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Cat Leaving Little Poop Nuggets

Cat Leaving Little Poop Nuggets – Causes And How To Deal With It

Your cat’s poop can give you a lot of information about her health. As such, if you start noticing your cat leaving little poop nuggets everywhere, it could be due to behavioral issues or an illness your furry friend is trying to hide. Constipation is a common culprit of hard, dry feces that are expelled

Why do cats like fireplaces

Why Do Cats Like Fireplaces?

Cats have rich and diverse personalities, but a fascination common to most is with the fireplace. Although individual cats may have various reasons for liking fireplaces, the primary reason your cat is drawn to your hearth is the warmth emanating from it. That may seem straightforward enough, but there are other contributing factors to this

Why Does My Cat Growl When I Pick Her Up

Why Does My Cat Growl When I Pick Her Up?

Growling is a cat’s first sign of anger or fear. When your pet makes that deep, guttural sound as you are about to scoop her up, it clearly means she does not appreciate your form of affection. Whether we like it or not, most cats hate the feeling of being held because it gives them

Why Do Cats Like Warmth 

Why Do Cats Like Warmth? 

Have you ever wondered why your cat follows the patch of sunlight near a window as it moves? Or rolls around on your fresh laundry as it comes out of your dryer? Cats tend to crave warmth because of their desert-dwelling origins. Even as kittens, they snuggle together with their mother and littermates for warmth,

How to Reuse Crystal Cat Litter

How to Reuse Crystal Cat Litter?

We all want our feline friends to be as comfortable as possible when they use their litter boxes. To this end, you need to keep the litter box clean and fresh-smelling at all times; otherwise, Fluffy will find another suitable spot in your house to do his business. Thankfully, crystal cat litter is an available

Do Cats Go Into Heat in the Winter

Do Cats Go Into Heat in the Winter?

Animals, including cats, have mating seasons. Cats are typically seasonally polyestrous, meaning that their heat cycles peak during certain months when daylight hours are longer. However, there is a chance that an indoor cat may still go into heat and become pregnant during winter, provided certain favorable conditions are met.  How is this possible? Let

Kitten Losing Hair On Tip Of Tail

Kitten Losing Hair On Tip Of Tail

Are you noticing your kitten losing hair on the tip of her tail? As a fur parent, it is completely understandable to feel worried about your little one’s unsightly state.  There are many possible reasons your kitten might develop bald spots around the tip of her tail. Some causes result in localized balding only on

Cat Losing Hair On Tip Of Tail

Cat Losing Hair On Tip Of Tail

Cats are fastidious groomers – they spend a great deal of their time taking care of their coats. Despite all this care, bald spots are fairly common on cats and can appear on any part of the body. Depending on the cause, you might see them developing along the back, hind legs, or tip of

Microchipping Cats - A Guideline Of The Pros And Cons For Fur Parents 

Microchipping Cats – Pros and Cons

Imagine this: You have lost your feline companion and your only hope is that a good samaritan will find and return him to you. He wears a collar and tag with your contact information on it, but unfortunately, the identity tag has fallen off somewhere. So, when somebody finds your pet, they assume he is

Why Do Cats Sit With Their Back To You

Why Do Cats Sit With Their Back to You?

Picture this familiar scene: You are binge-watching your favorite movies in the living room when your four-legged companion suddenly jumps on your lap, head butts you – and then turns her back on you. Weird, right? From our human perspective, it might be odd or even rude when a cat suddenly turns her back and

How Much Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Cost

How Much Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Cost?

An exotic shorthair can cost anywhere from 900 to 5000 dollars, depending on the breeder it comes from. If the breeder is not that well known, the price could be around 900 to 2500 dollars, but if the breeder is reputable and well-known, it could be up to 5000 dollars. This is because an exotic

Why Is My Savannah Cat Hissing

Why Is My Savannah Cat Hissing?

The Savannah cat breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval cat. It is elegant in appearance, with large ears and a triangular head atop a long, thin neck. It is also much taller than a normal house cat thanks to its long, slender legs. Savannahs are often described as having a

Can I Give My Cat Advantage Flea Treatment Twice In A Month?

Can I Give My Cat Advantage Flea Treatment Twice In A Month?

Flea infestations can be frustrating, especially if they keep coming back despite you diligently treating your pets. If you have been advised to use Advantage flea treatment to solve your cat’s flea problem, but the infestation is still there, you might be wondering whether you are using the product incorrectly, or if you need to

Black Crust Around Cats Eyes

Black Crust Around Cat’s Eyes

Have you noticed that your cat has watery eyes or dark crusty material around her eyes and nose?  Often, this dark gunk is nothing serious and is just a bit of a nuisance and gross to look at. If you have ever wondered what causes these black crusties and what you can do to remove

Cat Personality Change After Moving

Cat Personality Change After Moving – Should You Worry?

Planning to move into a new home with your furry companion? You might want to plan ahead before the big day! Cats dislike change intensely, and they might surprise you with some strange behaviors after moving. While most of these behaviors are completely normal and nothing to worry about, some cats can display destructive behavior

Should I Let My Cat Eat Bugs

Should I Let My Cat Eat Bugs?

Cats, in general, love to hunt. The thrill of stalking, chasing, and catching prey is part of their wild game. And for a cat, hunting and playing with tiny, live creatures is way more fun than a feather wand or a laser pointer. To complete the hunting experience, most cats end up devouring the helpless

Do Cats Inbreed

Do Cats Inbreed?

If you own several cats that come from the same litter and have not been neutered, there is a high chance they will mate with each other, resulting in inbred pregnancies. Breeding is a natural behavior in any animal, and they will inbreed because they do not recognize family ties. When a cat enters her

My Cat Sounds Congested When Breathing

My Cat Sounds Congested When Breathing

Cats do not usually make a noise when they breathe. While an occasional sneeze or purr is completely normal, loud or congested breathing might be a cause for concern. However, do not be alarmed right away; not all congested breathing is linked to serious illnesses. If you are concerned as to why your cat sounds

Cat Has Something Stuck In Throat

What to Do If Your Cat Has Something Stuck In Her Throat?

Cats can end up chewing a lot of strange things just out of curiosity. Many will not hesitate to sample what they find interesting, be it a ball of yarn, a colorful pack of rubber bands, or a shiny piece of aluminum foil. However, as many cat owners will tell you, this curious habit can

How Long Does It Take To Socialize A Feral Kitten

How Long Does It Take To Socialize A Feral Kitten?

Kittens are considered feral if they are born outdoors, whether their mother is a feral cat living in the wild or a lost or abandoned house cat. These kittens have never been socialized with humans from the day they were born, so they might be hissy, aggressive, frightened, or avoidant if you approach them. In

When Is It Too Late To Tame A Feral Cat

When Is It Too Late To Tame A Feral Cat?

What if you found a feral kitty living in a vacant lot near your home, or peeking out from under your porch? Would you help it? For some animal lovers, it can be tempting to bring these cats home and try to turn them into regular house cats. We want to help these poor animals

Are Cat Wipes Safe

Are Cat Wipes Safe?

Cats generally hate bath-time, but thankfully these furry creatures are excellent groomers and rarely need any help when it comes to cleaning themselves. Still, there are times when our furry companions do need some human assistance when they get themselves into particularly messy situations. Disabled cats who are unable to groom themselves will also need

Is Ortho Home Defense Safe For Pets

Is Ortho Home Defense Safe For Pets?

Homeowners use pesticides to prevent the invasion of pesky bugs, roaches, and other insects seeking to make themselves at home. These tiny critters are not only a nuisance; they can also be a threat to your family’s health, since they can carry bacterial and viral diseases. Additionally, pests such as ticks and fleas can also

What Can I Use Instead Of Straw For A Cat Shelter

What Can I Use Instead Of Straw For A Cat Shelter?

If you are on a mission to help the feral cat population, you might be considering a DIY cat shelter as your next weekend project.  There are many cheap materials you can use to provide a warm, cozy shelter for your community cats, and one of the most popular choices of bedding is straw.  But

Is Dish Soap Safe For Cats

Is Dish Soap Safe For Cats?

Cats are excellent at grooming themselves, but when they get grease and stubborn dirt on their coats, sometimes a couple of licks are just not enough. The best option in that case is to use cat shampoo or soap formulated for their delicate skin. But what if you have run out of these products at

Are Catnip Sticks Safe For Cats

Are Catnip Sticks Safe For Cats?

Catnip is an herb that is naturally appealing to our feline friends, eliciting a variety of amusing reactions from them. And, aside from making them bounce or roll around with joy, catnip can also have some medicinal purposes, and even aggressive or anxious cats can benefit from its calming effects. Catnip is available on the

Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas On Cats

Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas On Cats?

Fleas are not just annoying to deal with; these pesky bugs can cause extreme itchiness and discomfort to our furry companions and, sometimes, to humans. They can also be deadly to young kittens, and without proper management they will reproduce at an alarming rate. You might have heard already about Dawn dishwashing soap – perhaps

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe For Cats

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe For Cats?

Cats rarely need a bath – these fastidious furballs are already their own best groomers. They are equipped with their own natural tools, their tongues and paws, to keep themselves clean under most circumstances. Sometimes, however, a bath is necessary; for example, if they have soiled themselves or attracted some unwanted visitors on their coat. 

Why Does My Cat Cry When I Pick Her Up

Why Does My Cat Cry When I Pick Her Up?

Cats meow for so many reasons: it could be out of happiness, curiosity, fear, or distress. Sadly, few cat owners know how to interpret their furry friend’s meows. No matter how much you love your cat – feeding her, cleaning up after her, providing her with a comfortable home, and so on – this does

Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate

Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate?

For some people, it might be challenging to love a hairless breed like the sphynx. True, they might look weird and a bit creepy due to their baldness and wrinkled skin – but, as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover! Despite their appearance, these bald beauties have the ability to enchant

Are Persian Cats Affectionate

Are Persian Cats Affectionate?

Persian cats are not only recognized for their long, beautiful coats, but also for their serene and sweet demeanor. These adorable fur balls are also admired for being friendly and affectionate – no wonder so many cat lovers fantasize about owning one of these beauties! If you are a first-time fur parent of a Persian

Are Calico Cats Affectionate

Are Calico Cats Affectionate?

Although calicos are not a breed of cat, they are certainly popular for their signature coats. In fact, many cultures believe that their unique tri-color coats bring good luck and money.  However, calicos also have the reputation for being sassy, spunky, and unpredictable. So, if you are thinking of adding a calico cat to your

Are Siberian Cat Affectionate

Are Siberian Cats Affectionate?

Siberian cats are loved not only for their stunning appearance but for their almost dog-like demeanor. They are playful and full of affection, so if you happen to meet one, you might find yourself falling in love with their charming temperament. Are you thinking about adding a fluffy friend to your family? Keep reading to

Are Older Cats More Affectionate

Are Older Cats More Affectionate?

Aging can have an impact on your cat’s personality. The transition from young kitten to adult cat naturally affects cats’ daily routines, socialization, and relationships with their owners. Moreover, some fur-parents also notice their felines becoming more affectionate as they grow older.  Some older cats might become more affectionate due to their weakened cognitive abilities.

Are Kittens More Affectionate Than Adult Cats

Are Kittens More Affectionate Than Adult Cats?

Most cat owners prefer their pet to be friendly and affectionate, rather than aloof. However, every cat has its own unique quirks, and while some might crave cuddles and affection while they are young kittens, their loving natures might change over time. This transition has left many fur parents wondering whether it is normal for

Are Maine Coon Cats Affectionate

Are Maine Coon Cats Affectionate?

Have you spotted an adorable picture of a Maine Coon online and decided that you needed one to be your purr-fect companion at home? It may have made you curious about their nature, too. Do they enjoy being cuddled? Is this breed affectionate?  The short answer is, yes – Maine Coons are affectionate cats, and

Why Are Cats So Affectionate In The Morning

Why Are Cats So Affectionate In The Morning?

Seeing your whiskered friend arrive in your bedroom each morning to kiss and cuddle with you can be heartwarming. Yes – as well as being generally adorable, cats can also be extremely loving toward their humans. As a cat owner, you will be endlessly entertained not only by your pet’s intelligence and interesting behaviors, but

Are Russian Blue Cats Affectionate

Are Russian Blue Cats Affectionate? Cat Personality Traits You Need to Know

Russian Blues are among the most coveted cat breeds, due to their elegance and charm. What distinguishes them from other breeds and makes them special is their beautiful, pale blue-gray coats and bright green eyes that are adored by so many cat fanciers. Aside from their good looks, Russian Blues are also known for being

Are Ragdoll Cats Good With Dogs?

Are Ragdoll Cats Good With Dogs?

Yes, Ragdoll cats are great with dogs, thanks to their laid-back, calm temperaments. This breed is really sweet and gentle, which is why they are considered a “lap breed” of cats. They are very patient and tolerant, not only of dogs but children as well. In this article, we will talk more about the introduction

Are Black Cats More Affectionate

Are Black Cats More Affectionate? Surprising Facts You Should Know

Black cats have long been known as an iconic Halloween symbol. This is not just because of their dark coats, but also their centuries-old association with witchcraft and Satan. They were even believed by some to be witches who had been transformed into cats. Unfortunately, this superstitious belief has resulted in mass killings of these

Are Bengal Cats Affectionate

Are Bengal Cats Affectionate? What You Need To Know

The Bengal cat is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a wild Asian leopard. Given their wild-cat appearance, some people might question whether they have an affectionate side and whether they would make good family pets. Interestingly, Bengals are very sweet and loving cats, despite their “miniature leopard” appearance. In fact, they generally form

Are Ragdoll Cats Affectionate

Are Ragdoll Cats Affectionate?

If you are a cat lover looking for a new pet to join your family, you might already have considered a Ragdoll, for its placid and gentle nature. These blue-eyed fur-faces are not only beautiful; they are also more affectionate than many other cat breeds, making them a popular choice among cat lovers. Aside from

Do Cats Get More Affectionate When You Are Pregnant

Do Cats Get More Affectionate When You Are Pregnant?

Cats can be the most wonderful companions to have around the home. Sure, they can be mischievous at times, or even behave in strange or funny ways. But they can also be extremely loyal and affectionate toward their owners – one of the biggest reasons we love and adore these beautiful creatures. And, if you

Are Savannah Cats Good With Dogs

Are Savannah Cats Good With Dogs? What You Need to Know

Savannahs are an intriguing breed of cats, with exotic looks and a dog-like temperament. But do they actually get along with dogs? If you are a dog lover and would like to own a cat that can be cuddled and trained like a canine, then you might find the Savannah cat a wonderful companion. However,

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Dogs

Are Maine Coon Cats Good With Dogs?

Introducing a new puppy to a resident Maine Coon, or vice versa, can be a nerve-wracking experience for any fur parent. This fear is totally normal – we just want to ensure that our pets can live together peacefully and get along well.  If you have a Maine Coon cat at home, your chances of

Are Siamese Cats Good With Dogs

Are Siamese Cats Good With Dogs? What You Should Know

Right now, you might be thinking of adding a new kitty to your family, and perhaps you have chosen a Siamese because of the breed’s beauty and amazing personality. However, you are not sure if this breed will get along with your family dog. Good news! Siamese cats are generally known to get along well

Persian Cat Life Expectancy

Persian Cat Life Expectancy – Tips To Increase Your Cat’s Longevity

Persian cats are known to be among the most beautiful breeds in the world. Their long, flowing coats, adorable woolly faces, and docile temperaments have captured the hearts of many. These precious cats are also ideal lap cats and are generally friendly with people and other animals. There is a plethora of reasons why so

How Long Can Cats Hold Their Poop

How Long Can Cats Hold Their Poop?

Your cat’s toilet habits are strongly linked to the place he considers his territory. Take him on a road trip or any other place unfamiliar, and you may soon find yourself in a messy situation.  Not all cats will have the same reaction when taken on a trip for the first time. Some cats are

Do Hotels Allow Cats

Do Hotels Allow Cats? Travel Tips Every Cat Owner Should Know

Planning a trip with your cat can be a headache. There are so many things you need to consider, including a pet-friendly lodge where you and your furry friend can comfortably spend a few nights. So, do hotels allow cats? The answer could be either yes or no. For some reason, not all hotels are

Should I Cover My Cats Carrier When Traveling

Should I Cover My Cat’s Carrier When Traveling?

Most owners dread traveling with their cats, for a number of reasons. Not all cats react calmly to new, unfamiliar places. Moreover, cats who are traumatized from visiting the vet might associate travel with this fearful experience.  While training your cat in the right behavior might be the best long-term solution, some quick and temporary

Sphynx Cat Dry Skin

Sphynx Cat Dry Skin – Causes and Treatments

Sphynx cats are a very special breed of cat, in that they are hairless. Because of their lack of fur, these cats do not have a protective barrier against the weather or the environment. This means they often require more maintenance than other cat breeds due to their vulnerability to various skin conditions, including dry

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Carrier

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Carrier?

Cats are generally happier and more content in their own homes. However, some situations might force us to take our furry companions along with us when we travel. And, for good reason, many cat owners dread this stressful moment, especially if it is a long-distance trip. So, how long can you keep your cat inside

Can You Put Two Cats In One Carrier

Can You Put Two Cats In One Carrier? Tips and Safety Warning

Cats seldom love to share their personal space or belongings with other animals, especially their own kind. For example, they are often more content if you provide them with their own toys and litter box.  But what if you need to travel somewhere with more than one cat? Aside from a visit to the vet,

Keep Cat From Meowing On Plane

How to Keep Cat From Meowing On Plane?

5 Tips To Keep Cats From Meowing On The Plane Planning to move to a new city or visit relatives with your fur baby? Then be prepared to accommodate your cat’s physical and emotional needs! Most cats will not appreciate air travel, and there is a good chance you will be bothered by lots of

Do Cats Ears Pop

Do Cats’ Ears Pop? Yes – Here’s Why

If you are planning to take your cat traveling with you, then you may be concerned about whether cats’ ears pop during a flight.  Just like humans, cats do experience ear pops at high altitudes, and they may react differently to this temporary sensation, depending on their individual temperament. Some might remain calm and quiet,

How Do Cats Go To The Bathroom On A Plane?

How Do Cats Go To The Bathroom On A Plane?

If you are a cat owner about to embark on your first trip with your four-legged companion, it can be difficult to imagine how you might handle your pet’s toilet requirements during the flight.  Being in a cabin jam-packed with aircraft passengers is a frightening experience for most cats, and the consequence often includes a

Do Cats Like Cat Backpacks?

Do Cats Like Cat Backpacks?

Traveling with your fur baby can be enriching: you get the chance to strengthen your emotional bond while enjoying a different view outside your home. However, a lot of cat owners are doubtful about the safety of cat backpacks, as well as whether their furry companions will like being inside them. Read on to find

Are Cat Backpacks Safe Here’s What You Need to Know

Are Cat Backpacks Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know

A lot of people might question the safety of using a cat backpack because they are worried that the bag might be too small or too hot for their furry friend. In a nutshell, cat backpacks are as safe as any other cat carrier. They are designed to keep your kitty secure and comfortable while

Places To Take Cats For Fun

Places to Take Cats For Fun – Our Top Recommendations

So you are ready to take a break and enjoy some different scenery. – but you are also a cat lover, and you cannot just leave your furry friend alone at home. You want to enjoy your trips with your best friend alongside you to share the fun experience. Thankfully, there are many cat-friendly places

How Long To Keep A Cat Inside After Moving

How Long To Keep A Cat Inside After Moving?

Some events in our lives, such as moving home, are inevitable. Unfortunately, this kind of change can be a little too overwhelming for a cat, resulting in atypical behavior such as yowling or trying to escape. When a cat is stressed, it will either hide or run away. And when your pet dashes out of

Can I Take My Cat To The Beach

Can I Take My Cat To The Beach?

So, it is finally summer and you are looking forward to relaxing and basking in the sunshine like you don’t have a care in the world. And you would really like to share the whole experience with your feline companion. Understandably, most cat owners do not want to just leave their furball behind while they

Can A Cat Recover From A Stroke

Can A Cat Recover From A Stroke?

If you thought it was only humans that could suffer devastating strokes, we’ve got news for you: Apparently even our furry companions can experience this health problem! Although rare, cats (and even dogs) can experience a stroke. With the help of advanced technology such as MRI or CT scans, it is now easier to confirm

Do Cats Sleepwalk

Do Cats Sleepwalk? What Cat Owners Should Know

Maybe you have experienced an episode where your furry friend suddenly gets up from a deep sleep, sits in the corner of your room and gives you a blank stare. You try to call his name, pet him, and even look in his eyes, but it seems like he is in another world. It can

Mixed Siamese Cat

Mixed Siamese Cat – Is This The Right Pet For You?

So, you found these adorable pictures of mixed Siamese cats on Instagram and suddenly thought how amazing it would be to have a member of this special breed at home.  Before you get too excited, however, it is important to properly understand the traits of this breed so that you know whether the Siamese crossbreed

Siamese Domestic Shorthair Mix

Siamese Domestic Shorthair Mix – Interesting Facts Every Cat Owner Should Know

The Siamese is one of the most well-loved breeds among cat fanciers. Over the years, this exotic breed has become a popular member of households the world over, thanks to its unique and striking appearance. Their colorpoint shades and light fur, combined with a playful, people-friendly temperament, are among the traits that make Siamese stand

Do Cats Have Eyelashes

Do Cats Have Eyelashes?

For humans, the presence of thick, long eyelashes is considered beautiful. But when it comes to our feline friends, it might be confusing to figure out whether they have any eyelashes at all! First and foremost, cats do not need eyelashes to look adorable – their fluffy coats and rumbly purrs are enough to make

Why Do Cats Like Wet Towels

Why Do Cats Like Wet Towels?

Felines exhibit all sorts of strange behavior, so it should hardly be a surprise to see your cat having a good time rolling around on your personal belongings. But have you ever wondered why your furry companion loves nesting on your wet towels? The reason is not actually so surprising: It is simply because your

Pros And Cons Of Ragdoll Cats

Pros And Cons Of Ragdoll Cats – A Guide for New Owners

Looking for a perfect cuddly pet for your family? You might find a Ragdoll an ideal home companion. Ragdolls are a popular cat breed due to their friendly temperament and beautiful physical traits. These felines are the ideal playmates for young children and can also get along easily with other pets at home. When it

Can You Use Vaseline For Ear Mites In Cats

Can You Use Vaseline For Ear Mites In Cats?

One day, out of the blue, you notice your cat scratching his ears incessantly and shaking his head. You immediately check the inside of his ears and notice some dark brown granular deposits that resemble coffee grounds. These tiny dots you see could be ear mites. Ear mites are very common parasitic infestations in cats

How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last

How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last?

Scratching is an important outlet for cats when they feel bored, stressed, or excited. It can also be prompted by their innate territorial instinct, or as part of a grooming habit. To make sure your feline does not harm any of your furniture or carpets, it is a good idea to provide him with a

Kitten Biting Phase

Kitten Biting Phase – What You Need to Know

Biting is one of the ways that kittens learn about their environment, play with their littermates, and test boundaries. Throughout a kitten’s growing stage, you will notice both physiological and behavioral changes that prepare them for their predatory roles in the future. And, since their ancestors are desert wildcats, these little felines are predisposed to

How To Lure A Cat Out Of Hiding

How To Lure A Cat Out Of Hiding?

Cats may conceal themselves for a multitude of reasons. For most owners, this behavior causes serious concern, especially if their cat has been hiding for a considerable time. Some hiding spots can be also dangerous for cats and can be problematic when their owners try to retrieve them. It can even be more difficult if

Dehydrated Cat Gums - Causes and Tips For Prevention

Dehydrated Cat Gums – Causes and Tips For Prevention

Your cat’s gums can tell you a lot about his current health condition. They act as a warning system, changing from a normal pink to a different color when your feline is not feeling well. One obvious concern that will change the color of your cat’s gums is dehydration. Although we do not rely solely

Are Cats Cold-Blooded?

Are Cats Cold-Blooded?

No, cats are not cold-blooded animals, because they are mammals and all mammals are warm-blooded. The belief that they are cold-blooded might be held by some people due to how much cats love to cozy up and sleep in warm spots, such as next to a wood stove or radiator, or even just on a

Can Cats Choke To Death On Hairballs

Can Cats Choke To Death On Hairballs?

Cat hairballs are not only gross – they are also scary and can be fatal! If you are a cat owner, you can probably relate to the feeling of disgust upon seeing a slimy, sausage-shaped wad of fur left by your cat for you to deal with. Revolting! Those stinky lumps of hair your cat

Do Cats Sleep More When It's Hot

Do Cats Sleep More When It’s Hot?

Just like humans, felines naturally enjoy being in warm, cosy places. The warmth of the sun gives them a sense of security, replenishes their vitamin D for healthier bones and coat, and provides the ideal mating opportunities. And since they are genetically desert animals, their bodies are designed to tolerate hot temperatures more than humans.

How Tight Should A Cat Collar Be

How Tight Should A Cat Collar Be?

A collar is more than just an adornment for your furry feline. It can be a life-saver for cats, especially if they are left to wander freely outside. It can provide peace of mind that, no matter what happens, your pet will always get back home. For first-timers, choosing the correct collar size can be

Is It Okay For Cats To Lick Their Wounds?

Is It Okay For Cats To Lick Their Wounds?

The saliva that cats leave in their wounds when they lick them does have healing properties, but it can also harbor harmful bacteria that can cause the wound to become infected and take longer to heal. If your cat has just got stitches and is licking them, it is probably trying to relieve some of

Why Is My Cat So Staticy - Causes and Quick-Fix Tips

Why Is My Cat So Staticy? – Causes and Quick-Fix Tips

Winter is finally here. This is the season when you yearn for something warm to snuggle up with. You reach for your heater and crank it up a notch to beat the cold. And what could be more pur-fect than cuddling with your warm-bodied feline friend as you sip your favorite hot chocolate on a

Can Cats Have Bad Dreams

Can Cats Have Bad Dreams?

Have you ever wondered why your cat suddenly makes odd sounds or jerks and twitches while sleeping? That is because our furry friends can have dreams. It could be about their fantasies, needs, memories, or their day’s adventure. Experts believe that cats go through several stages of sleep and, just like us, start dreaming during

How To Treat A Sick Cat Without Going To The Vet

How To Treat A Sick Cat Without Going To The Vet?

It is never easy to see your beloved cat feeling ill. As a fur parent, it is very important to know when your cat is sick and needs help. Sometimes, your feline may experience a simple stomach problem, loss of appetite, or lethargy. With the right care, it may be possible that these symptoms can

Cat Behavior After Shaving

Cat Behavior After Shaving

Cat Behavior After Shaving: What to Expect Felines are known to be highly sensitive to change. Their heightened senses help them recognize the slightest change in temperature, and they can easily distinguish different sounds to help them assess their surroundings and run for cover in the presence of possible threats. All of these abilities are

How To Dry A Cat After A Bath

How To Dry A Cat After A Bath?

When bathing your kitty for the first time, you want to make sure that you are doing it correctly. One wrong move can make the entire experience a nightmare that your cat will remember forever. As much as we want to keep our cats clean and healthy, bathing is often a life-and-death struggle between fur-parent

How To Keep Cats Cool In Summer Without Air Conditioning

How To Keep Cats Cool In Summer Without Air Conditioning

Cats love the summer, but they can also be susceptible to heat stress, especially when temperatures start to peak. And for those fur-parents who cannot provide an air conditioner for their pets, the risk of cats suffering heat stroke becomes higher. Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives available when air conditioning is not an

Does Matted Fur Hurt Cats

Does Matted Fur Hurt Cats?

Silky-smooth, tangle-free fur is usually a top indicator of a perfectly healthy and happy cat. These meticulous groomers love to maintain their coats and spend a lot of time doing so. And, whether you agree or not, that silky-smooth hair is enjoyable to touch and may even offer some therapeutic benefit. That said, the occasional

Short Hair Cat Matted Fur

Short Hair Cat Matted Fur – Causes and How to Get Rid of It

Cats are excellent groomers. They spend most of their waking hours maintaining their silky, fluffy fur, meticulously cleaning every part of their body from head to tail. The surface of their tongues is made up of tiny papillae which are effective at picking up any dirt, parasites, and dead hair from their coats. However, your

Does weather affect cats moods

Does Weather Affect Cats’ Moods?

Cat owners often wish they could hack the minds of their pets to know what mood they are in. Luckily, it is actually possible to tell what mood your cat might be in, based on certain predictors. These include the weather.  Does weather affect cats’ moods? Cats have evolved to detect even the smallest change

How to Keep Cats Out of Trash?

How to Keep Cats Out of Trash?

Cats rummaging through the trash is more than just an inconvenience and an extra mess to clean up. For indoor cats, especially, it is unhygienic, and no one wants to smell or feel little bits of leftovers when they cuddle their pets. If this is a problem you have, there are some simple tips you

How To Keep Cat Hair Off Bed

How To Keep Cat Hair Off Bed?

Cats make wonderful pets, but one of the most annoying aspects of owning a cat, especially a very furry one, is having to deal with all the fur that they leave on your furniture, clothes and floors. One of the places cats love to lounge is on your bed. They like burying themselves in the

Do Cats Like The Dark?

Do Cats Like The Dark?

Cats are predators by nature, and they usually hunt at night. Domesticated cats, despite being well-fed at home, also have the urge to hunt and will readily prey on birds and small mammals, even if they are not hungry. However, there are some cat owners who claim that their cats have an aversion to the

Are Feather Toys Safe For Cats

Are Feather Toys Safe For Cats?

Cats are playful and frisky, and when they are young they will jump at any opportunity to play with their siblings. When they leave their litter, many will live in a home without other cats, but they can still play with the help of toys and cat-specific furniture. The act of play helps cats to

Why Do Cats Like Tunnels

Why Do Cats Like Tunnels?

Cats are playful animals that like to be mentally and physically stimulated, and playing with fellow cats or toys is part of their daily routine. Playing also keeps them healthy and helps them maintain a healthy weight. Most cats love nothing better than small spaces where they can play hide-and-seek. They have a penchant for

Does Cat Litter Keep Mice Away

Does Cat Litter Keep Mice Away?

Rodents like mice can be a real headache, causing damage and carrying diseases. There are various methods to get rid of them, but most do not eradicate them. Rodents are known to avoid cats, which are their so-called mortal enemies, and many say that cat litter is effective at keeping mice away. In this article,

How to Make a Kitten Pacifier

How to Make a Kitten Pacifier?

Kittens knead, suck and bite on their mother’s nipples to stimulate milk production, and they may go on to suckle, scratch, and chew on all sorts of things aside from their mamas’ teats. If you have a new kitten and she is scratching or chewing on your arm or your furniture, it might be a

Cat Ears Flattened Sideways

Cat Ears Flattened Sideways

Just like people, cats have unique personalities. Some are very affectionate, while others tend to be more aloof.  While their temperaments may vary, felines exhibit similar body language to convey their moods. This is evident when you closely observe how they position certain body parts. Their ears, for instance, can reveal a lot about a

How Long Do Cat Colds Last

How Long Do Cat Colds Last?

If you notice your cat sniffling and she has a higher-than-usual body temperature, she is quite possibly suffering from a cold. Felines can catch colds just as humans do. In this article, we will get to know more about the common signs and symptoms of cat colds, and how long they usually last.  How long

Do Cats Have Taste Buds

Do Cats Have Taste Buds?

Cats tend to be finicky about their food and can be very picky eaters, unwilling to try food that is new or different from what they are used to eating. Evolution plays a big role in this fussy eating: felines are driven to consume food that has a particular ratio of protein to fat. In

How Long Can Cats Hold Their Pee

How Long Can Cats Hold Their Pee?

Cats are very particular about their litter box routines and may choose not to use the litter if anything is slightly amiss. It could be that the litter is dirty, there is a new cat in the house, or the litter box has been moved to a new, less desirable spot. In these instances, you

How To Move Cats Long Distance

How To Move Cats Long Distance?

Relocating to a new city or country can be daunting if you have cats. They are creatures of habit and prefer routine, so a sudden move can make them stressed or anxious. If you are facing a dilemma over how to move your cat to another area without the stress and anxiety, you are not

Feeling Guilty About Getting A New Cat

Feeling Guilty About Getting A New Cat

Losing a cat that was dear to you is always heartbreaking, and for many pet owners it takes a very long time before they can move on from the grief and sorrow. Often, cat parents adopt a new cat to cope with their loss, but some claim that they feel guilty about getting a new

Can Cats Climb Ladders?

Can Cats Climb Ladders?

Cats are renowned climbers. Their extendable claws enable them to grip tree trunks, while their strong rear legs propel them upward. They also have strong bones and flexible joints that facilitate running, jumping and climbing. While you normally see cats climbing trees and scaling walls, you may find yourself wondering if they can make it

Can Indoor Cats Get Ear Mites

Can Indoor Cats Get Ear Mites?

Cats are very clean animals; in fact, they spend at least 50% of their waking hours just grooming themselves or other cats. As much as they clean their body, paws and faces, they could sometimes use a little help since they cannot reach every body part. Their ears, for instance, are susceptible to ear infections

How Long Does It Take For Ear Mites To Go Away After Treatment

How Long Does It Take For Ear Mites To Go Away After Treatment?

It will take three weeks to one month for ear mites to go away after treatment. Their egg-to-egg cycle is roughly 21 days, so treatment should continue for a minimum of three weeks to make sure all the mite eggs have been eradicated. Single-use products like Revolution may not be sufficient to get rid of

Why Are My Cat's Whiskers Curling

Why Are My Cat’s Whiskers Curling?

A cat’s whiskers are vital: they provide felines with crucial information about their surroundings. Whiskers are scientifically known as vibrissae, which means to vibrate. Cats usually have 24 whiskers, arranged in rows of four. However, accidents and other mishaps could cause them to become deformed, broken or curled.  Why are my cat’s whiskers curling?  It

Is Cat Litter Flammable

Is Cat Litter Flammable?

Cat litter is essential if you have an indoor cat, since it absorbs moisture and odor from the litter box. Various kinds are available commercially nowadays, although you can also use other materials like potting soil or sand as emergency cat litter. Needless to say, some cat owners are concerned about whether cat litter is

How To Tell If Your Cat Has A Fever Without A Thermometer?

How To Tell If Your Cat Has A Fever Without A Thermometer?

Cats are frisky, energetic pets that usually enjoy running, jumping and climbing on window sills and furniture. If you find your usually playful kitty lethargic, weak and pale, it could be a cause for concern. If your cat suddenly does not want to eat and loses interest in playing or grooming, you need to check

Do Cats Like Strollers

Do Cats Like Strollers?

Cats, being curious creatures, like to explore their surroundings. For indoor cats this is a pressing dilemma, since they are not free to roam the great outdoors or climb trees. Thankfully, there are some products that allow you to take your indoor cat out, such as strollers. The big question is, do cats like strollers,

Do Cats Have Whiskers On Their Legs

Do Cats Have Whiskers On Their Legs?

Most people are aware that a cat has at least 24 whiskers on its face. These hairs are also referred to as vibrissae, or tactile hairs, and are at least three times thicker than regular cat hair. Surprisingly, a cat can also have whiskers on certain other parts of its body.  Do cats have whiskers

Why Do Cats Like Chlorine and What Are The Risks

Why Do Cats Like Chlorine and What Are The Risks?

Have you noticed your cat acting strange every time she smells bleach or chlorine on the floor or walls? You are not alone – many many cat owners attest to this strange behavior. If you are wondering what it is about bleach that makes cats act so weird, read on and let us unravel this

Home Remedies To Stop Cat from Licking

Home Remedies To Stop Cat from Licking

Cats lick themselves, and this is a natural thing to do for them. In fact, they spend at least five hours a day grooming, cleaning and licking themselves. However, it can become worrisome for a cat owner if their cat becomes obsessed with licking herself, or household objects and surfaces. Read on for some insightful

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

The winter months can be chilly and uncomfortable for cats, especially those with thin hair or hairless breeds such as the Sphynx. To keep your cats warm and cozy, you could provide them with cat beds that have a heating element. Heated cat beds are popularly used during winter, but some cat owners are concerned

Do Cats Eat Bugs?

Do Cats Eat Bugs?

Cats are active and playful with a penchant for chasing anything that moves quickly. This natural reaction is due to their predatory instincts, passed down from their wild feline ancestors. Aside from rodents and lizards, cats also like to chase crawling or flying insects and bugs.  Do cats eat bugs? Yes, cats eat bugs, and

How To Find Hidden Cat Pee

How To Find Hidden Cat Pee?

Having cats is adorable and cat parents love spoiling their fur babies with toys and treats. However, it can be annoying if your home starts to stink of cat pee. When it is wet, it is easy to detect, but once it has dried, finding it could become an endless guessing game.  How to find

Do Cats Get Winter Coats

Do Cats Get Winter Coats?

Cats have fur to protect them from cold temperatures. When winter arrives, most breeds grow a thick undercoat to help them stay warm and comfortable. However, domesticated indoor cats live in temperature-regulated homes, leaving some cat owners wondering whether their pets still grow their winter coats. Do Cats Get Winter Coats? Yes, cats get winter

How To Get Cat Hair Off Comforter

How To Get Cat Hair Off Comforter?

Owning a long-haired cat can be a struggle, since you constantly have to clean up the hair they shed all over your home. Furniture and carpets are often strewn with hair, which can be very unsightly. This article discusses some tips for getting cat hair off your comforter and other areas of your home. How

Maine Coon vs Persian

Maine Coon vs Persian

Maine Coons are considered the largest domesticated cats. These gentle giants are affectionate, friendly and intelligent. Meanwhile, Persian cats have a calm nature and a commanding air of royalty. Cat lovers who prefer elegant, long-haired cats might find either of these the ideal pets. In this article, we discuss some of the differences between the

Bobcat vs Maine Coon

Bobcat vs Maine Coon

Bobcats are considered one of the least domesticated cat breeds, but they can become excellent pets for the right owners. They are often called exotic pets, although lately their popularity as house pets has grown. Maine Coons are popular for being affectionate, gentle giants, with their massive bodies and calm, relaxed nature. There are several

Nebelung vs Maine Coon

Nebelung vs Maine Coon

The Nebelung cat breed is new and rare. These cats are closely related to Russian Blue cats, and their name means “creature of the mist” in the German language. Maine Coons, meanwhile, are known as gentle giants, and are affectionate, gentle and calm, despite their large size. In this article, we look at the differences

Ragamuffin vs Maine Coon

Ragamuffin vs Maine Coon

Ragamuffin cats are large, long-bodied felines famous for their lovable personalities. They are so-called “offshoots” of the Ragdoll breed. Meanwhile, Maine Coons are popular for being gentle giants. They are affectionate, calm and get along well with kids and other pets. In this article, you can learn more about the differences between these two large

Savannah Cat vs Maine Coon

Savannah Cat vs Maine Coon

Savannah cats are tall, elegant, and intelligent with gorgeous spotted coats of tan, brown or black. These felines were the result of breeding a domestic cat with a wild serval cat native to Africa. Meanwhile, Maine Coons are large cats that hail from Maine, USA. They are affectionate, not needy, and are renowned mousers. In

European Maine Coon vs American Maine Coon

European Maine Coon vs American Maine Coon

European Maine Coons are Maine Coon cats bred in Europe. They are not a separate breed, and they possess all the standard Maine Coon attributes of any Maine Coon. However, there are some noticeable differences when you compare European Maine Coons with American Maine Coons.  European Maine Coon vs American Maine Coon: What are the

Maine Coon vs Tabby

Maine Coon vs Tabby

Maine Coons are popularly known as gentle giants because of their large size and gentle demeanor. These large cats have thick, fluffy fur and beautiful eyes. They are affectionate, docile and highly intelligent. Tabby cats, meanwhile, are not an actual breed: any cat of any breed could be a tabby. The word simply refers to

Domestic Long Hair vs Maine Coon

Domestic Long Hair vs Maine Coon

Domestic Long Hairs are renowned for their hunting skills and come in a wide array of temperaments since they are of mixed breeds. This is not an officially recognized breed according to bodies like the Cat Fanciers Association. Maine Coons, on the other hand, are large, affectionate cats with three layers of fur, consisting of

Maine Coon vs Normal Cat

Maine Coon vs Normal Cat

Maine Coon cats are solid, rugged, large cats that can survive in countries with a harsh climate. They have smooth, shaggy coats, a balanced appearance and a well-proportioned body. Meanwhile, normal cats usually have short fur and are of mixed ancestry, not belonging to any particular cat breed. In this article, we get to know

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon

Norwegian Forest cats, or “Wegies”, are large and friendly cats that do not demand constant attention from their humans. They are avid climbers and renowned wilderness and farm cats. Meanwhile, Maine Coons are referred to as gentle giants due to their large size and gentle nature. Some people get confused between these two breeds because

Siamese vs Ragdoll

Siamese vs Ragdoll

Siamese cats are famous for their affectionate nature and for being vocal and chatty. Ragdolls are similarly famous, in this case for being good-looking, semi-long-haired cats with mesmerizing blue eyes. Although they share certain similarities, these breeds also have striking differences when it comes to their temperaments and personalities.  Siamese vs Ragdoll: What are the

Thai Cat vs Siamese

Thai Cat vs Siamese

The Thai cat is a cat breed from Thailand that is also referred to as Wichien Maat. It is a natural breed, meaning it originated without any human intervention. This breed is also called the old-style Siamese cat breed, and is related to, but distinct from, the Western and modern-style Siamese breeds. While these two

Burmese vs Siamese

Burmese vs Siamese

Burmese cats tend to have dog-like tendencies in that they are very sociable and outgoing. The Burmese cat breed originated in Burma, and was developed in Britain and the United States. The Siamese cat, on the other hand, is highly affectionate and very friendly. These cats share many similarities, but also have differences that are

Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese

Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese

The applehead Siamese cat breed is considered the traditional Siamese cat breed, or old-style breed, that was originally imported from Siam, which is now called Thailand. The breed was common in the 1950s up to the 1970s.  Meanwhile, the wedgehead Siamese is the newest of the Siamese breeds and is favored for cat shows. These

Applehead Siamese

Applehead Siamese

The Applehead Siamese cat is the so-called traditional breed of Siamese that was originally brought from Siam, now called Thailand. These cats are popular for being vocal but less chatty than the other Siamese breeds. They are also energetic and affectionate. Read on to understand more about this beautiful and elegant cat breed.  Applehead Siamese:

Seal Point Siamese

Seal Point Siamese

Seal point is a common color of the Siamese cat breed. These cats have cream-colored bodies with seal-brown or dark brown color points. These points spread from their face to their ears and nose, and over their paws and tail. The paw pads and nose leather are also dark brown-colored. Read on for some interesting

Balinese vs Siamese

Balinese vs Siamese

Balinese and Siamese cats have a lot in common since the former is the outcome of a genetic mutation of the latter. However, they also have differences that are noticeable if you take a closer look at each breed. In this article, we get to know the differences between the Balinese and Siamese cat breeds,

Tonkinese vs Siamese

Tonkinese vs Siamese

The Tonkinese and Siamese cat breeds are close relatives: the former is considered a crossbreed of Siamese and Burmese cats. However, there are considerable differences that you will notice between these two breeds. Read on to find out more about the differences between Tonkinese and Siamese cats.  Tonkinese vs Siamese: What are the differences? Tonkinese

How to Stop Cats from Opening Doors

How to Stop Cats from Opening Doors?

Cats may be aloof and stoic, but they are also highly intelligent animals. These curious furballs like to explore and push boundaries, and one of the things they can learn and master is the art of opening doors. While this may seem cute, it can be a nuisance if your cat learns to do this,

Do Cats Eat Cockroaches

Do Cats Eat Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are flying insects that are considered disgusting and avoided by most people. They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and are often found in warm, dark areas of homes and buildings. While most humans abhor them, cats often take a great interest in these creatures.  Do cats eat cockroaches? Yes, cats

Should Cats Wear Collars

Should Cats Wear Collars?

Devoted cat owners tend to be protective of their fur babies. They may insist on putting a collar on their cat so that they don’t get lost, and to protect them from wild animals. However, cat experts are unsure as to whether collars provide any safety. Read on for a discussion about whether cats should

Why Do Cats Hate Vacuums

Why Do Cats Hate Vacuums?

A vacuum cleaner is an essential household machine that uses suction to remove dust and debris from drapery, upholstery and floors. Although it is a necessity in every home, it proves a bane for most cats. Vacuums produce a loud sound that often startles and frightens cats. Why do cats hate vacuums? 1. Your cat

What Noises Do Cats Hate

What Noises Do Cats Hate?

Cats have a superior sense of hearing with a frequency range of 45 to 64,000 hertz – way more advanced than dogs or humans. Sounds are greatly magnified in a cat’s ears; they evolved this way to help them detect prey more easily. They therefore also startle easily, and sudden loud noises, like the sound

Cats spend at least 70% of their lives sleeping

21 Unbelievable Facts About Cats

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a cat will always steal your heart. While we already know a lot about their behavior and instincts, there are still many things we do not know about cats. This domesticated species of small, carnivorous mammal is famous for its playful nature, although some are known

Why Do Cats Hate Oranges

Why Do Cats Hate Oranges?

Oranges are one of the most-loved fruits and are widely cultivated around the world. The plants originated from Southeast China, and are a hybrid between a pomelo and a mandarin plant. While humans enjoy the sweet and citrusy scent of oranges, cats hate them and have a strong aversion to the smell.  Why do cats

Do Cats Hate Lavender

Do Cats Hate Lavender?

Lavender, native to regions including India, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, is a flowering plant that was used as a holy herb in ancient times. It is now widely cultivated for cosmetics, household cleaning products, candles and more, thanks to its light, floral scent. Lavender plants can also deter cats, and are used by

What Essential Oils Do Cats Hate

What Essential Oils Do Cats Hate?

Cats have an acute sense of smell, so it is possible that even if a smell is pleasant to a person’s nose, their cat may not feel the same way. Some people even use essential oils as a way of keeping cats from loitering around certain parts of their house. But is this technique really

What Plants Do Cats Hate

What Plants Do Cats Hate?

Do you have a cat that is fond of digging in the soil in your garden? Some pet owners experience this dilemma, especially if they have an adventurous and inquisitive cat. Commercial pet deterrents, such as sprinklers and deterrent sprays, are effective to a degree but often not enough. Listed below are some garden plants

Why Do Some People Hate Cats

Why Do Some People Hate Cats?

People may hate cats for the following reasons: They are allergic to cats.  Some people have an aversion to cats because they are allergic. Even although they do not necessarily hate them they abhor the way that cat dander brings out allergy symptoms.  The culprit of these allergic reactions is the Fel d 1 protein

Do Cats Hate Peppermint

Do Cats Hate Peppermint?

Cats are renowned for their superior sense of smell. They have over 200 million odor sensors compared to a human’s five million sensors.  This makes their sense of smell at least 14 times better than ours. This causes cats to hate many strong smells including citrus, cleaning products,  cayenne pepper and peppermint.  Do cats hate

Why Is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed

Why Is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed?

Cats have superior night and peripheral vision since they are crepuscular or active during dusk and dawn and they have a 200-degree field of view compared to a human’s 180 degrees view. Thus, it can be alarming if you notice your cat squinting and keeping one eye closed as it hinders your cat from being

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Tree

How Long Can A Cat Stay In A Tree?

Cats are natural climbers and they love high spaces but it is another thing when they cannot figure a way to come down unscathed. How long can a cat stay in a tree? A cat can stay in a tree for at least a week and survive but she should not be left in the