Can I Take My Persian Cat for a Walk?

Can I Take My Persian Cat for a Walk

Taking cats for a walk is normal these days.  Cats are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings so many felines are pleased spending their time outdoors, enjoying the smells, sounds and sights. But there are breeds of cats that tend to prefer a life indoors. One such indoor cat breed is the Persian cat.

Can I take my Persian cat for a walk?

Yes, you can take your Persian cat for a walk but they are still best kept mostly indoors. Persian cats are not the ideal cats for the outdoors due to their fur, health issues and personality. 

What to consider if taking a Persian cat for a walk?

Persian cats can be taken outdoors but before doing that, you should take into consideration the following characteristics of the breed:

1. Persian cats have a very high maintenance coat.

Their coats require daily brushing because they are prone to mats and tangles. If you decide to take your cat outside, dust and dirt can easily cling into the fur. It will cost a lot of time and effort to constantly clean and untangle the fur. The worst that could happen is that the coat gets so hard to untangle that the only option is to shave it off.

2. Persian cats are prone to respiratory issues.

This is a common issue with brachycephalic cats. The unique shape of their head may cause them to have narrower nostrils and small tracheas, which may result in labored breathing. If they are outdoors constantly, they may experience nasal obstructions and breathing problems.

3. Persian cats are sensitive to heat.

They are more susceptible to heat stroke as well. This is because they cannot pant as effectively. When you take your Persian out for a walk, be aware of the weather conditions and observe the cat for overheating.

4. Persian cats are not the most streetwise cats.

Persians are known for their laid back lifestyle. Taking them outside may result in them getting attacked by other animals such as dogs and cats in the neighborhood. They may have a hard time encountering the such occasions.

How to have a stress-free walk with your Persian Cat?

It is possible to take your Persian for a walk. Follow this tips to make sure you and your cat have a great time outdoors:

1. Make sure your cat is fully vaccinated.

With Persian cats being susceptible to bacterial and viral infections, it is recommended to have your cat vaccinated.

2. Use a cat stroller.

Not all cats like to be leashed. Your pet may not approve of it, so you may need to put it in a stroller if you want to take it for a walk. Also, since their coat easily gets mat and tangled, the stroller will keep it from being dirty and hard to groom.

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3. Keep proper identification.

Before you take it outside, attach your cat’s collar to ensure that they can be returned back home if ever they get lost.

4. Check the weather and look after your cat.

Persian cats are sensitive to heat so always check the weather if it is too hot for a stroll. As you walk, always observe if it is showing signs of overheating such as breathing rapidly, stumbling and vomiting.

5. Groom your cat once you get home.

As a reminder, clean and brush your cat’s coat to remove any mats and tangles that may have formed right after your stroll.


You can take your Persian cat for a walk but you may have a hard time cleaning it after because of its high maintenence coat. They also require special care because they are prone to respiratory issues.

Image: / AlbertMi