Is It Cruel To Have Only One Cat?

Is It Cruel To Have Only One Cat

No, it is not cruel to have only one cat except if you are constantly leaving your cat alone for long periods. If that is the case, having a second cat may be preferable. Your solo cat deserves your time and attention if you are at home and you should provide her with toys to keep her active and busy if you are away. 

Is it cruel to have only one cat?

Cats are sociable by nature but they are not pack animals so they can usually get along well if left alone at home during the day. However, there are certain breeds that prefer the company of fellow felines or even another pet like a dog.

Most cats are contented to be on their own and do not fancy the company of other cats. While some enjoy having cat buddies, it is okay to have only one cat so long as you make sure that you schedule playtime with her when you are at home. If you are away, provide her with interactive toys and entertainment to keep her mentally stimulated and active.

What happens if you leave your solo cat alone?

These are the common scenarios when you leave your cat alone for a long period:

  • She may develop separation anxiety and behavioral issues.
  • She may become lonely, depressed, and bored
  • She may become destructive and tear apart your curtains, furniture, or other accessible objects.
  • She may pee everywhere such as on your bed, the floor, or on the walls

What you can do to keep your lone cat happy?

What you can do to keep your lone cat happy
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It is natural for pet owners to feel guilty every time they leave their cat behind at home when they leave for work or travel. However, you can make your cat feel comfortable and happy even if she is alone using these tips:

  • Provide enough toys such as teaser toys, food puzzles, and catnip-filled toy mice to keep your cat entertained.   
  • Provide interesting spaces to explore like a cat tree, a cat perch, or cat shelves.
  • Be sure to provide ample food and water during the day when you’re not at home. 
  • Make sure your cat is comfortable by keeping the air conditioning unit on especially during summer as cats can get too hot.
  • Consider an automated pet feeder to ensure your cat has enough food. 
  • Place additional litter boxes in specific areas in your home. 

To ensure that your cat is safe even if she is home alone see to it that you remove any dangerous objects, poisonous plants, and toxic chemicals that are within her reach. Most importantly, have a friend or neighbor check on her during the day to make sure that she is okay and comfortable.

Cat breeds that are ideal solo cats: 

Here are some cat breeds that do not mind being left alone and do not need much attention: 


This breed loves to nap and able to entertain themselves at home. These cats are docile, quiet, relaxed, and easygoing. 


These cats are active and loyal but not clingy to their owners and do not need much attention. They are affectionate, intelligent, and can be taught tricks like how to play fetch.

Norwegian Forest Cat 

This is another low-maintenance cat breed that is contented to be on its own.  This large-sized cat breed is friendly, gets along well with children and other animals, and very adaptable.  

American Wirehair 

These cats are mild-mannered and not clingy to their owners.  They are also active and playful but are not hyper. 

American Shorthair 

This breed has a laid-back attitude and also mild-mannered like the American Wirehair breed. They easily get along with children and seniors and do not seek much attention from their owners. 

Maine Coon 

These gentle giants are affectionate but also love to be alone at home. They are well-behaved, playful, and obedient. 

Russian Blue 

This breed has striking looks, intelligent, and has a calm nature. They tend to be shy but they are not clingy and when they become used to their environment they can get along with little supervision.

Scottish Fold 

Scottish Fold 
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These cats are active, playful, and does not require too much attention. They are quiet, charming, and easy to care for and live with. 

Final Thoughts

It is not cruel to have only one cat so long as you make sure that her needs are met and she has ample food and water every time you are not at home.  Compensate for the time you are away by playing and bonding with your cat. Provide her with interactive toys to keep her mentally-alert and install a cat perch or cat shelves that she can climb on and explore to keep her active. Most importantly, let her feel that she is important by giving her your love and attention when you are together.