Do Siamese Cats Like Water?

Do Siamese Cats Like Water?
Image: / UroshPetrovic

Siamese cats are popular for their distinct coloring and affectionate nature. They are among the world’s oldest breeds and highly intelligent, loyal and energetic. They are also curious pets, may follow you around and they may try to swat the running water in the faucet while you are washing the dishes.

Do Siamese cats like water?

Yes, Siamese cats like water and they may play with it although they usually dislike being actually wet. This cat breed has a short and smooth coat that is not water resistant. However, this does not stop them from playing with water either in the faucet or in the shower. Most Siamese cats are fascinated with dripping water and some of them even go willingly under the shower. 

Siamese cats fascination with water is largely a result of their curious nature. It may also be instinctive since their ancestors relied on fresh running water to survive in the wild. This breed will check out and investigate dripping faucets as well as toilet bowls but appears to be uninterested with their water bowl.

Here are some traits and characteristics of this cat breed that best describe its love-hate relationship with water:

  • Siamese cats love to drink from faucets and some of them may stare at the running water for hours. 
  • They want to accompany you to the shower.
  • They are fascinated with puddles of water although it may be stagnant.
  • They tend to dip their paws in the water dish and playfully splash it. 
  • These cats tend to check out the toilet bowl and may also drink from it.
  • They may willingly swim if placed in a pool. 
  • They do not seem to enjoy drinking from their water bowl. 
  • Siamese cats avoid walking on puddles of water because they dislike getting their paws wet. 
  • They may run and hide when you turn on the shower and may not go near a bathtub filled with water. 

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Do Siamese cats like to swim?

Do Siamese cats like to swim
Image: / Miguel Angel Flores

Yes, some Siamese cats like to swim but not all of them. While these cats like water and may also play with it not all of them may be too keen when it comes to swimming even though they can swim instinctively. Some other cat breeds are known to enjoy swimming, for example the Turkish Van which has been called the swimming cat.

Do Siamese cats need baths?

Siamese cats rarely need to be bathed except if they suffer from a skin condition. To substitute for a water bath, you may opt to sprinkle cornstarch all over your cat’s body to keep her fur clean and fresh-smelling.

What to do if your Siamese cat loves water?

Here are some measures that you can do if your Siamese cat loves water:

1. Keep the bathroom door open. 

Allow your cat access to the bathroom if she enjoys playing inside a damp bath or cubicle. Place some toy balls in the tub to maximize her enjoyment and always keep the toilet lid closed for your cat’s safety. 

2. Give her some water-safe toys to play with. 

Place a large shallow bowl in an area where your cat usually hangs out, add at least an inch of water into it and put some water-safe toys in the water. Your Siamese cat will have a grand time fishing those toys out and playing with them. Replace the water daily as your cat may also drink from the bowl. In many cases the cat may even put her toys in the water herself.

3. Make your pool a safe area for your cat. 

If you have a pool at home, your cat will most likely check it out and may hang out in the area. Keep it a safe zone for your cat by placing ladders or ramps that are easily accessible so that your cat can get out of the pool. 

4. Provide a cat water fountain for your cat. 

Cat water fountains are encourage your cat to drink water and satisfy her fondness for water. Most cats love this product as they prefer the flavor of running water compared to the stagnant one in their water dish. 

Cat breeds that like water 

Cat breeds that like water 
Image: / Okssi68

Aside from Siamese cats, cat breeds that are fond of water include the Maine Coon, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Turkish Angora, Turkish Van, Japanese Bobtail, Manx, Siberian and Norwegian Forest. Most of these breeds share common characteristics like thick and water-resistant coats and a fondness for swimming in water.

Final thoughts 

Siamese cats are well-loved because of their slender and elegant built and affectionate nature. They are loyal to their owners and have a fondness for water. Despite being a short-haired breed, they like to play with water and love to drink running water from faucets and cat fountains.