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What Does A Mother Cat Do With A Dead Kitten?

What Does A Mother Cat Do With A Dead Kitten?

It is sad but sometimes a mother cat will lose a kitten. Newborn kittens are extremely vulnerable and sometimes a kitten is born dead. Following are typical behaviors that a mother cat may exhibit with a dead kitten: 1. Lick the kitten Licking the kittens is the mother cat’s instinctive behavior after giving birth. It

Cat Nail Trimming Cost

Cat Nail Trimming Cost

Cat nail trimming cost is more or less $10 to $20 when you go to a pet groomer while vets may charge more. While the best option for many is to trim your cat’s nails yourself, you may opt to seek the help of a pet groomer or your vet if your cat is too

Why are Orange Tabby Cats So Affectionate

Why Are Orange Tabby Cats So Affectionate?

Orange tabby cats widely regarded affectionate and are often characterized as cuddly and loving compared to other cats. It is widely assumed that the color of the coat is linked to the personality of the cat.  There are some studies where orange and bi-colored cats are characterized as friendly while black, white and tri-colored cats

Can Cats See in Pitch Black

Can Cats See in Pitch Black?

It is a common belief that cats have a night vision and are able to see well in the dark. The fact is that cats can not see in pitch black because they need some light in order to see. Yet, they can see better in the dark than humans.  The sight of cats is

Why Does My Cat Drool When Kneading?

Why Does My Cat Drool When Kneading?

Your cat drools when kneading because she feels relaxed, comfortable, and secure. She may also be behaving that way as a remembrance of her kittenhood. Abnormal drooling in cats may occur when they have health issues like oral and dental disease, liver infection, toxin exposure, or ingestion of a foreign body. Why does my cat

How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth To Cats

How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth To Cats?

You may apply diatomaceous earth (DE) to cats by lightly rubbing it into their coats dusting it in their premises. This is done to help the cat with fleas, lice, ticks and other pests. DE is also an organic dewormer and you can give it to your cat by adding a teaspoonful in their food

Siamese Manx Cats

Siamese Manx Cat – Characteristics, Temperament and More

A Siamese Manx cat is a cross between the Siamese and the Manx breeds and has distinctive physical qualities from both breeds.  It is included in the list of experimental cat breeds and also referred to as the Owyhee Bob. Its most noticeable features are its unique coloring, blue eyes, muscular built, and stumpy tail

Do Cats Have Hair Or Fur

Do Cats Have Hair Or Fur?

Hair and fur in cats means basically the same thing. While a source of confusion for some, these terms are used interchangeably although the hair is more often used to describe a single strand or strands while fur is usually the term used when referring to thick hair, like what most cats have.    Cat

What Happens If I Stop Feeding Stray Cats?

What Happens If I Stop Feeding Stray Cats?

You will likely encounter stray cats now and then. You may see them in your neighborhood,  on the streets, or in a nearby park.  You may get to befriend a stray cat after a few encounters and she starts to rub against your legs.  Feeding stray cats is a humane gesture but it is not

Is It Bad To Feed Stray Cat

Is It Bad To Feed Stray Cats?

You may have encountered stray cats in your neighborhood, took pity on them, and gave them food. These stray cats have been socialized to people and had owners before but may have gotten abandoned or wandered off. These lost or displaced cats eventually become feral cats if they are homeless for a long time.  It

How Often Should A Cat Be Deshed?

How Often Should A Cat Be Deshed?

A cat should be deshed at least once or twice a week for 10 to 20 minutes per session using a deshedding tool like FURminator. However,  you may need to deshed more frequently especially during heavy shedding season and if you have a long-haired cat. How often should a cat be deshed? A cat shedding

Dry Cat Paws

Dry Cat Paws – Causes and Remedies

Dry cat paws may put your pet at risk for infection and may also be painful to the cat. Some of the causes of dry cat paws include dry air, excessive licking, exposure to rough surfaces, and extreme weather. If your cat’s paws become dry, cracked, or irritated you should consult your vet for the

Litter Box Liner Alternatives

Litter Box Liner Alternatives

Many cat owner use liners to help them with dealing with dirty litter. If you do not want to use a liner for some reason there are alternatives. What litter box liner alternatives are there? Litter box liners are plastic sheets used by pet owners for an easier clean-up of the box. Litter box liner

How Do You Know If Your Cat Is A Manx

How Do You Know If Your Cat Is A Manx?

You will know if your cat is a Manx by analyzing its physical features and behavior. A Manx cat is usually tailless while some only have stumpy tails.  It also has a cradle-shaped head if viewed from the rear side. Manx cats have a playful and affectionate character and they have a distinctive trilling sound

Are Long Car Rides Bad for Cats

Are Long Car Rides Bad for Cats?

No, long car rides are not bad for cats so long as you train your cat to get used to car rides before embarking on a long one. You should also make sure that the cat has a comfortable carrier and to withhold food intake for at least four hours before travel time. Most importantly,

How to Cut Cat’s Nails Without Getting Scratched

How to Cut a Cat’s Nails Without Getting Scratched?

Cats typically do not really enjoy getting their nails cut so pet parents run the risk of geting scratched or clawed. On the other hand, many people are also not skilled in doing it. However, there are ways to get it done without too much struggle with your cat. How to cut your cat’s nails

How Many Feliway Diffusers Do I Need

How Many Feliway Diffusers Do I Need?

Typically, you need more than one Feliway diffuser especially if you have a large house and if it has 2 floors or more. A few diffusers may also be needed if you are using the product for usine marking and there are 2 or more rooms that are affected by the urine-marking behavior. One diffuser

Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Feliway provides many cat-calming products. Their two most famous products are the Feliway Spray and Feliway Diffuser. Many users have found the products effective and they are even recommended by many vets. The products mimic the natural feline pheromones that have a calming effect and help relieve anxiety. As a result, Feliway can help getting

How To Make A Mean Cat Nice

How To Make A Mean Cat Nice

You can make your mean cat nice by learning how to pet your cat properly, giving her treats and the slow blink, and determining the cause of the mean behavior. You should also take things slowly to be able to gain your cat’s trust and affection.  How to make a mean cat nice? Cats come

Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

The best cat bed for older cats is one that keeps them warm and cozy during the night, provides comfort for their aching joints and bones, and should be spacious so that they will not feel cramped and uncomfortable.  Here are out three top choices: What to look for when buying a cat bed for

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Worms In Cats

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Worms In Cats

Yes, apple cider vinegar may kill worms in cats. Unlike other types of vinegar, apple cider vinegar or ACV increases alkaline levels in a cat’s intestines. Just mix one to two teaspoons of ACV in a glass of lukewarm water and feed this to your kitty regularly for at least one week.  However, the effectiveness

Which Feliway To Use

Which Feliway To Use

There are various types of Feliway products with their own recommended uses. Feliway Classic Diffuser is recommended for use if your cat has problems with hiding, scratching, and spraying or urine marking. Feliway Friends/Multicat is the best type to use to reduce conflict in multi-cat households with the help of feline appeasement hormones. FeliScratch by

My Cat Ate A Fly

My Cat Ate A Fly – Is it Dangerous?

If your cat eats a fly but it is only an occasional thing, there is nothing to worry about. Pursuing flies is natural cat behavior and a good form of exercise to sharpen your feline’s eye-paw coordination and for brain stimulation. However, if she is doing it habitually then you should take measures to prevent

Does Feliway Work For Stressed Cats

Does Feliway Work For Stressed Cats?

Yes, Feliway works for stressed cats and some studies attest to reduced spraying on vertical areas like walls and doors in up to 90% of cases. There was also a reduction of conflict and aggression among cats in a multiple-cat household after just a week’s use of Feliway while at least 84% of pet owners

What is Feliway Spray

What is Feliway Spray?

A stressed or ill-behaving cat can be challenging. One possible remedy is using a cat calming product such as the Feliway which comes in many forms including as a spray. What is Feliway spray? Feliway Spray is a synthetic product that mimics the facial pheromones of cats and is applied to surfaces and other objects

Essential Oils To Keep Cats Off Counters

Essential Oils To Keep Cats Off Counters

You dearly love your pet cat but that does not mean you want to give her full access to any place in your home.  Kitchen counters, for instance, should be a no-cat zone because it is where food is prepared. An effective solution to keep your cat away from your counter is by using some

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You

If you see your cat winking at you it may mean that she trusts you and she’s comfortable and safe when she is with you. However, it could also mean that she has an eye infection or it may be her way of saying “Thank you for the treat/snack/toy”.  What does it mean when a

Do Cats Remember People

Do Cats Remember People?

You have probably heard or read about how cats have superior intelligence. Surprisingly, a cat’s brain structure is about 90% the same as that of a human brain. But do cats remember people? The answer is yes, cats remember people, and the more time you spend with them and interacting with them, the more they

Do Cats Keep Snakes Away

Do Cats Keep Snakes Away?

Cats are natural hunters and will go out of their way to catch their prey. Even domesticated and indoor cats tend to catch mice and snakes around the home.  So, do cats keep snakes away? Yes but not necessarily always, because while snakes consider cats as predators, it doesn’t guarantee that having cats around will

Can Cats Have Purple Eyes

Can Cats Have Purple Eyes?

Are there purple-eyed cats? You may have heard rumors about cats with purple eyes but the reality is, that there is no known evidence of cats with purple eyes existing, although lighting conditions can make a blue-colored cat’s eyes appear purplish or blue-violet. The cats that have the closest eye color range to the purple

Moving With Multiple Cats

Moving With Multiple Cats

Preparing to move to a new home can be daunting and stressful for you as well as for your pets. If you have multiple cats, this may also cause aggression between them. However, it can be done with minimum fuss with the right preparations, while seeing to it that you keep the cats’ routines as

Kitten Not Popping

Kitten Not Pooping – Reasons and How to Help your Kitten

It is very important that you newborn kitten starts to poop within normal time frame and lack of eliminations is a cause for concern as it may be a symptom of even serious health issues. Read on to find why this may happen and tips on how to help your kitten.  Reasons why kitten is

How To Sedate A Cat For Grooming

How To Sedate A Cat For Grooming

If grooming time for your cat is much like a scene from a horror movie with no happy ending in sight, you may have to consider sedating your cat. This will help to reduce stress and keep your cat relaxed and calm during the entire grooming process. How to sedate a cat for grooming There

How to Clean a Litter Box with Bleach

How to Clean a Litter Box with Bleach

Cats are wonderful pets but if there is one area that cat parents would agree as a downside to having a cat it is having to deal with their smelly and dirty litter box that requires regular cleaning.  Cleaning the litter box can be a dreaded chore but once you get the hang of it,

Cat Ingrown Nail

Cat Ingrown Nail – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

It is not only humans that suffer ingrown nails from time to time and yes, cats do, too.  While it can be a painful condition, your cat will rarely complain about it and is even good at hiding the pain and discomfort. However,  a cat ingrown nail shouldn’t be dismissed as it could pose risks

Cat Microchip Side Effects

Cat Microchip Side Effects

Cats are inquisitive and even if they are contented just hang around your home they may also tend to sneak outside and do a little exploring and hunting. There is a great risk your cat may wander off and get lost especially if you’re living in an urban area. Microchipping your cat is a good

My Cat's Microchip Has Moved

My Cat’s Microchip Has Moved

Having your cat microchipped gives you peace of mind and gives an assurance that your cat will be returned to you after it has wandered off. But have you noticed that your cat’s microchip has moved? The best thing to do is to have your vet check regularly if the chip is in place. A

Cat Drooling in Car

Why is My Cat Drooling in the Car and What To Do About It?

Seeing dogs drool is normal. But for cats, drooling is not considered as common. Drooling may be harmless but being uncommon for cats, it’s easy to wonder what could be the reasons why they drool.  What causes a cat to drool in the car? Cats drool in the car mostly because of motion sickness, which

Can A Cat Ride In A Car Without A Carrier

Can A Cat Ride In A Car Without A Carrier

If you’re going on a long road trip with your cat she should be secured and preferably placed in a cat carrier throughout the journey. But can a cat ride in a car without a carrier? Yes, it’s possible for a cat to ride in a car without a carrier as long as she should

Can I Leave My Kitten Alone At Night

Can I Leave My Kitten Alone At Night

Can I leave my kitten alone at night? No, it’s not advisable to leave your kitten alone at night especially if she’s still between 8 weeks to 4 months old or younger. If your kitten of this age she should not be left alone for a whole night.  Should you need to go out for

How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into A Carrier

How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into A Carrier?

You’re getting ready to bring your pet cat to the vet for her regular check-up, however, there’s one problem. Your cat won’t get inside the carrier! How to get an aggressive cat into a carrier? The best way to get an aggressive cat into a carrier is by letting the cat get used to the

How To Sedate A Cat Naturally

How To Sedate A Cat Naturally?

Are you worried that your cat may become anxious, aggressive or hyper during your road trip or to visit the vet? There’s no need to panic because you can sedate your cat safely without the fear of having side effects. There are numerous ways to sedate a cat such as the use of over-the-counter medications,

Can Cat Pee Cause Mold

Can Cat Pee Cause Mold?

If you notice that your cat is on a peeing spree at in your home you should wipe and clean the pee immediately to prevent the moisture from seeping through the floor or wall. Can cat pee cause mold? The answer is, Yes. Cat pee can cause mold but only if it has been soaked

Is Walking A Cat On A Leash A Bad Idea

Is Walking A Cat On A Leash A Bad Idea?

You’ve been wanting to bring your cat outside and walk him to a nearby park or quiet area in your neighborhood. However, you’re not sure if you should do it because you would have to place a harness or leash on your pet. Is walking a cat on a leash a bad idea? The answer

Cat Won't Sit Down All The Way

Cat Won’t Sit Down All The Way

Cats tend to exhibit strange behavior every now and then. You may observe them meowing loudly, purring with their mouth open, or hiding under pillows and blankets. How about if your cat won’t sit down all the way? Some common reasons why your cat won’t sit down all the way may include arthritis, stress, constipation,

Cat Pulling Out Fur and Losing Weight

Cat Pulling Out Fur and Losing Weight

A cat licking its fur is a normal sight for cat owners. Adult cats spend up to half of their waking hours grooming. Aside from taking comfort in self-cleaning, cats lick their own fur to stimulate blood flow. But sometimes this behavior can turn into excessive grooming.  Overgrooming happens when a feline starts to lick

Sand As Cat Litter

Can I Use Sand As Cat Litter?

Is your pet cat having litter box problems lately? Does she refuse to use it and prefer to pee or defecate somewhere else? Most likely the culprit is the type of litter you’re using for the litter box and you might want to try something different. One option is to use sand as cat litter?

Litter Champ Vs. Litter Genie

Litter Champ Vs. Litter Genie

Litter disposal systems take some of the hassle out of pet parents’ hands and offer convenient way to dispose of cat litter properly. Let’s check and compare the Litter Champ vs. Litter Genie and decide which of these two brands is the best.  Litter Champ: Features, Pros, and Cons   Litter Champ is a convenient cat

Litter Genie Vs. Litter Genie Plus

Litter Genie Vs. Litter Genie Plus

Don’t know what type of cat litter pail to buy? If you’ve always wanted to purchase Litter Genie but can’t make up your mind if you’ll go for the standard or plus size no need to worry. Let’s check out and compare the products and find out which one is more suitable for your needs.

Cat Purring Louder than Normal

Cat Purring Louder than Normal

Cats have many ways to communicate. Their meow is a very famous and unique sound. They also hiss and chatter. But some cat parents love how their pets purr. It’s soothing and calming. The tiny rumble is relaxing because it’s quiet and subtle. We are so accustomed to cats purring that we may get get

How to Wean a Stubborn Kitten

How to Wean a Stubborn Kitten

The weaning period (transitioning your kitten from its mother’s milk to solid cat food) is one of the most critical phases in the life of a cat. During this time, kittens often need extra care to make sure they receive the proper nutrients in proper quantities, and to keep them on track for gaining independence. 

How Long Can A Cat Live With Worms

How Long Can A Cat Live With Worms

Worm infestation in your cats is a scary thing so you always make it a point to visit the vet for your cat’s regular deworming medication. Having a large number of worms could even be life-threatening especially for kittens and senior cats. How long can a cat live with worms? So how long can a

How To Stop Cat From Moving Kittens

How To Stop Cat From Moving Kittens?

As a pet parent you may be happy that the cat family is expanding while at the same time it also means additional responsibilities for you. So, how to stop the cat from moving kittens? You should handle the newborns as little as possible, leave mama cat and the kittens at peace, and make sure

Why Does My Cat Bite His Tail Until It Bleeds

Why Does My Cat Bite His Tail Until It Bleeds?

Why does my cat bite his tail until it bleeds? The most common reasons a cat may bite his tail until it bleeds are fleas, allergies, injuries, stress or an illness like arthritis. Sometimes it may be something that’s more serious and complicated. Why does your cat bite his tail until it bleeds? Tail biting

Why Do Cats Lay Next To Water Bowl

Why Do Cats Lay Next To The Water Bowl?

So why do cats lay next to the water bowl? It can be just her natural habit or she may do it because she is always thirsty, she is feeling ill, or worse, it could be a symptom of diabetes or kidney disease if she is doing it for hours on end and regularly.  Senior

Matted Cat Fur White Flakes

Matted Cat Fur White Flakes

After a hard day’s work we look forward to having some bonding time with our furry babies. Stroking your pet’s soft fur is nice for both you and your cat. So, it would be very distressing to discover that she has matted fur and white flakes all over. The most common cause of matted cat

My Cat Peed On My Clothes Right In Front Of Me

My Cat Peed On My Clothes Right In Front Of Me

Like most dedicated pet parents, you probably make sure that your furry baby is comfortable and well-fed. You only give her the best cat food, provide her with cozy beddings, shower her with treats. Most importantly, you always see to it that her litter box is clean and well-stocked with fresh, clean litter. But what

Can Declawed Cats Catch Mice

Can Declawed Cats Catch Mice

If you’re thinking that your fuzzy and affectionate pet cat doesn’t have one single bit of “predator tendencies” in her system then surprise! Even domesticated cats can still hunt and kill their prey, thanks to their sharp claws. But then what happens if they are declawed? Can declawed cats catch mice? Yes declawed cats can

6 Months Old Kitten Weight

6 Months Old Kitten Weight

A cat’s weight speaks a lot of its health, well-being and overall quality of life. A difference of a pound or two can make a major difference. Thin and malnourished cats can end up developing health issues while overweight cats have significantly shortened life expectancy. If you are raising a kitten you may be curious

How to Keep Possums Away from Cat Food

How To Keep Possums Away from Cat Food?

These tame-looking marsupials might look cute and harmless but they are known to invade houses and yards. They tear up trash, overturn garbage cans and can also eat food that you have left for cats or other animals. Possums are successful opportunists. They forage food from trash bins and even may chow down cat food

They say that bigger is better but when it comes to cats, bigger is not only better, it's beautiful! Find out what the 7 largest cat breeds are like.

Biggest Cats – 7 Largest Cat Breeds

They say that bigger is better but when it comes to cats, bigger is not only better, it’s beautiful! What are some of the more robust felines, the cats that may have their canine counterparts rethinking that game of chase? In this fun article we’re going to be detailing 7 of the largest cat breeds that have won the hearts of cat lovers all over the world.

Fancy tiny cats? Find out the 7 smallest cat breeds and their characteristics.

Miniature Cats – The 7 Smallest Cat Breeds

This cat breed is one of the youngest to be developed and was actually started by a stray kitten named Shulamith. According to Cattime, this little female kitten not only had long silky fur, but ears that curled backwards. In 1983, cat fanciers began breeding these odd cats to make its own unique breed, the American Curl.

Ideal Room Temperature For Cats In Winter

Ideal Room Temperature For Cats In the Winter

We all want our pets to stay cozy and warm during wintertime. We keep them indoors, turn on the heater, and put clothes on them to ward off the cold. But is there an ideal room temperature for cats in the winter? The answer is no. There is no ideal room temperature for cats in

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Safe for Pets

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Safe for Pets

Every pet parent knows that odor control can be the toughest part of living with animals. Keeping your home fragrant and fresh requires some dedication, but sometimes you need a quick fix. This is when we use air fresheners.  While air fresheners serve us well, they can have adverse effects on our furry friends. Over

Tidy Cats Breeze Pellet Alternative

Tidy Cats Breeze Pellet Alternative

Taking care of a cat can be a lot of work. They shed a lot of hair, scratch stuff and of course, there is the litter. Fortunately there are countless options for cat litter these days. One of the best choices is the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Pellet.  The Tidy Cats Breeze Pellet is good

Shaving Cats Pros and Cons

Shaving Cats Pros and Cons

Summer can be a very uncomfortable time for your pet cat especially if she has long fur. So, you may decide to shave and trim her fur. But, is it safe and recommended to shave your cat? Let’s check out the pros and cons of shaving cats.  Shaving cats pros and cons  Aside from overheating,

Are Roaches Attracted to Cat Litter

Are Roaches Attracted to Cat Litter

If there is one creature we hate roaming around the house, that would be the cockroach. Seeing one skittering across your counter, sink or floor automatically sends you running for a broom, shoe or a can of insect repellent. Not only are these pests a major eyesore but they can contaminate your food, transmit dangerous

Cat Nail Caps Pros and Cons

Cat Nail Caps Pros and Cons

The use of cat nail caps is becoming increasingly common these days. They can protect our pets as well as things around our house that our kitty friends love to scratch like furniture. But, are they really necessary and safe?  What are cat nail caps? Cat nail caps are small plastic caps that are glued

Can Cats Climb Chicken Wire

Can Cats Climb Chicken Wire

We love our cats because they’re so frisky and affectionate. They like to hop, jump, and chase each other all over the house. Watching them do their crazy antics is always heartwarming. However, it’s another story when they start to extend their playground to your flower garden, fence, or backyard. So you start to ask

How Much Cat Litter Per Month

How Much Cat Litter Per Month

Cats are very particular with scents and just as they can become finicky with particular smells the same rings true when it comes to their litter box. Once they don’t like its smell they’ll scurry off and relieve themselves somewhere else. Keeping the litter box nice and fresh is essential for ensuring that the cat

Can You Shave A Cat with Human Clippers

Can You Shave A Cat with Human Clippers

Whether you are fed up with the excessive shedding or scared that your cat might overheat due to hot weather, you need to groom your cat every once in a while. Shaving has its pros and cons but in general it is important especially for long haired breeds as hairball prevention and due to matt

How Much Garlic Is Toxic To Cats

How Much Garlic Is Toxic To Cats?

Cats are curious creatures and may investigate every nook and cranny of your home and may end up finding garlic or foods containing garlic. Sometimes a pet parent not aware of the potential harmful effects of garlic may even give their cat foods containing garlic on purpose. But how dangerous is garlic to cats? Can

Is Acrylic Paint Toxic To Cats

Is Acrylic Paint Toxic To Cats

As pet owners, we always like to pamper our furry babies. We like to give them treats or toys to play with and we make sure that their food bowl is always full. Most of all, we tend to become over-protective and rarely want them to go out of the house. But what if we

Why Do Cats Gag When They Smell Food

Why Do Cats Gag When They Smell Food

Has your cat suddenly started gagging when offered food? This kind of behavior is more common than you might guess. There are several reasons why this might happen, some of which are related to health issues and may be a cause for alarm. Why do cats gag when they smell food It is important to

Cat Sedative Over the Counter

Cat Sedative Over the Counter

There are instances when we may need a cat sedative for example if we take our cat along with us on a long out-of-town drive or to our travels abroad. However, we don’t want to take chances because we’re not sure how she will handle or react to a change in their environment. The solution:

Why Are My Cat's Hips Sunken In

Why Are My Cat’s Hips Sunken In

A healthy and affectionate pet cat never fails to give joy to their human parents. Cats may seem aloof at times but they’re playful, loyal, and special. But what happens when they have a health condition or a physical issue like sunken hips?  Physical abnormalities among pet cats are a cause for worry and should

How to Wash a Cat Without Water

How to Wash a Cat Without Water

Cats are experts in grooming and keep their fur clean by licking themselves or other cats, but they still need to be bathed every once in a while. Unlike dogs, many cats dislike water and the sight of an impeding cat bath, even with nice warm water, may make them run away fast. There are

How To Get Cat Urine Out of Wood Furniture

How To Get Cat Urine Out of Wood Furniture

You found your favorite piece of wood furniture wet and there was an extremely strong smell of cat urine on it. Before loosing your calm, assess if the wooden piece is still salvageable and research ways to eliminate the pungent smell. Remember though, that punishing your cat is a big NO-NO and may lead to

Can You Use Baby Shampoo on Cats

Can You Use Baby Shampoo on Cats

Generally, cats don’t like to take a bath because they don’t want to get wet, except of course for the Bengali breed that adores water. Also, contrary to common beliefs, they are not afraid of water and some are even strong swimmers just like dogs. However, there are instances when there’s a need to bathe

Feliway Diffuser Fire Hazard

Is the Feliway Diffuser a Fire Hazard?

Feliway is a synthetic pheromone that copies the exact familiarization facial pheromones of cats which they use to mark objects, people or surroundings. Pheromones are species-specific, meaning that the Feliway pheromones will only affect cats and will have no effect on humans or other animals. The most convenient and popular way to use Feliway is

Cat Licked Revolution

What If My Cat Licks Revolution?

Revolution is a flea and parasite medication that is applied to the skin of a cat, at the back of her neck. It is effective for many parasites such as adult fleas, flea larvae, ear mites, heartworm, roundworms, and bookworms. But what happens if the treatment that was supposed to kill parasites was licked by

How to Tell if a Mother Cat has Abandoned Her Kittens

How to Tell if a Mother Cat has Abandoned Her Kittens?

As heartbreaking as it is, a mother cat can abandon her kittens. A mother cat has very keen senses when it comes to the health of her kittens, and she may reject them for example if she perceives that they are weak or unhealthy. On the other hand, she may also leave her kittens alone

Cat Losing Muscle Mass in Hind Legs

Cat Losing Muscle Mass in Hind Legs

You notice your kitty walking with lopsided back legs. When you take a closer look, the other leg is thinner, stiff, or weaker. First thing to think about is whether your cat is old or young?  Did she just experience an injury? Did she undergo surgery? Was she recently sick?  Read below for more information

Cat Has Hair on Eye

Cat Has Hair on Eye – What to Do Next

Being a doting pet parent, you can not just brush off seeing your cat winking and rubbing her eyes constantly. Upon checking closely, you found out that the cat has hair in its eye. This may become an issue if not addressed. You may feel like licking your finger and removing the hair in her

Cat Ate a Bee

Cat Ate a Bee – is it dangerous?

If your cat is a busy hunter, it might catch a bee from time to time. Cats have quick reflexes as well as sharp senses on fast-moving things that pique their curiosity. Sometimes your cat will eat the insect whole. Bees don’t exactly belong to their natural diet, but can eating a bee be dangerous?

Find out 13 dog breeds that experts say have a better chance of getting along with cats.

Best Dogs for Cats – Breeds that get along with Cats

Although, there are plenty of dogs that get along just fine with their kitty counterparts, there are some breeds that just seem to have a higher tolerance (or even love) for the feline species. If you have a cat (or two) and want to add a canine companion to your home, the following breeds, have been “proven” to do better with cats than most other breeds.

Find out how to choose the best cat nail clippers for your feline and our reviews of the best options on the market.

Best Cat Nail Clippers – Our Top Choices 2019

We all know cats have claws. These sharp nails are used to mark territory, aid in climbing and even for swatting at an offending person or another animal. But even though these claws are a natural part of the cat’s physical and mental makeup, they do need to be trimmed. Read on to discover the

Find out which are the best cat litter mats on the market right now.

Best Cat Litter Mats – Our Top 5 Picks

Does it seem like you spend more time cleaning up cat litter granules outside of the box, then you do with your feline friend? This is a common occurrence among pet parents and a huge complaint for those of us that can’t tolerate the mess. In this post, we will take a look at the

Cats can be picky creatures – see our top choices and tips for finding the best cat bed for the kitty.

Best Cat Beds – our top 5 choices

If you’re looking for the best cat bed to give your feline companion (or yourself) some space, we’ve chosen the top five to make our list. Plus, we’ve even got some fun and fascinating facts about the different types of cat beds (there’s a lot) and some suggestions on how to create a cozy spot

Find out how to choose the best cat carrier for your feline and our reviews of the best options on the market.

Best Cat Carrier – Our Top Choices 2019

There comes a time in every cat’s life when she will need to be transported safely. As much as most felines detest a cat carrier, having one is paramount in getting kitty from point-a to point-b without incident or harm. If you are about to get your first kitten or are just looking for an

Find out how to choose the best cat harness for your feline and our reviews of the best options on the market.

Best Cat Harness: Our top choices for 2019

With many veterinarians suggesting we keep our feline friends indoors, as pet parents we may feel that our cats are missing out on their true “call-of-the-wild.” However, you can give your cat the best of both worlds by getting a cat harness, so he/she can still explore nature, but do so safely while ensuring that

Find out why your cat may smell smell of this bodily fluid and ways to combat the problem.

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Urine?

Why does my cat smell like urine? If you found yourself asking this question or are in this predicament, do not despair as there are some very common reasons for a feline to emit this odor and some simple solutions to get rid of it. In this article we will cover the science behind the

Losing a pet is never easy. Here are some helpful tips to help you cope with the loss of your pet.

How To Cope With Pet Loss?

Anyone that has ever had their heart stolen by a pet, knows there comes a time to say goodbye. But the loss of a beloved companion can set even the steeliest of humans into a grief-stricken spiral. Sure, we are told the old adage of “time heals all wounds” but what about the immediate emotional

Do you suspect that your cat is allergic to litter? Read these tips and hints that may help your itchy kitty.

My Cat is Allergic to Litter. Now What?

Just like humans, some cats can develop allergies. Unfortunately, they may even be allergic to cat litter. Although this isn’t a pleasant problem for you or your feline friend, there are ways to conquer this problem. Here are some tips and hints that may help your itchy kitty. Look to the Litter There are many

Discover the basics of intestinal worms in cats and find out how much does it cost to deworm a cat.

How Much Does It Cost to Deworm a Cat?

Although, the thought of our cats carrying around a belly full of worms is very unappealing, worms in cats are not uncommon. Left untreated, various types of intestinal parasites can cause other health issues for your feline buddy. Read on to discover the basics of intestinal worms in cats and to find out how much

Want to mix felines and canines? Find out 7 Cat Breeds that Dogs Can Adore.

Best Cats for Dogs

Want a pet, but can’t decide between a dog and a cat? Who says you have to? There are several cat breeds that are decidedly great companions for dogs, so if you’re “in the market” for a dog-loving cat, read on.

What is the future of your pet if something happens to you? Find out how to secure a good life for your pet in case you are not able to care for it.

Do I Need Estate Planning for My Pet?

No one wants to think about death, but if you have pets, planning for their future after you’re gone may be a wise decision. Too many animals end up at the mercy of animal shelters after their owners have passed. If your pet is also advancing in years, it becomes even more difficult for them to find a good home.

Read what feline experts and fanciers claim are the 9 most affectionate cat breeds.

9 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

There’s been a vicious rumor circulating for decades that cats are not affectionate. This simply is not so. In fact, there are many breeds of felines known for their cuddly, want-to-be-near-you-attitude. Don’t believe us? Read what feline experts and fanciers claim are the 9 most affectionate cat breeds.