Cat Sitting Like Person

Cat Sitting Like Person

You have probably seen cute videos or pictures of cats sitting in the most hilarious positions, and you cannot help but smile! So why do cats do this? Is it normal for a cat to sit like a person?

Animal experts have revealed several theories as to why our feline friends display such comical, human-like behavior. Let us take a look at them one by one, and see if any apply to your cat!

What does it mean when cats sit upright?

Cats have the most amazing talent for acrobatic poses, and they seem to love showing it off! Whether they are standing on their hind legs or doing an impressive handstand, cats demonstrate their flexibility in the most extraordinary ways. 

One of their peculiar and entertaining poses is when they sit like a person. It is almost as if they try to mimic the way their humans sit – though the results are often quite different! Cats sitting upright look both endearing and hilarious. They often have a far-off look in their eyes, too – as if they are daydreaming. It is impossible not to laugh when you see it!

They also have an uncanny knack for finding the most uncomfortable places to sleep, like the tops of door frames and the edges of couches. They might curl up in tight little balls, flop over onto their sides, or even sleep standing up. Despite the fact that these places might be a little snug for us humans, cats find a way to make it work, contorting their bodies into positions that seem totally unnatural. 

And, of course, they always manage to look completely comfortable while they are at it! Why they do it is a mystery, but it is certainly a sight to behold. 

Why is my cat sitting like a person?

There are no solid scientific explanations as to why cats tend to mimic their owners’ lazy sitting positions. But many animal behaviorists believe that the quirky behavior could be due to the following:

1. Your cat is literally a copycat

Cats are great copycats, and they love to mimic their owners. They observe our behaviors, then imitate them for their own amusement. 

So, if you have ever caught your cat sitting like you, it may be because they are trying to be just like you! Cats might also copy their owners’ routines – from morning coffee rituals to regular afternoon naps, cats love to do what their owners do. It is a sure sign that your cat loves you and wants to be just like you! 

2. Your cat is in the middle of grooming

Seeing your cat sitting upright, looking almost like a human, is a strange sight, but it could simply be that they are in the middle of a grooming session.

Cats contort their bodies in all sorts of peculiar ways when they are grooming. This is so they do not miss any spots, especially in the more sensitive and private areas. While it looks a bit funny, it is also an important part of keeping their fur clean and healthy. 

3. Your cat feels comfortable sitting like that

Believe it or not, some cats do feel comfortable with their two legs on the ground like us. And, of course, they are extremely flexible and do not mind getting into some odd positions if it feels good. Plus, cats have been known to mimic their humans’ sitting positions, so it is possible that your cat is taking a cue from you. Whatever the reason, it is clear that cats each have their own favorite poses, and they like to practice them!

4. Your cat trusts you

Belly exposure is a sure sign of trust in cats. Their stomach is the most vulnerable part of their body, so they rarely sit this way unless they feel safe and secure in their environment. And, when they do, it is like a sign of approval – they are telling you that they trust you and that they feel safe around you. 

It is a wonderfully heartwarming sight, especially if you have been working hard to gain a new cat’s trust. So, if your cat has been sitting like a person and exposing their belly, rest assured they are happy and content in your presence.

5. Your cat wants to cool down

Sometimes, cats sit upright because they are trying to cool down. Cats do not sweat as humans do, so they rely on other ways to regulate their body temperature. 

When the weather is warm, cats will seek out the coolest spots in the house and sit there. By sitting upright at the same time, they are able to expose their bellies and allow cool air to reach more areas of their skin. It might look funny or even a little silly, but it is actually a great way for cats to beat the heat. 

So, if you have a cat and it is hot outside, make sure your house has plenty of cool, well-ventilated spots for your pet to relax in. That way, your furry friend can stay cool, comfortable, and safe all summer long.

6. Your cat wants attention

Cats are crafty manipulators – every fur parent knows that! We can never resist their attempts to catch our attention – whether they are giving us the comical pleading look, or sitting like a person to gain our affection. They will sit with their hind legs stretched out, their front paws folded in front of them, and their tail wrapping around their body for maximum effect.

Perhaps they are feeling warm and want to cool down, or maybe they are feeling hungry and want a snack.  It is nearly impossible not to give them the attention and affection they are seeking. After all, they are our best buddies, and they deserve the best of care. So, even when you feel annoyed by their incessant demands for attention, remember to give them a little love – it goes a long way!

7. Your cat is doing a weird yoga pose

Cats love doing yoga. We can assume this because we often find them in strange poses, often ending in an upright position. Stretching their muscles and improving their flexibility helps keep them ready for action – a survival mechanism of their wild ancestors. Whether they are hunting, playing, or just lounging around, cats need a good stretch to stay at the top of their game. 

If you see your cat bent in half or lying on their back with all four legs in the air, do not worry – they are just doing their version of yoga to stay fit and healthy.

8. Your cat is lazy

Have you ever thought that your cat might be sitting upright with their feet stretched out because they are lazy? 

Cats are sometimes too lazy to expend the energy to change their position, so they adopt this comical pose. They enjoy the comfort of lazing around with their front paws tucked beneath their chin and their hind legs stretched out. It is a classic “cat nap” moment – one that any cat lover will recognize. 

9. It is a cat belly trap

Sometimes cats can be like little traps waiting to be tripped. The classic one – a cat willingly exposing their belly – is one of the most tempting yet dangerous traps for unsuspecting pet owners. 

Sure, there are some cats who love belly rubs and will purr and drool in ecstasy when you give them one. But for most cats, a belly rub is the opposite of pleasing – and it leads to scratches and bites for the giver of the rub! Even if your cat seems to enjoy it, a good rule of thumb is to let them initiate the belly rubs. That way you can avoid any potential scratches or bites and still enjoy some quality cuddle time with your pet. 

Cat sitting like a person – should you be worried? 

If your cat is sitting like a person, do not be alarmed – it is totally normal! Your cat’s weird relaxing position is not linked to any health concerns or problematic behaviors. In fact, cats often sit like this when they are feeling comfortable and safe. 

So, if your cat feels relaxed enough to mimic your posture, take it as a sign of trust – they feel like they can be themselves around you! That is why it is important to create a safe and comfortable environment for your cat and give them plenty of love and attention. 

Grab your phone, take a picture of your cat’s funny pose, and enjoy the moment!


Cats have a lot of quirks, one of which is sitting upright like a human. This comical position makes them look hilarious, but there are many reasons cats do this. Do not worry, though – your furry friend is completely fine. The weird sitting pose does not indicate behavioral problems or medical issues. Instead, take it as proof of their trust and comfort in being around you! 

Image: / Andrey Zhuravlev