How Much Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Cost?

How Much Do Exotic Shorthair Cats Cost

An exotic shorthair can cost anywhere from 900 to 5000 dollars, depending on the breeder it comes from. If the breeder is not that well known, the price could be around 900 to 2500 dollars, but if the breeder is reputable and well-known, it could be up to 5000 dollars. This is because an exotic shorthair from a well-known breeder is likely to have an excellent pedigree and thus a more beautiful coat and appearance.

If you are fortunate enough, your local shelter may have an exotic shorthair in need of a new home in which case the adoption fees will be 350 dollars at the most.

In this article, we will discuss more about the cost of an Exotic Shorthair and why this breed can cost thousands of dollars. So, if you are contemplating getting one of these beautiful cats and wish to learn more, then keep reading.

How much do exotic shorthair cats cost?

If you purchase an exotic shorthair from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay anywhere between 900 and 2500 dollars. However, depending on the pedigree, they can be significantly more expensive. Some exotic kittens can sell for as much as 5000 dollars per kitten.

Even though the chances of finding an exotic shorthair in a shelter are slim, it is still worthwhile looking. Sometimes owners have to surrender purebred pets due to unforeseen circumstances, or their pets develop health problems that they cannot afford to treat.

If you are lucky enough to find one in a shelter, it is likely that you will have to pay between 150 and 350 dollars to adopt it. These fees cover the costs of necessary veterinary checks, spaying or neutering, as well as other care expenses.

Because exotic shorthairs have brachycephalic faces, they can be prone to airway issues which can result in expensive veterinary bills. Furthermore, if they have any special health requirements, this can incur further unexpected expenses. However, health risks should be significantly reduced if breeding and testing are properly done.

Why are exotic shorthairs so expensive?

The exotic shorthair is a man-made hybrid of the Persian and the American shorthair cat breeds. The breed evolved through an extremely precise breeding method, with the queen having to come from a suitable source and carry the necessary DNA to ensure the production of exotic shorthair offspring. Because this breeding requires a great deal of skill, knowledge, experience, and resources, it is an extremely expensive undertaking.

As a result, the price range for exotic shorthairs is ultimately determined by one primary factor: the type of breeder. This is because the procedures and testing that breeders choose to employ will directly impact the health and temperament of the offspring.

Exotic breeders with years of experience are well-known and legitimate, and they run reputable breeding farms in a manner that is safe, sustainable, ethical, and well-organized, resulting in the production of high-quality kittens. These farms are licensed and can sell their kittens on a commercial scale. The fact that they are authorized breeders means they are required to maintain a certain quality level and to meet the requirements for large-scale breeding.

These commercial breeders conduct a number of tests, both before and after breeding, to determine the genetics and lineage of their kittens so that the new owners can have a better understanding of their pet’s history. In addition, they must purchase all manner of supplies for the cats and kittens, such as food and litter. Before the breeding process can begin, the female undergoes a variety of background tests to verify her pedigree, which must meet strict quality standards. These tests and examinations look for diseases, hereditary conditions, feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), as well as problems such as diabetes and kidney disease which this breed is prone to. The kittens are also given the appropriate vaccinations for their age at the time of purchase. 

All of these costs add up and are included in the purchase price. In order for a breeder to be profitable, the sale of a kitten must cover all of their expenses as well as their profit from the sale of the kitten. The reason their kittens are more expensive is because the quality of their offspring is guaranteed, as evidenced by their plush, silky coats and beautiful features.

Small-scale breeders are those who operate on a private basis – most likely from the comfort of their own homes. However, many of them operate with little knowledge or experience, whether as a hobby or as a small business. Typically, these small-scale breeders are not well-known and are not required to be certified. They do not follow such precise and well thought-out procedures as those of experienced breeders, and do not always conduct background checks, which is one of the reasons their prices are significantly lower.

While we have no intention of disparaging small-scale breeders, the majority are only average in terms of skill and experience, often resulting in lower-quality kittens.

How much does an exotic shorthair owner typically spend on their cat?

Compared with other feline breeds, exotic shorthairs require significantly less care. With sufficient food, water, and affection, these docile and affectionate animals will be more than content.

However, it is always expensive to get a new exotic cat, especially in the first year. With vaccinations, medical checkups, accessories, and food, you are likely to spend approximately 1100 dollars in the first year. Following that, you will spend approximately 800 dollars per year on food and routine medical checkups. However, the ASPCA notes that these figures are only estimates, and many cat owners will spend two to three times as much as these figures.

Exotics are low maintenance, so grooming is not required on a regular basis, but they do shed at certain times of year. Thus, you should save a lot on grooming expenses. These cats are also very calm; they enjoy cuddling and relaxing, and because they have low energy levels, they do not need a large number of toys – another saving for you.

Exotic cats are not your typical adventurous cat. They are not very active and will therefore not be as prone to injury, saving you money on unforseen veterinary bills. However, keep in mind that annual medical examinations, at the very minimum, are required for exotic cats.

A litter box, high-quality food, regular medical examinations and vaccinations, as well as a great deal of love and affection, are all that your exotic beauty will require.

Are exotic shorthair cats good family pets?

Exotic shorthairs are ideal for households with children. You can expect them to get along with everyone in your home, even though they may have a few favorites. They might even enjoy the company of friends you invite into your home. These cats are extremely affectionate and willing to receive chin rubs from just about anyone who approaches them.

They are also non-intrusive and aware of their surroundings. You might not even be aware that they are present at times. Because of this calm demeanor, they make excellent companions for seniors and small children. 

Moreover, these cats are not usually destructive, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuables will remain safe while you are not around.

Should I get a male or a female exotic shorthair?

It is important to note that individual cats have their own personalities, although certain characteristics do appear to be more prominent in one gender than the other.

Males are typically larger than females, with bulky heads and sturdy bodies to match. Females are typically daintier and shorter in stature.

In comparison with their female counterparts, males are generally more laid-back and lovable. Females are just as sweet as males, but they will respect your personal space a little more. Males may also mature more slowly than females, remaining childlike and playful for longer. As they grow older, females become a little more serious about their work.

Both males and females reach sexual maturity at approximately six months old. It is critical to have your cat fixed before this stage; both sexes are capable of spraying, although males are more likely to do so.

If I have another pet, will this breed get along with them?

Exotic shorthairs are exceptionally tolerant of other animals, especially cats. That said, you should still make sure to give them plenty of socialization at a young age to avoid any fear or anxiety when meeting unfamiliar animals. 

While this breed generally gets along well with others and is extremely gentle, do not put your trust in them around smaller critters that they may mistake for prey. It is possible for cats with even a low predatory drive to cause significant harm to smaller animals. It just needs one play session to become a little too rough, and the result could be heartbreaking. It is better always to keep an eye on your cat while they interact with cage pets.

Do exotic shorthairs have many health concerns?

When it comes to the costs of raising an exotic cat, there is no doubt that medical expenses are the most expensive aspect to consider.

Exotic shorthairs have a lifespan of 15 years on average, according to the ASPCA. Keeping them healthy requires annual checkups and vaccinations, up to five rabies vaccinations, and the possibility of an occasional emergency treatment in the event of serious injury or infection.

Several thousand dollars can be spent on certain emergency treatments that involve surgery. However, when it comes to your exotic shorthair’s health, the possibility of costly trauma surgery may be the least of your concerns.

One of the most noticeable drawbacks of owning an exotic shorthair is that they are prone to certain conditions. In exchange for their endearing physical characteristics, this breed is genetically predisposed to the following hereditary conditions: heart disease, brachycephalic syndrome, eye disease, urinary tract disease, polycystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, liver shunt, infectious peritonitis, leukemia, and dystocia, among others.


The price of an exotic shorthair cat ranges from 900 to 5000 dollars, depending on the breeding farm it comes from. Exotic shorthairs from well-known breeders are more likely to have a good pedigree and more beautiful looks, and are thus more expensive.

You can try your luck at your local shelter; if they happen to have one of these cats available for adoption, the fees will be no more than 350 dollars.

Exotic shorthairs are adaptable to almost any environment or lifestyle, but because of their brachycephalic facial shape, they may have a few unique requirements that can be intimidating for inexperienced owners. Also, before you decide on an exotic shorthair cat, be aware that the breed is genetically prone to several conditions and diseases that can be costly to treat.

Image: / Akifyeva Svetlana