Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Feliway provides many cat-calming products. Their two most famous products are the Feliway Spray and Feliway Diffuser. Many users have found the products effective and they are even recommended by many vets. The products mimic the natural feline pheromones that have a calming effect and help relieve anxiety. As a result, Feliway can help getting rid of unpleasant behaviors cats show when they are stressed such as spraying, excessive scratching, urinating outside the litter box and many more.

What is the Feliway Diffuser?

The Feliway Diffuser comes with a diffuser head and a refill that lasts up to 4 weeks. It can cover up to 700 square feet and should be plugged in continuously in the room where the cat spends the most time.

A lot of cat owners will start to see results within the first 7 days. However, every cat is unique. Depending on how long the signs of stress have been present and their severity, it may take longer to see the effects so it is recommended to use the diffuser for at least 1 month.

What is Feliway Spray?

Feliway Spray is the on-the-go version of Feliway Diffuser. Itcan also be used as an additional support to the diffuser. It is usually used in specific areas where a stressed cat is scratching or marking. This spray version is also best for travel use, such as in carriers when taking the car to the vet. It can be used around the house, too, but only works up to four to five hours so it is recommended to reapply regularly.

How to choose between the Feliway Diffuser and Spray

Feliway products do work very well in many cases. They are effective in calming cats because of the pheromones they are mimicking. The product you should use depends on the situation and in some situations it can even be beneficial to use both.

Here are tips for choosiung between the Feliway Diffuser and Spray:

1. Changes to environment

Cats are prone to anxiety when there are changes to the environment such as the arrival of a new cat, remodeling of the house, moving to a new house and sometimes, even just moving furniture in the room. The ideal product to keep the cat calm is the Feliway Diffuser. Plug in the Feliway Diffuser at least 24 hours prior to the change and use continuously for at least 30 days. You can also use the Feliway Spray, as a supplement, to an area where the cat spends the most time, at least twice a day.

2. New cat

If you are bringing a new cat into your home, the Feliway Diffuser can be used continuously for at least a month to make the cat feel safer into moving to its new home. The Feliway Spray can also help with the diffuser.

3. Stressful Situations

Cats are sensitive to loud noises. They can get stressed with fireworks, thunderstorms and parties being held in the house they are living in. The Feliway Diffuser can help minimize their anxiety. Plug it in at least 24 hours prior to the event and continue to use at least 1 week after the event. 

4. Urine Spraying

The best Feliway product for cats who are spraying their urine is Feliway Diffuser. Use it continuously for at least a month. Place it where the cat spends most time or where peeing is occurring. 

5. Scratching

For the stressed cats who keep on scratching any surface, the Feliway Spray is the better solution to stop this behavior. To use, just spray the product to the area or furniture where the cat is scratching.

6. Vet Exams

Most cats do not like veterinary visits. As a result, they get scared and anxious having to ride the car or going to the vet. Feliway Spray helps in keeping the cat calm during the ride and the visit. Apply the spray to the carrier 15 to 30 minutes before the trip. Spray it also to the cloth to be kept near the cat.


The best way to figure out which Feliway product you can use for your cat is to identify the stressor. If you have the ideal tool, positive results will happen in no time. But considering that every cat is unique, you may need more time to see the change. If nothing happens after the recommended time of usage, it would be best to visit a vet or cat behaviorist.