Why Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick?

Why Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick

Has your cat been a bit under the weather and now you cannot find it? It is typical for cats and other animals to hide when they are sick so there is a good probability that is exactly what is happening.

Why Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick?

Cats hide when they are sick because this is a natural instinct for them and is intended to keep the cat safe until it has recovered.

A cat in the wild is very vulnerable when it is sick. Cats cannot escape or fight back in their weakened state. They know that they are the easy prey, and prefer to find a dark, isolated, and safe place to hide themselves in. Weakness and injury also lures predators that instinctively go after the weakest possible pray.

A related reason for hiding is that in case your pet cat is a female and is also unspayed it may be pregnant. Pregnancy in cats is hard to spot since they do not really look pregnant. If your cat starts looking for dark, secluded, and hidden parts of your house and tries to fit herself in there, there is a good chance that your pet is going to labor soon.

Another reason is stress and anxiety. Just like humans, animals can feel stress, and cats are no exception. Hiding may became your cat’s response to the stress. Maybe you had some major changes in the household, like remodeling the place or some noisy events such as loud parties. It can also be caused by a new person or animals. Cats are very sensitive for changes and they may stress them out.

Do all cats like to hide when sick?

No, not all cats hide when they are sick. Quite the opposite, some cats seek refuge from their humans which gives the cat security that it needs due to its sickness or injury.

Is a cat hiding more than usual a cause for concern?

If your cat starts to hide for unknown reasons it may be an indication that something may be wrong. In this situation you should check that cat and possibly take it to the vet to rule out the possibility of sickness or injury.

Image: istockphoto.com / Eleonor2439