeds that tend to get along well with Siamese cats are the Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Siberian. 

Do Siamese cats get along with other cats?

Siamese cats are popular not only for their magnetic blue eyes and sleek bodies but also for their affectionate and friendly personality. They crave attention and they get along well with other cats and even dogs. Aside from their sociable nature, they are smart and trainable and it is no wonder that siamese cats are generally considered to be good pets.

They are nicknamed “meezers” for the low-pitched meows that they make and they can be very “talkative” and vocal. These meezers like constant company and adore children to the hilt. Unlike some breeds, these cats are comfortable even with strangers and may even greet them at the door with their distinctive meows.

Also, cat experts recommend that your cat’s new cat companion should be the opposite gender so that if your Siamese cat is a female then consider a male cat buddy and vice versa. It is also recommended to have your cats neutered or spayed to prevent aggression and competition.

Best companions for your Siamese cat

Here are the perfect companions that get along well with your Siamese cat:

  • other Siamese cats that match your feline’s personality and playfulness 
  • other cat breeds that match your kitty’s personality and temperament 
  • kids who are active and playful since they can keep up with your Siamese cat’s high energy level
  • dogs and puppies that are at par when it comes to energy and playfulness although supervision may sometimes be needed

Here are some cat breeds that tend to get along well with your Siamese cat:

  • Maine Coon – they are affectionate, obedient, playful, and love to be around their pet parents just like Siamese cats 
  • Siberian – they are adventurous, playful, easygoing, and friendly 
  • Ragdoll –  they are sociable, calm, devoted, affectionate, and not demanding 
  • Abyssinian – they are intelligent, curious, and great climbers, and they enjoy the company 
  • Birman – they are loving, affectionate, curious, smart, and not too noisy, they also don’t like to be left alone just like Siamese cats 
Best companions for your Siamese cat
Image: / Vadimborkin

Not suitable companions for your Siamese cat

Although Siamese cats tend to get along with other cats and pets there are also pets and cat breeds that do not mix well or are not suitable for them:

  • inactive and reclusive pets –  since they are not active they won’t be able to keep up with the high energy level of your Siamese cat, an example would be caged pets like rabbits or senior cats and dogs 
  • cat breeds that have opposite temperament or personality  –  some cat breeds do not go well with your Siamese cats and these include the laid-back British Shorthair and the independent Persian who prefer to be left alone most of the time.

How to introduce your Siamese cat to another cat?

Your Siamese cat and the other cat will be able to bond with each other more quickly if they are properly introduced.  Here are the steps to do in introducing your kitty to another cat:

  1. Upon the arrival of the other cat, place it in a separate room that has its necessary resources like food and water bowls, a cozy bed, litter box, scratching post, and toys. 
  1. Once the new cat gets used to her new environment after a few days, you may transfer her to another room that also has the same resources as above. Allow your Siberian cat to explore the first room where the new cat stayed to familiarize her with the new cat’s scent. 
  1. Once you notice that the new cat has become comfortable in the second room, try to let her and your Siamese cat to smell each other but they should be separated with a partition. Closely observe and you may also allow both of them to see each other but still with a partition in-between them. 
  1. Give the two cats their meals while still separated with partitions. 
  1. Once you observe that both cats do not show signs of aggression you may bring them together in the same room but place them on separate sides. It is suitable to put one cat in a carrier while you hold the other one or if you are with another family member you may both play with the cats separately. Reward them with treats during this play session. 
  1. In the next few days, you may gradually bring the two cats together and allow them to interact with each other in your presence. However, these play sessions should be kept short and should only take a couple of minutes at first. Once they start to become comfortable they will eventually interact and bond with each other. Check out our earlier article on how to tell if cats are bonded. 
  1. If you notice that the two cats are showing aggression toward each other you should separate them and start the whole introduction process again. 

What to do if your Siamese cat is jealous of the new cat?

What to do if your Siamese cat is jealous of the new cat?
Image: / JackF

While Siamese cats are known to be friendly and affectionate they also tend to get jealous because of the new cat.  Their territorial instinct may kick in or they may have not been introduced properly.

You will know that your feline is consumed with jealousy if she is exhibiting these signs:

  • she refuses to give you space 
  • she is aggressive towards you or the new cat including biting
  • she is displaying an unusually strong affection toward you 
  • she becomes aloof and withdrawn 
  • she pees or poops outside her litter box 

Here are the things that you can do to address your cat’s jealousy:

  • give your Siamese cat your love, time, and attention 
  • assure your cat that she is not taken for granted or will be replaced because of the new cat 
  • make sure that the new cat does not trespass on your Siamese cat’s territory and resources like her bed, litter box, and eating quarters and provide separate resources to the new cat 

Final thoughts 

Siamese cats are among the best cat breeds as pets because of their dynamic and sociable personality.  They are physically beautiful, have an affectionate nature, and make good companions for children and other pets. They get along well with other cats especially those that match their affectionate personality and energy level. 

However, as it is with most cats, they should still be properly introduced with the new cats in their home to avoid conflict and to have a greater chance of forming a strong bond with them.