Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much?

Why Do Siamese Cat Bite So Much
Image: istockphoto.com / Oleksandr Shchus

Being a pet parent to Siamese cats has its ups and downs. You love them for their affectionate nature and intelligence but you may also resent them for their diva-like tendencies and aggressiveness.

Siamese cats tend to be mischievous but they can also be very affectionate and vocal. They have personality traits that endear them to their humans, however, they also tend to become aggressive and may resort to biting and other negative behavior.

Why do Siamese cats bite so much?

Siamese cats tend to bite because they get overstimulated, afraid, frustrated or uncomfortable:

1. Your cat may be overstimulated and overexcited. 

One reason why Siamese cats bite so much is that they got too worked up during your playtime. Sometimes, it becomes too much for your cat and she may become overexcited leading to dilated pupils and a change in her vocalization.  Due to heightened senses and stimulation, your cat may tend to bite your hand or arm. 

2. She may be afraid. 

Your Siamese cat may be biting so much because she is fearful of something. It may be due to a new pet or you may have visitors in your home. Moving to a new location or having new cats or family members can be stressful for a cat. While Siamese cats get along well with other cats and pets, some cats need a certain period to adapt to their new housemates. 

3. It could be due to her predatory instinct. 

Cats are hardwired predators, thus, the instinct to bite is embedded in their system.  This sometimes manifests although they are domesticated and they may exhibit it out of the blue while sitting next to you on the sofa or while you are both snuggled in your bed. 

4. Your cat may be manifesting her short-tempered behavior. 

Your cat may be manifesting her short-tempered behavior. 
Image: istockphoto.com / Sviatlana Lazarenka

Siamese cats tend to have short tempers. You may not have given her enough attention when she approached you so she blew her top, lost her temper, and bit you. 

5. She may be irritated.  

Another reason why your Siamese cat may be biting is that she may be irritated with something. It could be that you are messing with her toys or you may be teasing her and she may not be up to it. She may also be irritated because she is not feeling well and something is bothering her like an upset stomach or a leg injury. 

6. Your cat may be sensitive to the touch. 

Aside from a tendency to be short-tempered, Siamese cats may also be prone to touch sensitivity.  This may stem from previous animal attacks or abuse from previous owners. Your cat may be suffering from trauma and just the slightest touch or petting may prompt her to bite. Issues like this may be addressed by consulting your vet or a cat behaviorist although it may take a while before it is resolved. 

7. She may be feeling uncomfortable.

Your Siamese cat may be biting because she feels uncomfortable at the moment. This is usually observed among new pets that are just starting to adapt to their new home and surroundings. It may also stem from previous trauma such as prior abuse by former owners. Professional help and consultation with your vet may help resolve this particular issue. 

8. Your cat does not want to be petted or touched.

Siamese cats are sociable and love attention but there are just certain cats that do not want too much attention or petting. Although this may not make up the majority,  some Siamese cats may tend to be aloof and dislike being touched a lot. So, the next time your cat bites you just because you attempted to pet her,  try to think back to these words and assess the situation.

9. Your cat may feel ignored.

Siamese cats love human interaction and they prefer to be with their humans most of the time.  However, if you are out for most of the day, your cat may not take it well. A result, she may bite you so much as her way of revenge because you have been ignoring her lately. 

10. It may be due to her territorial instinct. 

it may be due to her territorial instinct. 
Image: istockphoto.com / Oleksandr Shchus

Aside from their sociable and playful personality, Siamese cats are known to be protective of their territory and that includes their humans. So, she may resort to biting so much if she feels that her territory is threatened by other persons or pets.

How to stop your Siamese cat from biting so much?

While you cannot control or know in advance exactly when your cat may suddenly bite, you can always stop your cat from biting you by doing these measures:

  • show your cat that you love and care for her
  • let her know that you are hurt by her behavior and actions 
  • ignore your cat and walk away from the room
  • enforce rules for your cat 
  • keep her busy with cat toys 
  • bring in another cat or more likely a Siamese like her
  • install a scratching post so she can divert her energy to it

Should your cat bite you, do not yell, hit, or spray her with water as this may only lead to further aggression or she may grow distant towards you. Also, observe her during future playtime sessions and avoid playing with her using your bare hands. Be patient with your cat because it takes time and effort before you see signs of improvement in her behavior. 

Final thoughts 

The Siamese is among the most popular cat breeds and cat owners love its intelligence, playfulness, and affectionate nature. However, these cats tend to become aggressive and short-tempered. Your Siamese feline may be biting you because she was overstimulated, you were ignoring her, or because of her territorial instinct.