Why Do Cats Like Bags?

Why Do Cats Like Bags?

There is something about tight and dark places like boxes and bags that naturally attract cats. It may have something to do with how they appeal to their sensitive senses of smell and touch. Bags, in particular, are very captivating for cats and you will notice that kitties will squeeze themselves into them regardless if they fit in snugly or not. 

Why do cats like bags?

Cats like bags for the following reasons:

1. It helps them cope with stress and anxiety. 

While cats may be social animals, they tend to retreat and hide when they are stressed and anxious. Cats are not adept at solving conflict and instead will avoid others and lessen their activities.  It is during such times that they need a hideaway and solitary retreat where they can retire and be alone. 

Bags fit the description to a T because they are enclosed, quiet and dark on the inside. They help alleviate stress and anxiety, provide comfort and allow cats to recharge and be their good old self again. 

 These are the common signs that your cat has anxiety:

  • she looks scared and trembling 
  • she is grooming herself excessively 
  • she is more vocal than usual 
  • she is extra aggressive 
  • she is hiding most of the time 
  • she is not using her litter box and pooping in the house all of a sudden 
  • she is following you everywhere 
  • she is panting  
  • there are changes in her eating habits 
  • she is constantly pacing the room and cannot stay still 
  • she is lethargic and has lost interest in interacting with humans

2. It keeps them safe from perceived enemies or intruders. 

Cats find comfort and security in enclosed spaces like bags. Bags are enclosed and dark on the inside which means cats can safely hide and conceal themselves. Intruders have to go directly to a cat’s field of vision from where they are hiding, thus, nothing can surprise them if they are inside a bag. 

3. It keeps them warm and comfy. 

You may have noticed how cats love to hang out in sunny spots at your home. This is because they tend to be more comfortable and relaxed in warm places. The typical temperature for cats is around 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 20 degrees higher compared to a human’s comfortable temperature phase. 

Most homes have an average temperature of more or less 72 degrees Fahrenheit which tends to be cold for cats. Thus, they tend to seek warmth in enclosed places like bags which are usually aplenty especially in a big household. It allows them to conserve body heat and acts as improvised incubators. 

4. It is the perfect place to sleep or take a nap. 

Bags are appealing for cats because they are a perfect hideaway and a comfy place to sleep. It is secluded, secure and a favorably warm place to curl up and dream away. Cats spend at least 16 to 20 hours just sleeping in a day so no wonder they have become experts at finding the ultimate sleeping chambers!

5. It provides a sense of familiarity. 

Your bag, especially if it is a backpack, is well-favored by your cat since it bears your scent. For your cat, it smells like family and gives her a sense of familiarity. 

Why do cats like paper and plastic bags?

Cats are curious animals and they are always exploring and experiencing various sounds and textures. Aside from feeling secure in its enclosed spaces, these bags have a crinkly texture and they have distinct sounds that are stimulating and interesting to cats. Just be sure to remove the handles so your cat won’t get entangled in them.

Interestingly, plastic bags may bear the residual scents of food or anything edible which cats find irresistible. It also contains slip agents converted from animal fat which aims to reduce friction. For cats, this is too irresistible for them not to notice considering that they are obligate carnivores. So, the next time you notice your cat licking plastic bags and staying inside them, it may just mean that she has detected the fatty scent. 

Final thoughts 

If you think you are the only one who is obsessed with bags, you are wrong! Cats like bags, so much so that they will turn to them as a place of comfort, security and warmth.  These bags also act as the perfect spot to sleep and a place for self-healing if your kitty is experiencing stress and anxiety. 

Image: istockphoto.com / Page Light Studios