Where Is My Cat Hiding? 7 Potential Hiding Places

Where is My Cat Hiding

Cats like to hide. There are reasons why they do this – it is either they are frightened, have done something they know is wrong or simply because they feel comfortable and safe in certain spaces. If your cat is out of sight, there are some places in the home where it can be found with the highest probability.

Where do cats hide?

Most common places where cats hide include the following:

1. In a closet

When cats are frightened, they often to go to an closet used by its owner. The closet, filled with the scent of its owner, gives it a sense of comfort. It also attracts them because it is dark. The soft clothing may entice them and some closets can be fascinating for cats because they can climb in it.

2. Dresser or drawers

Drawers are larger than boxes and filled with soft and fragrant objects belonging to the owners. Always check that you have closed your units to avoid accidentally trapping the cat inside. To avoid trapping your cat, you can deter it by putting scents they hate like citrus, peppermint and cinnamon. 

3. Under Furniture

While some cats love climbing and doing adventures in high places, some cats love hiding undner furniture such as beds. Other potential hiding places include under couches or chairs.

4. Near the Furnace or Heater

Cats love warmth so they love hiding or staying near the heater. This usually happens during the winter. 

5. Inside Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard box is the common hiding place for felines. They get comfort and security from enclosed spaces, which is why they love spending time there. Cardboard boxes offer a safe zone where they can observe and not be seen. It is also a great insulator making cats relaxed and comfortable in the warm small space.

6. Behind the curtains

Cats are also fond of hiding and playing behind the curtains and it is quite normal to see the cat hiding there. It gives them privacy and shelter. Also, they love looking out the windows and love the warmness of the sunlight.

7. Under cars

Although cats are not fond of car rides, they often hide under cars. This especially happens to homeless cats. They can be found under cars near the exhaust pipes, or in extreme cases, in the engine.

Why do cats hide?

Cats like to hide, it is an instinctual behavior for cats. However, every cat is an individual, so some will hide more often than others. A cat hiding all the time does not necessarily mean there is something wrong. They hide because it makes them feel comfortable and safe. This behavior is usually not a problem but if your cat is normally social and suddenly hides, it may be a sign of a some issue. 


Cats and hiding usually go together. They love certain places in a house because they give them comfort and privacy. When a cat is hiding, it is usually normal. But along with other behavioral changes, it could be an issue.

Image: istockphoto.com / Rawpixel