Litter Genie Vs. Litter Genie Plus

Litter Genie Vs. Litter Genie Plus

Don’t know what type of cat litter pail to buy? If you’ve always wanted to purchase Litter Genie but can’t make up your mind if you’ll go for the standard or plus size no need to worry. Let’s check out and compare the products and find out which one is more suitable for your needs. Litter Genie vs. Litter Genie Plus, what’s the best choice? You can also read our review of the Litter Genie XL.

What is the difference between Litter Genie and the Litter Genie Plus?

These two types of the Litter Genie brand of litter pails have identical features except that the Litter Genie Plus offers more colors and more bags in the refills. The refill is taller and larger compared to the original Litter Genie version. The Litter Genie Plus model also comes with more refills that are taller and larger than the standard version. It is basically an up-sized version of the Litter Genie. 

So which is the best choice? The answer is, both of them are great choices. Both feature innovative odor-sealing technology and notable features. The thing here is, with a one-cat household, the Litter Genie would be a great choice while if you have two or multiple cats then the Litter Genie Plus is a smart option for you. 

Litter Genie vs. Litter Genie Plus: A comparison

The Litter Genie is considered as one of the proponents of innovative cat litter disposal systems and made notable changes when it comes to litter odor control. The brand was founded in 2012 and offered a one-size-fits-all solution that was an instant hit for pet owners. Let’s check out the pros and cons of the two variants, the Little Genie and the Little Genie Plus. 

Litter Genie Pros and Cons 

The Litter Genie comes in black and silver colors has a compact design that can fit even under your sink or in a small nook in your bathroom and has handles to easily move it around. It can store up to 2 weeks worth of cat litter for one cat and has microbial ingredients to prevent foul odors. It weighs at 3.26 pounds and with a length of 9.5 inches, a width of 8.5 inches, and its height is 17 inches. This litter pail has an 18-foot and seven-layer bag cartridge with a built-in barrier technology. A refill cartridge, a litter scoop, and a litter scoop holder are included upon purchase of the product. 


  • it has an affordable price 
  • it’s very easy and convenient to use 
  • it effectively controls cat litter odor 
  • the refills are easy to insert 
  • everyone in the family can easily learn the process of using the litter pail 
  • it keeps your home smelling nice with no trace of litter odor 


  • pricey refill cartridges 
  • flimsy plastic elements

Litter Genie Plus Pros and Cons 

This litter pail is available in colors of silver, black, espresso, and navy with a dimension of 19.44 x 17.69 x 17.13 inches. It’s easy and convenient to set up with an easy carry handle that allows you to bring it to any spot with ease. It hygienically seals in foul odors and keeps your home smelling fresh and clean. It provides quick cleanups and allows you more time to play with your kitties and helps reduce trips to the trash bin. The pail capacity is up to 14 days or 2 weeks and the refill cartridge lasts up to 10 weeks. Interestingly, the refill is 30% more long-lasting than the original Little Genie but their cost is almost the same. 


  • it has all the features of the Litter Genie 
  • it’s affordable 
  • it has more colors to choose from 
  • it has a durable refill cartridge 


  • the refill bags are expensive 

Easy-to-follow Litter Genie Plus instructions 

Check out this easy-to-follow guide on how to use Litter Genie Plus:

  1. Look for a bag that’s open at both ends on the top half of the cartridge. Once you see it, push it past a spring-loaded slider and into the base to make the litter pail ready to operate. 
  2. Next, sift through your pet’s litter using the provided scooper and dump the clumps to the top of the pail, pull the handle, and the clumps instantly fall to the bag’s bottom. 
  3. Check that the handle retracts and makes a seal in the bag. This serves as a shield to prevent foul odors from spreading to the house.
  4. The bag in the pail should be full before it’s changed. Make sure that the top half of the pail must be folded to show the full bag at the bottom. 
  5. The litter pail comes with a safety razor in the middle part which makes it easy to cut the bag at the top section. Then, you can tie the bag and get rid of it at once. 

What to look for in a cat litter disposal system?

With innovative products like the Litter Genie brand, there’s no wonder that pet parents can sit back and relax without having to worry about foul odors and inefficient litter storage units at all. However, this guide on what to look for in a cat litter disposal system may still come in handy. 

Here’s a checklist of must-haves in choosing litter pails:

  • it should be a durable model with a trustworthy warranty 
  • it should have a sturdy scoop that’s included with the product
  • it should have a heavy-duty lock so that pets and kids can’t get inside 
  • it must have a hands-free operation so you don’t need to touch the unit with your bare hands
  • it must have a double seal system that effectively confines foul odors.
  • it should have a continuous liner that’s easy to unload and refill 


If you’re confused about what’s the best choice when it comes to cat litter pails then you’re in a win-win situation with the Litter Genie brand.  Comparing Litter Genie vs. Litter Genie Plus, you’ll find that both have remarkable features but that the Plus model has additional benefits when it comes to color options and refill sizes. Nevertheless, either of them is a good choice and provides great value for your money.