Cat Litter That Doesn’t Stick To Paws

Cat Litter That Doesn't Stick To Paws
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Most cats learn to use the litter box and are consistent with it. The downside is that your cat tends to leave messy paw prints behind after doing her business. The solution is to opt for cat litter that does not stick to paws to allow for easier clean-up. 

Cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws: What to consider 

When looking for the right litter that does not stick to your cat’s paws, you should consider the following:

The type of cat litter material 

There are various types of cat litter available in the market and they range from natural to artificial. However, the types that tend to be non-tracking are natural types such as pinewood, corn and walnut shells.

Similarly, clumping cat litter is a good non-tracking option as it does not stick to paws and is dust-free. It may contain bentonite that allows the litter to form into solid clumps once it absorbs liquid like urine. It can swell up to 15 times its original volume which allows for easier cleanup. However, unlike the natural litter, those that contain bentonite may pose health risks when ingested by cats. 

Shape and size of cat litter 

You also have to consider the shape and size of the tracking-resistant cat litter. Cat litter made of walnut shells has a shape that prevents it from being easily caught by the fur and paws. Large-sized litter is also less likely to stick to the paws resulting in fewer tracking incidents.  

Cat litter brand 

Sometimes the quality of non-tracking cat litter lies in the brand and manufacturer of the product. Some brands produce high-quality cat litter compared to others so you have to be cautious in choosing the right non-tracking litter for your feline. A good starting point is to check out the reviews section to gain insight into customer feedback. 

Recommended non-tracking cat litter 

Cat Litter That Doesn't Stick To Paws
Image: / belchonock

These are the brands of non-tracking cat litter making raves in the pet market these days:

1. World’s Best Cat Litter 

This brand is dust-free and tracking-free. It also has odor control that lasts up to a week.  It is quick clumping which allows for mess-free scooping and it’s also flushable. Most importantly, it has no strong or artificial scent and does not contain harmful ingredients. It is quite pricey compared to others though. 

2. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter 

This brand is highly absorbent and perfect for cats with sensitive skin or allergies. It is made from recycled paper and has large pellets that do not cling to the fur or paws. It is non-toxic, unscented, chemical-free and has no additives.

3. Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter 

This brand eliminates odors for up to a week and 99% dust-free. It is good at clumping, biodegradable and flushable.  It is also light-weight and eco-friendly since it is made from natural wood. However, it is quite pricey and may still leave some mess even though it does not leave traces of dust

4. Arm & Hammer Multi-cat Clumping Cat Litter 

This non-tracking cat litter clumps well and is economical to use. It eliminates foul odors and eradicates bacteria for up to one week. This brand has a dust-free formula so you do not have to worry that your cat may track dust all over your home.  However, it has a distinct scent that some cats may find overpowering. 

5. Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter 

This brand is recommended by cat experts as it clumps well and kills foul odors for up to a week. It is hypoallergenic, dust-free, unscented, and forms hard clumps that do not break down.  It does not contain harmful chemicals, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.  However, it is quite costly and clumps tend to get wet and sticky.

How to prevent cat litter from being tracked everywhere

Cat Litter That Doesn't Stick To Paws 2
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Aside from using cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws, there are also some measures that you can do to prevent it from being tracked elsewhere.

Here are some tips on how to prevent cat litter from being tracked everywhere:

  1. Opt for a litter box with high sides to avoid litter from falling off your cat’s paws. It also prevents your cat from kicking litter as she digs in the litter box. 
  2. Scoop out the clumps every day. This will also keep your cat from digging and scratching the litter box excessively. 
  3. Put a cat litter mat outside the litter box. 
  4. Go for a litter box with a built-in trackpad that traps litter as your cat leaves it. 
  5. Make sure that your cat’s paws are always clean.


Choosing the right non-tracking cat litter for our pets can be tricky due to the influx of brands and types in the market. The recommended brands of cat litter that does not stick to paws discussed above serve as a good starting point.