Litter Box Liner Alternatives

Litter Box Liner Alternatives

Many cat owner use liners to help them with dealing with dirty litter. If you do not want to use a liner for some reason there are alternatives.

What litter box liner alternatives are there?

Litter box liners are plastic sheets used by pet owners for an easier clean-up of the box. Litter box liner alternatives are other measures or substitutes you can try aside from the standard litter box liners. Common litter box liner alternatives include generic trash bags, using a different type of litter, adding more litter to the box, or by using a non-stick oil spray. These alternatives can protect the inner side of the litter box so it stays free from cat waste and unpleasant odors. 

Let us check these common litter box liner alternatives and their benefits:

Use generic trash bags. 

These trash bags are efficient substitutes of standard litter box liners but be sure that they are of the right thickness. Thick trash bags are not easily punctured should your cat’s nails accidentally dig into them when using the box. You should also consider the size and shape as it should fit snugly with the box.  You can take these steps to secure the bag on the litter box:

  • secure the trash bag to the box with masking tape or duct tape
  • put a big rubber band on the top of the trash bag and box
  • tuck the top edges of the trash bag beneath the box by cutting it to just the right size
  • tie single knots at the corner to keep it shut tight 

Use a non-stick litter box spray. 

While most cats will not mind if there are liners in the box, there are some cats that go the extra mile with their digging, destroying the liners. A good solution is to use a non-stick litter box spray to coat the inner part of the box and the scoop. As a result litter will not stick and it is easier to remove it. Our recommended spray is the Litter Care – A Non-Stick Spray Coating which you can get at  

Use more litter. 

Using more litter may also prevent the litter box from getting dirty as the waste does not seep all the way to the litter box itself. For this to be more doable, you should purchase a deeper box to accommodate a larger amount of litter.  It will also prevent your cat from getting to the plastic of the box.

Use non-clumping litter

One reason why cat waste may stick to the litter box is the kind of litter you use which has the tendency to clump. Try switching to non-clumping or plant-based litter.  

Here are some types of litter you may want to consider using for the litter box:

1. World’s Best Cat Litter 

This litter made from corn that sticks to each other than on the sides of the box.It is made from natural ingredients, dust-free and flushable. It also prevents foul odors that could become an attractant for pests and even roaches. See price and reviews for this litter at

2. Feline Pine

This litter is available in pellet and crumble form and made from pine sawdust.  It is environment-friendly and won’t stick to the sides of the box since it turns to powder when it becomes wet.  This litter absorbs urine odor well and all you have to do is scoop the solids, shake it so the powder goes to the bottom, and dump the contents when it’s 90% powder. See price and reviews for this litter at

3. Fresh News 

This litter is made from recycled newspapers, eco-friendly, and dust-free. It also has baking soda so litter stays odor-free. It comes in pellet and clumping form and won’t stick to the sides of the litter box.  See prices and reviews for this litter at

Use a disposable litter box.

A disposable litter box may also function as a liner alternative. It can be used as a liner in your current box and dispose of as needed. It is made from recycled paper, biodegradable, and leak-proof, too. 

What is a litter box liner and what are its uses?

A litter box liner is a replaceable plastic sheet that is placed on the bottom of the litter box before putting on fresh litter. Its main purpose is to protect the box and to prevent direct with the litter and waste.

Types of litter box liners:

  • plastic liners – This is the common type of litter box liner; it is a thick plastic bag that can be lifted out and closed with the use of a drawstring and then disposed easily to the garbage.
  • sifting liners –  It is not a popular option but it works on the principle of lining the box but the good litter may be sifted out and reused. This type of liner has perforated holes. 

These are the common uses of a litter box liner:

1. It reduces the smell and odor. 

Cat waste may not always be buried in litter and may sometimes be stuck in the sides or bottom of the litter box.  As a result, foul smells emanate and fill your home. A litter box liner serves as protection for the box and effectively reduces the foul and lingering odors.  

2. It keeps the litter box clean. 

Even if there’ s plenty of litter, your cat may still accidentally scratch the bottom of the litter box.  This results to cuts and scrapes in the plastic box that is impossible to clean and repair. Having a litter box liner is vital since it protects the plastic from scratches and probable bacteria build-up. 

3. It prevents litter box damage.

Litter box liners extend the life of the litter box and also protects it from damage. Cat urine contains chemicals including urea, uric acid, and creatinine which may cause havoc to the plastic material of the litter box. Liners prevent urine from seeping through the plastic and may even help you save more.  

4. It prevents clumps from sticking to the bottom of the litter box.

Liners save you the trouble of going through the scraping and cleaning of the box because of stuck litter and cat waste. Clumps of litter that stick to the sides and bottom of the box are easier to remove because they won’t stick at all. 

Pros and cons of litter box liners 


  • makes it easier for pet owners to clean the litter 
  • it makes changing the litter fast and easy 
  • it wards off lingering foul odors 
  • it helps save money since the litter box doesn’t easily get damaged


  • liners may get ripped and torn 
  • it is difficult to find the right fit 
  • it tends to come off from the sides
  • it tends to have air pockets 


Litter box liners offer convenience for most pet owners because it makes their lives easier since cleaning litter becomes effortless.  It also protects the litter box which extends its life and usage allowing pet owners to save more as they do not have to buy boxes often.  Litter box liner alternatives are similarly useful and convenient to use, protect the box, and control foul odors that tend to linger in the home. 

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