How Many Feliway Diffusers Do I Need?

How Many Feliway Diffusers Do I Need

Typically, you need more than one Feliway diffuser especially if you have a large house and if it has 2 floors or more. A few diffusers may also be needed if you are using the product for usine marking and there are 2 or more rooms that are affected by the urine-marking behavior.

One diffuser can cover an area of more or less 750 square feet but you have to make sure that there are no obstructions like a doors or furniture. 

How many Feliway diffusers do I need?

Feliway products mimic feline facial pheromones that cats leave when they rub on doorways, walls, furniture, and even on people’s legs. The Feliway Classic Diffuser is recommended for use if your cat is scratching, hiding, and marking or spraying urine while the Feliway Multicat/Friends Diffuser is best used to prevent conflict and aggression in a multi-cat household. 

A diffuser covers an area of around 750 square feet provided that there are no obstructions. You may need to use more than one diffuser if you have a large and multi-floor home and if multiple rooms were affected by marking and spraying. It should also be placed in a room where your cat spends most of her time.  

Should a Feliway diffuser be plugged in all the time?

Yes, it should be plugged in all the time to get the best results and to keep your cat continuously calm and comfortable. You should only unplug the diffuser if replacing the refill which is usually done every 4 weeks, regardless if there are still a few drops remaining in the vial. Also, the diffuser should be checked monthly and replaced every 6 months to ensure a continuous effect.

The diffuser should not be plugged in a hallway, under any furniture, or placed behind a door. There should be a minimum clear distance above the diffuser of about 4 feet. This is because the oily vapor content of the diffuser rises in a column of warm air and if it is blocked by a table or shelf then it may re-condense, it will not circulate properly and the product’s efficacy will be greatly reduced. Thus, the diffuser should be plugged in a convenient and strategic area of a room where your cat loves to stay or where marking and aggressive behavior often takes place. 

How long should you use a Feliway diffuser?

The minimum length of time that you should use a Feliway diffuser is one month but this will depend on the nature and extent of the reasons for using the product. However, some cat experts recommend the permanent use of the product, especially in multi-cat households or for a constantly hyper cat. For more information on the proper usage of Feliway products, you may check our article on Which Feliway to Use. 

How long before one can see effects on your cat with a Feliway diffuser?

Some cat owners claim that they have observed improvements in as early as one week when it comes to urine spraying and scratching.  However, the effect will depend largely on the extent, nature, and duration of the inappropriate behavior the product is used for. Some studies also noted that 84% of multiple-cat owners attest to an improvement in the relationship of their cats.

However, some cats did not respond well to the product and this means that what may work for some cats may not necessarily work for the others. Check out our earlier article Does Feliway Work for Stressed Cats for a further discussion on this. 

Does the Feliway diffuser have side-effects? 

No, the Feliway diffuser does not have side-effects and is safe on people or other animals because it is specially formulated for cats. However, be sure to keep the vials and refills in a safe place where your cats cannot reach it because it may be toxic and harmful once it is ingested. 

When should you NOT use a Feliway diffuser?

The Feliway diffuser should not be used if your cat’s stress and anxiety were caused by health and medical reasons. You should bring your cat to the vet at once for the proper check-up and treatment. Also, the product will not deter urine spraying and scratching if you do not provide clean litter boxes and scratching posts for your cat.

Also, the Feliway diffuser should not be used if the aggression is already directed towards you and other family members. If this is the case, you should consult a vet or behaviorist to correct the problem.

Final Thoughts

The use of a Feliway diffuser may be helpful to alleviate stress and anxiety among cats. To ensure a positive and continuous effect, it should be plugged in 24 hours a day and placed in a strategic area. Most importantly, you need to use more than one diffuser if you have a large area or a multi-floor home since one diffuser can only cover around 750 square feet.