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Cat Teeth Cleaning Risks

Cat Teeth Cleaning Risks

No matter how diligent you are in cleaning your cat’s teeth, your pet needs to get his teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, some fur parents are wary of the idea of their beloved pets being put under anesthesia for the procedure. For them, the cat teeth cleaning risks outweigh the benefits.

My Cat Keeps Scratching But Doesn't Have Fleas

My Cat Keeps Scratching But Doesn’t Have Fleas

Fleas rank as one of the leading causes of itchiness in cats. And if your cat has been scratching himself incessantly, it is natural to suspect that he has a flea infestation. But what if your cat is flea from fleas? Why your cat keeps scratching even if he doesn’t have fleas Your cat may

Do Cats Remember Their Siblings?

Do Cats Remember Their Siblings?

After being separated for years, would it not be nice to bring your cat together with his brothers and sisters? Is it a great idea or a recipe for disasters? Do cats remember their siblings? Can cats remember their littermates? No, cats do not remember their littermates, at least not in the way humans do.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats?

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats?

Perhaps you own a Golden Retriever and now you are thinking of getting a cat. Or maybe it is the other way around – you have a cat and you are planning on getting a Golden Retriever. It is natural to be wary of the idea of owning a cat and a dog. Due in

Do Cats See in Color or Black and White

Do Cats See in Color or Black and White?

If you are wondering whether cats can see in color or if they perceive the world in black in white, you are not alone. Initially, people, including scientists, believed that animals, including cats, see the world in black and white. But through research, scientists have discovered that cats do perceive color. Do cats see in color

Cat Not Feeling Well After Vaccinations

Cat Not Feeling Well After Vaccinations

Most cats do not experience any side effects after being vaccinated. These kitties go back to their routines after getting home as if nothing happened. However, there are a small number of cats who might experience a few side effects, including malaise, low fever, and low appetite. Why your cat is not feeling well after

Cat Personality Change After Vaccinations

Cat Personality Change After Vaccinations

Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, it should go without saying that vaccines are essential for your pet’s health and your safety. However, a trip to the clinic is often a traumatizing experience for most cats. And a visit to the vet can be doubly scary for a feline if injections are

What Does It Mean When a Cat Lets You Touch Its Paws

What Does It Mean When a Cat Lets You Touch Its Paws?

Unlike dogs, cats do not readily give their paws to their humans. As predators, cats rely on their paws to catch prey and to fend off potential attackers. As such, it can be surprising to have your cat reach out to you with his paw, signaling you to touch it. What Does It Mean When a

How to Keep a Cat From Scratching a Wound

How to Keep a Cat From Scratching a Wound?

If your cat has been recently wounded and stitched up, it can take anywhere between a few days to weeks before he is fully healed. During this period, your cat should not be allowed to have access to the area that has been wounded. Stopping your cat from scratching his wound The best way to

Cat Fur Changing Color

Cat Fur Changing Color

You could have sworn that your cat looked different when you saw him this morning. You dismissed the idea, thinking that the change in his appearance was a result of him standing in a sunny spot in your home. But when he sits on your lap after you plop yourself on the couch, your initial

Why Do Cats' Ears Twitch

Why Do a Cats’ Ears Twitch?

While your cat may look cute and funny with his ears twitching, sometimes twitching ears indicate that your cat is having a problem that needs immediate attention. Why do a cat’s ears twitch A cats ears may twitch because he is trying to focus his attention on something he heard, infections, polyps, ear mites, injuries,

Cat Losing Hair On Ears

Cat Losing Hair On Ears

It can be disconcerting to see your cat shed excessively. But that is natural. What may even be more alarming is to see your cat losing hair on ears. When a cat loses more hair on a single body part, it may mean that there is a larger underlying problem that you need to determine.

Cat Hair Loss Around Eyes

Cat Hair Loss Around the Eyes

Kittens have the same amount of hair all over their bodies. But as they age, some parts, including the face, grow fewer hairs. You can notice this in cats at around 14 to 20 months old. This trend can continue until the feline reaches the age of three. However, there are instances wherein the hair

Exotic Shorthair

9 Flat-Faced Cat Breeds

Whether you find flat-faced cat breeds cute or weird-looking, one thing is for certain: these felines will catch your attention. If you have been considering getting a pet cat, here are nine breeds that you might want to add to your shortlist of potential cats to get. Flat-faced cat breeds 1. Persian The Persian cat’s

How to Clean a Litter Box with Vinegar

How to Clean a Litter Box with Vinegar?

Apart from removing feces and urine clumps from the litter box, you need to clean and sanitize the box at least once a week or more often than that if you have many cats in your household. One of the most effective, cheapest, and most eco-friendly cleaning agents that you can use is vinegar. Cleaning

How to Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment

How to Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment?

Apart from removing clumps of feces and urine from the litter box and topping off the litter, you need to clean the litter box at least once a week. That task can be particularly challenging in light of certain limitations that you need to deal with if you live in an apartment. Cleaning a litter

Are Stink Bugs Poisonous to Cats?

Are Stink Bugs Poisonous to Cats?

Part of being a pet owner is wondering what item your furry little pal has taken into his mouth. In this scenario, that item is a stink bug. Can a stink bug poison your cat? Despite their bad odor, stink bugs are not poisonous to cats and other pets you may have in your household.

How Often Can I Give My Cat Catnip

How Often Can I Give My Cat Catnip?

When it comes to giving catnip to a feline, there are no hard and fast rules. Some experts recommend giving catnip in its various forms twice to thrice a week. Others say that you should give catnip no more than once daily. How often can you give catnip to your cat? For most cats, one

Why Do Cats Sleep at the Foot of the Bed

Why Do Cats Sleep at the Foot of the Bed?

You remember sleeping with the cat beside you. But now that you have woken in the middle of the night to get a drink, your pet is nowhere to be found. After a quick check of the room, you find him curled up at the foot of the bed. This is not the first time

Black Specks in Cat Fur Not Fleas

Black Specks in Cat Fur Not Fleas

You noticed black specks in cat fur. Not fleas, you say. After all, you have just finished dealing with those pests and you know what signs of an infestation to watch out for. If you have completely ruled out fleas as the cause of these black specks, there are two possible reasons you should investigate:

How to Get Rid of Flea Dirt

How to Get Rid of Flea Dirt on Cats?

You gently stroke your cat’s fur as he is curled up on your lap. But with just a few strokes, you feel little specks of what looks and feels like dirt. That is flea dirt, to be exact. How to Get Rid of Flea Dirt on Cats? You get rid of flea dirt on a

Is Ice Bad for Cats

Is Ice Bad for Cats?

A tall glass filled with ice cubes and water is a welcome sight after spending some time under the summer sun. But can you give ice to your cat to help him keep cool? Is ice bad or good for cats? As with most things, there are no black and white answers. True, there are

Why Do Cats Hate Citrus

Why Do Cats Hate Citrus?

You are finishing off your breakfast with a bowl of oranges when your cat walks by. You attempt to give him a slice of the fruit. But before he even gets close to you, he scurries away. Why cats hate citrus? Cats hate citrus fruits, from oranges to lemons to anywhere in between, because of

Mini Maine Coon

Mini Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a big cat with a big personality to match its size. But is there a mini Maine Coon, the same looks and personality, albeit in a smaller size. Truth be told, Maine Coons are large cats. That is why they have earned the distinction of being the largest cat breed. In

Maine Coon Blue Eyes

Maine Coon Blue Eyes

Green, copper, amber, gold, and orange are the most common eye colors in Maine Coon cats. But what about blue eyes? Blue eyes are common in cats that have either a solid or partial white color in their furs. Some of these cats may have odd eyes where one eye is colored blue while the

Short Hair Maine Coon

Short Hair Maine Coon

It looks like a Maine Coon. It has the personality, the appearance, almost everything that makes a Maine Coon, well, a Maine Coon. Almost everything, except for the long and thick fur the breed is known for. Are you looking at a short hair Maine Coon? Most likely not. The short hair Maine Coon does not

Silver Maine Coon

Silver Maine Coon

Originally, all Maine Coon Cats were brown tabbies. Today, there are more than 75 color and pattern variations, including the Silver Maine Coon. Technically, the Silver or Gray Maine Coon is called the Blue Maine Coon. Blue is one of the five solid colors of Maine Coons. The rest are black, white, cream, and red.

Blue Maine Coon

Blue Maine Coon

Blue sometimes has negative connotations like unfriendliness, aloofness, and lack of emotion. But the Blue Maine Coon is far from that. This gentle giant combines the best of both worlds: an elegant color with the outsized personality of the breed. Blue Maine Coon cat The Maine Coon cat comes in 75 colors, including blue. Originally,

Maine Coon Lion Cut

Maine Coon Lion Cut

Maine Coon Lion Cut: you have seen pictures circulating on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Maine Coon owners are divided on the issue. Some think that this cut is cute and quirky. Others are vocal about their disapproval, saying that this haircut is downright cruel and unnecessary. But what exactly is a

Why Do Cats Bite Each Other's Ears

Why Do Cats Bite Each Other’s Ears?

You have just noticed that one of your cats has developed the habit of biting your other pet’s ears. Should you worry that this might escalate into aggression? If you see your pets nibbling or licking each other’s ears, it simply means that they are communicating with one another to reinforce their bonds. Why cats

Can Cats Get Hypothermia

Can Cats Get Hypothermia?

Your cat’s thick fur does a great job protecting your pet from the elements and temperature extremes. This is why you should generally avoid shaving your cat’s coat. But even with their built-in protection, can cats get hypothermia? Can cats get hypothermia? Yes, cats can get hypothermia if they get too cold. They can succumb

Why Do Cat Scratches Burn?

Why Do Cat’s Scratches Burn?

You discovered that your new cat hates taking a bath the hard way. Now your arms are covered in scratches. Your cat may be small but his scratches can pack a wallop. There are four reasons why your pet’s scratches hurt so much: Your cat’s claws are sharper than they look. Cat scratches do not

My Cat Loves Belly Rubs

My Cat Loves Belly Rubs

You know it is time to give your cat his daily dose of belly rubs when he plops himself on your lap. Never does a day go by when he solicits belly rubs from you as if it were your obligation.  Why your cat loves belly rubs When your cat offers his tummy for a

Cat Bald Spots on Head

Cat Bald Spots on Head

While brushing your cat’s fur, you notice bald patches on his head and other body parts. Now you are worried if this is a symptom of a larger problem. Generally, cats shed fur heavily twice a year, coinciding with the seasons. This type of shedding is called molting. Here, the hair loss should be even

Why Do Cats Like Running Water?

Why Do Cats Like Running Water?

Your cat has no problem drinking from anywhere else but his drinking bowl. You have caught him drinking from the leaky faucet or your betta tank numerous times. And yet when you check his water bowl, there is little to no sign that he has drunk from it. Why cats prefer running water Your cat’s

Whisker Fatigue

Whisker Fatigue

Fluffy has been acting weird lately, especially around his food. You cannot pin it on something, you just know that there is something wrong. The answer might be hiding in plain sight, on his whiskers, to be exact. Your cat might be suffering from a condition known as whisker fatigue which can cause behavioral changes

How to Keep Cats Off Bed at Night

How to Keep Cat Off Bed at Night?

How to stop your cat from sleeping on your bed Although there are a few benefits to allowing your cat to sleep beside you, sometimes, this scenario cannot continue.  Preventing your cat from sleeping on your bed is no easy task, especially if he has been used to doing that. But with patience and a

Why Do Cats Like Crinkly Things?

Why Do Cats Like Crinkly Things?

You waited for days for your cat’s new toys to arrive. Finally, they are here. You open the box hurriedly. But before you can even show your cat his new toys, he has settled in his corner, fixated with the packaging paper, as if he found the greatest toy invented. Feline behaviorists have yet to

Are Scottish Fold Cat Hypoallergenic

Are Scottish Fold Cats Hypoallergenic?

Smart. Sweet. Sociable. It is no wonder that many people want to adopt a Scottish Fold. But what if you or a loved one is allergic to cats? Perhaps somebody told you or you might have stumbled upon something on the Internet that says that Scottish Folds are hypoallergenic. Are Scottish Fold cats hypoallergenic Scottish

Male Cats Vs Female Cats: Pros and Cons

Male Cats Vs Female Cats: Pros and Cons

Adopting a cat is not as simple as going to a shelter or a breeder’s home and picking the first feline that you like. Owning a pet is a big responsibility that should be approached with caution. That means considering different factors, from your lifestyle to cat personalities and breed tendencies. But how about gender?

How to Get a Cat to Lose Weight With Multiple Cats?

How to Get a Cat to Lose Weight With Multiple Cats?

Helping a cat lose weight is a difficult task. But that task becomes doubly hard if you have other feline residents in your home. If your pet needs to shed off excess pounds, here is how to get a cat to lose weight with multiple cats living in the same home. Whether you live with just

4 Cat Dandruff Home Remedies

4 Cat Dandruff Home Remedies

If your vet confirms that the underlying cause of your cat’s dandruff is no cause for concern, you can try treating his condition at home. Here are four cat dandruff home remedies you can try on your cat. 4 cat dandruff home remedies Cat dandruff can be caused by a few different factors.  And unless

How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture Using Vinegar

How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture Using Vinegar?

The smell of vinegar is one of the scents that cats hate. And you can use that to your advantage to prevent unwanted behavior like scratching your furniture. Here is how to keep cats from scratching furniture using vinegar. How to stop your cat from scratching furniture with vinegar Start by mixing one part vinegar

Can Cats Get Rid of Worms on Their Own?

Can Cats Get Rid of Worms on Their Own?

You found worms on your cat’s poop. But for one reason or another, you have not yet taken him to the vet for the appropriate treatment. The next time you checked your pet’s feces, you cannot find any signs of a worm infestation. Cats cannot get rid of worms on their own? No, cats cannot

Do Cats Need Sunlight?

Do Cats Need Sunlight?

Your cat loves spending time around the sunny spots in your home.  But why does he prefer lounging around those areas? Do Cats Need Sunlight? No cats do not need sunlight like humans do. Humans need sunlight to create vitamin D whereas cats get their vitamin D from their diet. Vitamin D is considered an

Are Samoyeds Good with Cats

Are Samoyeds Good with Cats?

Thinking of getting a canine companion for your cat? How about the Samoyed? Loyal, intelligent, and people-friendly, it is not hard to see why many people are charmed by the Samoyed. But if you already have a cat in your home, will the addition of this large working dog work? Samoyeds have a high prey

Do Cats Attack Rabbits

Do Cats Attack Rabbits?

Maybe you own a rabbit and you are thinking of getting him a feline companion. Or perhaps you are planning on keeping your rabbit in an outdoor hutch. You are thinking if your pet is vulnerable to an attack from a cat. Do cats attack rabbits? Yes, cats do attack rabbits when given the opportunity

Will My Cat Miss Me When I Give Him Away

Will My Cat Miss Me When I Give Him Away?

Moving into a new home. The arrival of a new baby. An allergic loved one. Although you do not want to part ways with your cat, there are some situation where you have to give him away. Will My Cat Miss Me When I Give Him Away? Your cat will not miss you the same

Should I Trim The Fur on My Cat's Paws

Should I Trim The Fur on My Cat’s Paws?

You may have not noticed it before but some cats have fur on their paws. This is especially so with long haired cats such as the Maine Coon or the Norwegian Forest Cat. The more accurate term for this type of fur is toe tuft.  Should you trim the fur on your cat’s paw? Many

How Fast Does Cat Hair Grow

How Fast Does Cat Hair Grow?

There is no definite rate at which a cats hair grows. For long-haired cat breeds, hair growth to full length can take anywhere between four months to half a year. For short-haired cats, you can expect your pet to grow his hair back between a few weeks to three months. To better understand the rate

Will My Cat Come Back If I Let Him Outside

Will My Cat Come Back If I Let Him Outside?

Just as soon as you open the door, something zooms past you. Your cat! Cat owners are divided on the idea of their pets spending time outdoors and for a good reason, there is always the possibility that your cat is not able or does not even want to come back. Will your cat come

How to Entertain a Cat in a Small Apartment

How to Entertain a Cat in a Small Apartment?

If you notice that your cat has been behaving weirdly lately, it might be a sign that your pet is bored. If you want to learn how to entertain a cat in a small apartment, the first thing that you should understand is that space should never be a constraint in fulfilling your goal. How

How to Catch a Feral Cat Without a Trap?

How to Catch a Feral Cat Without a Trap?

Trapping is the best way to catch a feral cat. But when that is not possible, you have to figure out how to catch a feral cat without a trap. Catching a feral cat without a trap You can catch a feral car without a trap by using a towel, a drop trap, or a

How Much Does a Cat Carrier Cost

How Much Does a Cat Carrier Cost?

If you are planning on adopting a cat, one of the most important things that you need to invest in is a cat carrier. Even if you do not plan to travel with your cat, you can use a carrier at least to bring your pet to the veterinarian. How much does a cat carrier

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes

When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

Unlike other mammals like humans that are born with eyes open, cats are born blind and only have two functioning senses – smell and touch. They are born with their eyes shut. When will your kittens open their eyes? Kittens usually open their eyes between seven to ten days after birth. However, there are some

Tuxedo Cat Personality

Tuxedo Cat Personality

Dapper in black and white. Intelligent with liberal dashes of charm and playfulness. Meet the tuxedo cat. Tuxedo cats have figured prominently in history and popular culture, making them among the most popular domestic cats. But what makes these cats popular? Their sleek and classy appearance? The tuxedo cat personality? A quick look at the

When Do Mother Cats Leave Their Kittens

When Do Mother Cats Leave Their Kittens?

Seeing a mother cat grooming and tending to her kittens is a heartwarming sight to behold. But unfortunately, some mother cats abandon their kittens. When do mother cats leave their kittens? Mother cats abandon their kittens for a variety of reasons. These include kitten sickness or deformity, large litter size, and lack of maternal instincts.

Do Cats Like The Smell of Vinegar

Do Cats Like The Smell of Vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the most common condiments used in kitchens around the world. But apart from that, this versatile condiment can also be used in a variety of ways, including cleaning. If you have a cat at home, you need to be aware that there are certain scents that your furry little pal dislikes. One

Tortoiseshell Cat Price

Tortoiseshell Cat Price

If you are looking for an adorable companion with distinctive fur colors, a tortoiseshell cat is a great option. These cats stand out because of their multicolored fur and feisty attitude. Read on and get to know these so-called divas of the cat world.  Tortoiseshell cat price: How much does a tortoiseshell cat cost? Tortoiseshell

Cat Matted Fur Near Tail

Cat Matted Fur Near Tail

It does not take long for new cat owners to discover their pets spending a sizeable portion of their waking hours grooming themselves. If your cat is not sleeping, eating, or playing, it is most likely that he is grooming himself. Cats do not groom themselves out of sheer vanity. No. Cats are fastidious creatures

How Often Can You Bathe A Cat With Fleas?

How Often Can You Bathe A Cat With Fleas?

Cats can spend more than 50% of their waking hours grooming and keeping themselves clean. However, this does not exempt them from having fleas and parasites which they usually get if they come in contact with infected pets and other animals. Having fleas can be discomforting and may even be life-threatening for cats.  How often

Bengal Tabby Mix

Bengal Tabby Mix

The Bengal cat breed is not one of the most popular breeds but it is gaining recognition as one of the most athletic breeds around. They are good jumpers and have a lithe and muscled build. More pet owners also want one because of their luxurious and striking coat and physical features. But, how do

11 Disadvantages of Having a Cat

11 Disadvantages of Having a Cat

Cats can bring their owners a lot of joy, but they can also require quite a bit of work, can cause damage and it can also get quite expensive to keep one. While we love our cats as much as the next cat owner, lets look the disadvantages. Here is a list of 11 disadvantages

How Does Litter Genie Work

How Does Litter Genie Work?

Having a cat around the house requires quite a bit of work including ensuring that the cat has a clean and odor-free litter box. A great way to make the litter -related duties a bit easier is to use a cat waste management system like Litter Genie that saves you time, money and effort.  How

Do Cats Like Top Entry Litter Boxes?

Do Cats Like Top Entry Litter Boxes?

Cats may be sociable and affectionate animals but they also need privacy especially when doing their thing at the litter box. It is essential to provide them with a spacious and clean litter box that is located in a quiet and secluded area of your home. Do cats have a special preferences when it comes

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Cat's Skin?

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Cat’s Skin?

Coconut oil has many surprising benefits for humans and the same goes for cats and other animals. It is good for heart health, contains healthy fatty acids and protects the skin, hair and teeth. But is it safe and recommended for cats? Read on and let us discuss in detail how coconut oil may be

How Far Can A Cat Jump

How Far Can A Cat Jump?

Most people see cats as docile, calm and as masters at napping. But there is more to these furry wonders. They have an innate desire for action and adventure and an inner athlete just waiting to surface. How far can a cat jump? Cats can jump as far as seven feet based on the longest

Can Cats Taste Spicy

Can Cats Taste Spicy?

Cats are renowned for their finely tuned senses, making them one of the best predators. But if felines have one area of weakness, that will be their sense of taste. Humans have around 9,000 taste buds while your cat only has 470. Furthermore, cats cannot taste sweet which is usually associated with carbs. And cats

How Do Cats Know To Use The Litter Box

How Do Cats Know To Use The Litter Box?

One of the not always so easy tasks a new cat parent has when bringing home a cat is how to litter train her. Cat urine is notoriously smelly which makes the task even more important. Surprisingly, litter training is a breeze with most cats. Read on and let us discover the reasons why.  How

How to Get an Anemic Cat to Eat

How to Get an Anemic Cat to Eat?

Whatever may be the reason behind your cat’s anemia, getting him to eat properly is one of the most important tasks that you need to undertake to ensure his fast recovery. Getting your anemic cat to eat When your cat is sick, depressed, or anxious, you may notice a marked decrease in his appetite. Although

Do Cats Hibernate

Do Cats Hibernate?

Unlike some wild animals that hibernate during winter, domestic cats do not. The changes that you see in your feline might just be his way of coping with the cool temperature. It is also possible that he is experiencing seasonal affective disorder. Do Cats Hibernate? Cats do not hibernate and they do not need to. Domestic

Having Two Cats Pros and Cons

Having Two Cats Pros and Cons

What is better than having one cat? Having two? While having two cats may work well and be beneficial both for your cats and yourself there are some definite risks involved. Many people believe that cats are solitary creatures that dislike having other cats and pets around in the same household. The truth is that felines

How Long Does It Take for Frontline to Work?

How Long Does It Take for Frontline to Work?

As a pet owner, it can be frustrating to see your pet struggle with a flea or tick infestation. Worse, these pesky critters pose serious health risks to both humans and pets. This is why it is crucial to deal with these insects the moment you first notice these on your pets or inside your

Why Does My Cat Fur Look Spiky

Why Does My Cat’s Fur Look Spiky?

Cats are know for their obsessive grooming habits which tends to keep their fur smooth and nice. There are, however, many reasons their fur can get matted, greasy and spiky.  Why does my cat’s fur look spiky? A cats fur may look spiky for behavior or health based reasons. Behavior based reasons why the fur

How Long Does Frontline Take to Dry

How Long Does Frontline Take to Dry?

To ensure that Frontline works optimally on your cat, you have to allow it to dry off completely. But how long does Frontline take to dry? It can take up to two days for Frontline to dry off completely. This is why you should not let your feline get wet during this period. Although the

Why Do Cats Lick Blankets

Why Do Cats Lick Blankets?

A cat spends anywhere between 15 to 50 percent of his waking hours grooming himself by licking his body. As such, it may come as a surprise for cat owners to see their felines lick also blankets and other inanimate objects. Why your cat licks blankets? Cats lick blankets, clothes, and other similar objects for

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

Have you ever wondered why your furry friend has color point fur, is unusually vocal and has a distinctive low-pitched voice? Chances are, your resident cat might just be part Siamese! This breed is an old breed that originated from Thailand which was earlier known as Siam.  How to tell if your cat is part

Black Maine Coon

Black Maine Coon

You have probably heard of the superstitious belief that black cats bring bad luck and misfortune. This superstition can be traced back to ancient times. In reality black cats are really different from others in any other respect than, obviously, the color of their fur.  Black Maine Coon coat variations Black Maine Coons are considered

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous

Are Savannah Cats Dangerous?

The Savannah Cat is not for everyone, especially if you have no experience in keeping a feline. While it is an overstatement to claim the breed dangerous, it can be a handful and even destructive it its needs are not met. Are Savannah cats dangerous? No, Savannah cats are not dangerous. Although the breed traces its

Why Do Cats Vibrate

Why Do Cats Vibrate?

Why do cats vibrate? Cats vibrate because of their purring which results in vibrations. Here is how the process works:  the purr begins in the cat’s brain when a repetitive neural oscillator sends messages to the laryngeal muscles. These muscles are responsible for the opening and closing of the space between the vocal cords called

Matted Cat Hair Solution

Matted Cat Hair Solution

Matted hair on your cat can be a major headache and it can turn into a proper nightmare both for you and your furry baby. Follow the following tips to de-mat your cat as easily as possible : Matted cat hair solution: Tips and tricks  Cats are fastidious groomers and they spend at least 50

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Bengal Mix

How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Bengal Mix?

Have you recently adopted a cat but you are not sure about its lineage? Take a closer look and scrutinize its coat markings, physical build and personality.  For all you know, you might have a cat that is half Bengal! This breed is popular because of its exotic and luxurious coat, stocky build and intelligence. 

How To Shave A Long Haired Cat

How To Shave A Long Haired Cat?

Long-haired cat breeds like the Siberian, Himalayan, Maine Coon and Persian look elegant and regal in their lush and glossy coats.  But it can be daunting once they start to shed and when their fur tends to mat. One alternative to curb the shedding and matting is to shave your long-haired cat. How to shave

Can I Shave My Cat To Get Rid Of Fleas

Can I Shave My Cat To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Having fleas can be excruciating for your cat and the infestation can easily infest the whole household as well as fleas thrive in carpets, upholstery and beddings. The most effective ways to get rid of fleas in your cat are flea medication, giving her a flea bath and shaving her fur Can I shave my

Are Tabby Cats Smart?

Are Tabby Cats Smart?

A tabby cat is not a breed but a coat pattern that is observed in almost all of the official cat breeds. Most of these felines are affectionate, feisty, intelligent and get along well with kids and other pets.  Are tabby cats smart?  Yes, tabby cats are smart and tend to have high intelligence compared

Why Do Cats Disappear For Days At A Time

Why Do Cats Disappear For Days At a Time?

Keeping your cat indoors most of the time has its advantages but some quality time outdoors also has its perks. However, it comes with considerable risks including that your cat may wander off for days. Why do cats disappear for days at a time? Cats disappear for days at a time because they are inquisitive

Can I Shave My Cat To Stop Shedding

Can I Shave My Cat To Stop Shedding?

If you have started noticing too much cat hair in your clothes, furniture or bed lately it means that your cat is shedding.  This is part of a healthy feline’s normal body system. However, it  can create a big fuss and may cause embarrassment. Shaving your cat is one way to tame her fur and

Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese

Siamese cats are famous for their pointed coats, slender bodies and magnetic blue eyes. But, did you know that there are variations of this breed? Due to crossbreeding, other mixed breeds are existing today like the Flame point Siamese breed.  Flame point Siamese cats have creamy-white, short coats with bright reddish-gold points with a paler

How To Trim A Squirmy Cats Nail

How To Trim A Squirmy Cat’s Nails?

Having their nails trimmed is stressful for some cats. While some take to nail trimming quite easily, some felines simply do not like it. They may resort to squirming while some cats may become aggressive. Not sure on how to trim a squirmy cat’s nails? Worry not, all you have to do is follow these

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon?

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon?

Are you suspecting that the cat you adopted from your local pet shelter is part Maine Coon? If you are suspect that your cat is part Maine Coon but you are not completely sure, you should seek the help of recognized authorities such as the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) or The International Cat Association (TICA). 

How Big Do Tabby Cats Get

How Big Do Tabby Cats Get?

Tabby cats are special because of their unique coat patterns along with a dynamic and affectionate personality.  They get along well with people and children but sometimes they are also a handful. A tabby cat is not a breed but a coat pattern and the size of a tabby cat varies depending on the breed. 

Why Do Cats Go Limp When You Pick Them Up

Why Do Cats Go Limp When You Pick Them Up?

Cats have unique personalities and each breed has its distinctive qualities and behavior. Some cats are affectionate while some are content with minimal attention. Also, some cats love to interact and be picked up by humans while some do not. Among the cat breeds, only Ragdoll cats are known to generally go limp when you

Lynx Point Siamese

Lynx Point Siamese

If you adore Siamese cats for their physical beauty but are quite put off by their vocalization and aggressiveness, you may opt for a Lynx Point Siamese. These felines have the same slim and elegant bodies as the traditional Siamese cats but unlike the the traditional breed, these cats are laid-back and low-maintenance.  Lynx Point

Are Tabby Cats Hypoallergenic

Are Tabby Cats Hypoallergenic?

Are you prone to allergies but still want to own a cat? You can still own one even if you’re allergic to dander, just opt for hypoallergenic cat breeds.  Note that no cat breed is completely allergenic-free, even those commonly nominated hypoallergenic. Are tabby cats hypoallergenic? No, tabby cats are not hypoallergenic because being tabby

How Long Until Maine Coon Is Full Grown

How Long Until a Maine Coon Is Fully Grown?

Do you want to own a cat but you’re confused about what breed to choose? Consider the Maine Coon cat breed which is known for its striking appearance, muscular build, large size, and kind demeanor. These gentle giants are also affectionate, inquisitive, and quite vocal. How long until Maine Coon is fully grown? Maine Coon

Are Bengal Cats Legal

Are Bengal Cats Legal?

Bengal cats are popular because of their unique and striking coat markings. They are also sought after by cat fanciers and pet lovers because they are intelligent, agile, and have large muscular bodies. However, there are restrictions when it comes to owning a Bengal cat in the U.S. and it is illegal to own one

How Long Does Laxatone For Cats Take To Work

How Long Does Laxatone For Cats Take To Work?

Cat sometimes suffer from constipation and they often have digestive issues due to the ingestion of hairballs. Constipation is often a result of poor eating habits,  lack of fiber in their diet, and lack of water intake while the latter is mainly due to their grooming habits. Many pet parents use Laxatone to help their

Why Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick

Why Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick?

Has your cat been a bit under the weather and now you cannot find it? It is typical for cats and other animals to hide when they are sick so there is a good probability that is exactly what is happening. Why Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick? Cats hide when they are sick

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Kittens

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Kittens?

The presence of fleas in cats and kittens leads to extreme discomfort and sickness.  It should be addressed immediately to prevent further infestation. The use of diatomaceous earth is a safe and effective way to treat fleas among felines. Opt for the food-grade kind that is labeled as GRAS or “generally recognized as safe” by

Best Cat Breed For Busy Family

10 Best Cat Breeds For a Busy Family

Want to own a cat but too busy with your family and work? You can make this happen given the right cat breed that is low-maintenance, self-sufficient, and independent. While there are cats that are clingy and crave constant attention, some cat breeds like the Maine Coon can be left alone for some time and

Why Do Cats Want You To Walk Them To Their Food

Why Do Cats Want You To Walk Them To Their Food?

Cats can be quirky and weird all at the same time. There are times that they demand your attention but when you start to cuddle and pet them they suddenly jump and run away. They can also be confusing when it comes to mealtime. Take for instance, when they want you to walk them to

Can I Take My Persian Cat for a Walk

Can I Take My Persian Cat for a Walk?

Taking cats for a walk is normal these days.  Cats are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings so many felines are pleased spending their time outdoors, enjoying the smells, sounds and sights. But there are breeds of cats that tend to prefer a life indoors. One such indoor cat breed is the Persian

Cat Licking The Carpet

Cat Licking The Carpet

Cats normally lick their fur and paws and we see this as one of their natural habits. After all, they are epitomes of cleanliness and can spend half of their waking hours grooming themselves. However, it is a cause for concern if your cat begins to excessively lick materials such as the carpet or the

Where is My Cat Hiding

Where Is My Cat Hiding? 7 Potential Hiding Places

Cats like to hide. There are reasons why they do this – it is either they are frightened, have done something they know is wrong or simply because they feel comfortable and safe in certain spaces. If your cat is out of sight, there are some places in the home where it can be found

How To Keep Your Cat In Your Yard

How To Keep Your Cat In Your Yard?

Every pet parent wants their cats to have a happy including experiencing the outdoors where they can get some physical exercise and a good dose of sunshine. However, the thought of your cat escaping can be terrifying. There are various ways to keep your cat in your yard such as by installing a cat enclosure

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Crate

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Crate?

Crates are large pet-safe enclosures that are a bit larger than carriers. Ideally, its size should be twice as big as a litter box and at least 1.5 times the size of your cat. This will allow your cat to have enough room to move around and to have the essential resources around like her

How to Tell if Your Cat is a Runt

How to Tell if Your Cat is a Runt?

In some litters, there is one kitten that is weak and small. This little kitten is often considered the runt cat. Newborn kittens are fragile and even more so with runts. Because of its size and weakness, a runt might have a hard life initially. What is a Runt? A true runt is an animal

How Much Should A Nursing Cat Eat

How Much Should A Nursing Cat Eat?

A nursing cat should eat as much as four times more than normally. Cats with two or more kittens need at least three times more calories than usual. In terms of calories a 10-pound cat nursing at least four kittens should have more or less 603 calories each day, and a 15-pound cat  with at

What Does A Mother Cat Do With A Dead Kitten?

What Does A Mother Cat Do With A Dead Kitten?

It is sad but sometimes a mother cat will lose a kitten. Newborn kittens are extremely vulnerable and sometimes a kitten is born dead. Following are typical behaviors that a mother cat may exhibit with a dead kitten: 1. Lick the kitten Licking the kittens is the mother cat’s instinctive behavior after giving birth. It

Cat Nail Trimming Cost

Cat Nail Trimming Cost

Cat nail trimming cost is more or less $10 to $20 when you go to a pet groomer while vets may charge more. While the best option for many is to trim your cat’s nails yourself, you may opt to seek the help of a pet groomer or your vet if your cat is too

Why are Orange Tabby Cats So Affectionate

Why Are Orange Tabby Cats So Affectionate?

Orange tabby cats widely regarded affectionate and are often characterized as cuddly and loving compared to other cats. It is widely assumed that the color of the coat is linked to the personality of the cat.  There are some studies where orange and bi-colored cats are characterized as friendly while black, white and tri-colored cats

Can Cats See in Pitch Black

Can Cats See in Pitch Black?

It is a common belief that cats have a night vision and are able to see well in the dark. The fact is that cats can not see in pitch black because they need some light in order to see. Yet, they can see better in the dark than humans.  The sight of cats is

Why Does My Cat Drool When Kneading?

Why Does My Cat Drool When Kneading?

Your cat drools when kneading because she feels relaxed, comfortable, and secure. She may also be behaving that way as a remembrance of her kittenhood. Abnormal drooling in cats may occur when they have health issues like oral and dental disease, liver infection, toxin exposure, or ingestion of a foreign body. Why does my cat

How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth To Cats

How To Apply Diatomaceous Earth To Cats?

You may apply diatomaceous earth (DE) to cats by lightly rubbing it into their coats dusting it in their premises. This is done to help the cat with fleas, lice, ticks and other pests. DE is also an organic dewormer and you can give it to your cat by adding a teaspoonful in their food

Siamese Manx Cats

Siamese Manx Cat – Characteristics, Temperament and More

A Siamese Manx cat is a cross between the Siamese and the Manx breeds and has distinctive physical qualities from both breeds.  It is included in the list of experimental cat breeds and also referred to as the Owyhee Bob. Its most noticeable features are its unique coloring, blue eyes, muscular built, and stumpy tail

Do Cats Have Hair Or Fur

Do Cats Have Hair Or Fur?

Hair and fur in cats means basically the same thing. While a source of confusion for some, these terms are used interchangeably although the hair is more often used to describe a single strand or strands while fur is usually the term used when referring to thick hair, like what most cats have.    Cat

What Happens If I Stop Feeding Stray Cats?

What Happens If I Stop Feeding Stray Cats?

You will likely encounter stray cats now and then. You may see them in your neighborhood,  on the streets, or in a nearby park.  You may get to befriend a stray cat after a few encounters and she starts to rub against your legs.  Feeding stray cats is a humane gesture but it is not

Is It Bad To Feed Stray Cat

Is It Bad To Feed Stray Cats?

You may have encountered stray cats in your neighborhood, took pity on them, and gave them food. These stray cats have been socialized to people and had owners before but may have gotten abandoned or wandered off. These lost or displaced cats eventually become feral cats if they are homeless for a long time.  It

How Often Should A Cat Be Deshed?

How Often Should A Cat Be Deshed?

A cat should be deshed at least once or twice a week for 10 to 20 minutes per session using a deshedding tool like FURminator. However,  you may need to deshed more frequently especially during heavy shedding season and if you have a long-haired cat. How often should a cat be deshed? A cat shedding

Dry Cat Paws

Dry Cat Paws – Causes and Remedies

Dry cat paws may put your pet at risk for infection and may also be painful to the cat. Some of the causes of dry cat paws include dry air, excessive licking, exposure to rough surfaces, and extreme weather. If your cat’s paws become dry, cracked, or irritated you should consult your vet for the

Litter Box Liner Alternatives

Litter Box Liner Alternatives

Many cat owner use liners to help them with dealing with dirty litter. If you do not want to use a liner for some reason there are alternatives. What litter box liner alternatives are there? Litter box liners are plastic sheets used by pet owners for an easier clean-up of the box. Litter box liner

How Do You Know If Your Cat Is A Manx

How Do You Know If Your Cat Is A Manx?

You will know if your cat is a Manx by analyzing its physical features and behavior. A Manx cat is usually tailless while some only have stumpy tails.  It also has a cradle-shaped head if viewed from the rear side. Manx cats have a playful and affectionate character and they have a distinctive trilling sound

Are Long Car Rides Bad for Cats

Are Long Car Rides Bad for Cats?

No, long car rides are not bad for cats so long as you train your cat to get used to car rides before embarking on a long one. You should also make sure that the cat has a comfortable carrier and to withhold food intake for at least four hours before travel time. Most importantly,

How to Cut Cat’s Nails Without Getting Scratched

How to Cut a Cat’s Nails Without Getting Scratched?

Cats typically do not really enjoy getting their nails cut so pet parents run the risk of geting scratched or clawed. On the other hand, many people are also not skilled in doing it. However, there are ways to get it done without too much struggle with your cat. How to cut your cat’s nails

How Many Feliway Diffusers Do I Need

How Many Feliway Diffusers Do I Need?

Typically, you need more than one Feliway diffuser especially if you have a large house and if it has 2 floors or more. A few diffusers may also be needed if you are using the product for usine marking and there are 2 or more rooms that are affected by the urine-marking behavior. One diffuser

Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Feliway Spray or Diffuser

Feliway provides many cat-calming products. Their two most famous products are the Feliway Spray and Feliway Diffuser. Many users have found the products effective and they are even recommended by many vets. The products mimic the natural feline pheromones that have a calming effect and help relieve anxiety. As a result, Feliway can help getting

How To Make A Mean Cat Nice

How To Make A Mean Cat Nice

You can make your mean cat nice by learning how to pet your cat properly, giving her treats and the slow blink, and determining the cause of the mean behavior. You should also take things slowly to be able to gain your cat’s trust and affection.  How to make a mean cat nice? Cats come

Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

The best cat bed for older cats is one that keeps them warm and cozy during the night, provides comfort for their aching joints and bones, and should be spacious so that they will not feel cramped and uncomfortable.  Here are out three top choices: What to look for when buying a cat bed for

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Worms In Cats

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Worms In Cats

Yes, apple cider vinegar may kill worms in cats. Unlike other types of vinegar, apple cider vinegar or ACV increases alkaline levels in a cat’s intestines. Just mix one to two teaspoons of ACV in a glass of lukewarm water and feed this to your kitty regularly for at least one week.  However, the effectiveness

Which Feliway To Use

Which Feliway To Use

There are various types of Feliway products with their own recommended uses. Feliway Classic Diffuser is recommended for use if your cat has problems with hiding, scratching, and spraying or urine marking. Feliway Friends/Multicat is the best type to use to reduce conflict in multi-cat households with the help of feline appeasement hormones. FeliScratch by

My Cat Ate A Fly

My Cat Ate A Fly – Is it Dangerous?

If your cat eats a fly but it is only an occasional thing, there is nothing to worry about. Pursuing flies is natural cat behavior and a good form of exercise to sharpen your feline’s eye-paw coordination and for brain stimulation. However, if she is doing it habitually then you should take measures to prevent

Does Feliway Work For Stressed Cats

Does Feliway Work For Stressed Cats?

Yes, Feliway works for stressed cats and some studies attest to reduced spraying on vertical areas like walls and doors in up to 90% of cases. There was also a reduction of conflict and aggression among cats in a multiple-cat household after just a week’s use of Feliway while at least 84% of pet owners

What is Feliway Spray

What is Feliway Spray?

A stressed or ill-behaving cat can be challenging. One possible remedy is using a cat calming product such as the Feliway which comes in many forms including as a spray. What is Feliway spray? Feliway Spray is a synthetic product that mimics the facial pheromones of cats and is applied to surfaces and other objects

Essential Oils To Keep Cats Off Counters

Essential Oils To Keep Cats Off Counters

You dearly love your pet cat but that does not mean you want to give her full access to any place in your home.  Kitchen counters, for instance, should be a no-cat zone because it is where food is prepared. An effective solution to keep your cat away from your counter is by using some

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks At You

If you see your cat winking at you it may mean that she trusts you and she’s comfortable and safe when she is with you. However, it could also mean that she has an eye infection or it may be her way of saying “Thank you for the treat/snack/toy”.  What does it mean when a

Do Cats Remember People

Do Cats Remember People?

You have probably heard or read about how cats have superior intelligence. Surprisingly, a cat’s brain structure is about 90% the same as that of a human brain. But do cats remember people? The answer is yes, cats remember people, and the more time you spend with them and interacting with them, the more they

Do Cats Keep Snakes Away

Do Cats Keep Snakes Away?

Cats are natural hunters and will go out of their way to catch their prey. Even domesticated and indoor cats tend to catch mice and snakes around the home.  So, do cats keep snakes away? Yes but not necessarily always, because while snakes consider cats as predators, it doesn’t guarantee that having cats around will

Can Cats Have Purple Eyes

Can Cats Have Purple Eyes?

Are there purple-eyed cats? You may have heard rumors about cats with purple eyes but the reality is, that there is no known evidence of cats with purple eyes existing, although lighting conditions can make a blue-colored cat’s eyes appear purplish or blue-violet. The cats that have the closest eye color range to the purple

Moving With Multiple Cats

Moving With Multiple Cats

Preparing to move to a new home can be daunting and stressful for you as well as for your pets. If you have multiple cats, this may also cause aggression between them. However, it can be done with minimum fuss with the right preparations, while seeing to it that you keep the cats’ routines as

Kitten Not Popping

Kitten Not Pooping – Reasons and How to Help your Kitten

It is very important that you newborn kitten starts to poop within normal time frame and lack of eliminations is a cause for concern as it may be a symptom of even serious health issues. Read on to find why this may happen and tips on how to help your kitten.  Reasons why kitten is

How To Sedate A Cat For Grooming

How To Sedate A Cat For Grooming

If grooming time for your cat is much like a scene from a horror movie with no happy ending in sight, you may have to consider sedating your cat. This will help to reduce stress and keep your cat relaxed and calm during the entire grooming process. How to sedate a cat for grooming There

How to Clean a Litter Box with Bleach

How to Clean a Litter Box with Bleach

Cats are wonderful pets but if there is one area that cat parents would agree as a downside to having a cat it is having to deal with their smelly and dirty litter box that requires regular cleaning.  Cleaning the litter box can be a dreaded chore but once you get the hang of it,

Cat Ingrown Nail

Cat Ingrown Nail – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

It is not only humans that suffer ingrown nails from time to time and yes, cats do, too.  While it can be a painful condition, your cat will rarely complain about it and is even good at hiding the pain and discomfort. However,  a cat ingrown nail shouldn’t be dismissed as it could pose risks

Cat Microchip Side Effects

Cat Microchip Side Effects

Cats are inquisitive and even if they are contented just hang around your home they may also tend to sneak outside and do a little exploring and hunting. There is a great risk your cat may wander off and get lost especially if you’re living in an urban area. Microchipping your cat is a good

My Cat's Microchip Has Moved

My Cat’s Microchip Has Moved

Having your cat microchipped gives you peace of mind and gives an assurance that your cat will be returned to you after it has wandered off. But have you noticed that your cat’s microchip has moved? The best thing to do is to have your vet check regularly if the chip is in place. A

Cat Drooling in Car

Why is My Cat Drooling in the Car and What To Do About It?

Seeing dogs drool is normal. But for cats, drooling is not considered as common. Drooling may be harmless but being uncommon for cats, it’s easy to wonder what could be the reasons why they drool.  What causes a cat to drool in the car? Cats drool in the car mostly because of motion sickness, which

Can A Cat Ride In A Car Without A Carrier

Can A Cat Ride In A Car Without A Carrier

If you’re going on a long road trip with your cat she should be secured and preferably placed in a cat carrier throughout the journey. But can a cat ride in a car without a carrier? Yes, it’s possible for a cat to ride in a car without a carrier as long as she should

Can I Leave My Kitten Alone At Night

Can I Leave My Kitten Alone At Night

Can I leave my kitten alone at night? No, it’s not advisable to leave your kitten alone at night especially if she’s still between 8 weeks to 4 months old or younger. If your kitten of this age she should not be left alone for a whole night.  Should you need to go out for

How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into A Carrier

How To Get An Aggressive Cat Into A Carrier?

You’re getting ready to bring your pet cat to the vet for her regular check-up, however, there’s one problem. Your cat won’t get inside the carrier! How to get an aggressive cat into a carrier? The best way to get an aggressive cat into a carrier is by letting the cat get used to the

How To Sedate A Cat Naturally

How To Sedate A Cat Naturally?

Are you worried that your cat may become anxious, aggressive or hyper during your road trip or to visit the vet? There’s no need to panic because you can sedate your cat safely without the fear of having side effects. There are numerous ways to sedate a cat such as the use of over-the-counter medications,