How Big Do Siamese Cats Get?

How Big Do Siamese Cats Get
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If you have always wanted a cat with a striking, regal appearance and adorable personality, a Siamese cat is a great option. This breed is one of the most popular cat breeds around the world and for a good reason. These cats have slender and muscular bodies, crystal blue eyes, and distinctive color points in their ears, faces, paws, and tails. They also have an affectionate personality, are highly intelligent, and may tend to be vocal, too.

How big do Siamese cats get?

Siamese cats are considered small to medium-sized cats and they can get as big as 10 inches in terms of height.  Their body length is 11.5 to 14 inches and average Siamese cats may weigh between eight to 10 lbs.

When do Siamese cats stop growing?

This breed stops growing and is considered to be fully grown when they reach two years old. However, their coloring will continuously develop throughout their lifetime. These cats are born white and it may take a few months for color points to be visible. The points will darken up to their senior years. 

Siamese cat breed physical traits, personality, and health problems

Physical traits 

Siamese cats have sleek frames, elongated necks, triangle-shaped heads, long and straight noses, and slender legs. These cats have large and wide-based ears and have almond-shaped and bright blue eyes which is one of their distinctive features. They also have long and tapered tails. 

These cats have light-colored coats with dark points and come in various colors like the seal point, blue point, lilac point, chocolate point, cream point, and the red or flame point. These cats do not shed much as they have short and dense fur that only needs to be brushed once a week. This breed is considered one of the oldest breeds along with the Egyptian Mau, Chartreux, Maine Coon, Turkish Angora, and the Norwegian Forest Cat.  


If you have a gregarious character and love to chat, there’s a great likelihood that you will adore Siamese cats and their personality as these felines are playful, sociable and active. They need constant stimulation and will be more than glad if you give them toys and a scratching post to burn off their energy. They are also loyal and protective of their humans, they make good pets and may also get along well with other cats

Siamese cats are very affectionate and they love to be cuddled and petted. These cats are also very intelligent and easily trained. Because they easily get bored they may tinker with things in your cupboards, hide items they snatched from your kitchen, and may also learn to open doors. Most of all, these cats tend to be very chatty and vocal and are also popularly called “meezers” because of their low-pitched voices. 

Siamese Personality
Image: / JackF

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a Siamese cat is around 11 to 15 years although there have been cats that lived for almost 20 years. 

Common health problems 

While Siamese cats are generally healthy they are also prone to health issues.  These are just some of them:

  • respiratory conditions like bronchial disease
  • bladder stones
  • kinked tail
  • crossed eyes
  • cancer
  • heart problems 
  • eye problems like glaucoma and retinal atrophy 

Some fun facts about Siamese cats 

  • These cats came from ancient Thailand, which was earlier known as Siam. They are revered by Thai royals who believe that these cats are sacred. 
  • They first appeared in Europe at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London in 1871 and came to the US in 1879 when one was given as a gift to President Rutherford Hayes. 
  • These cats are the parent breed of the Balinese, Burmese and Himalayan cats.

Some famous Siamese cats 

Siamese cats are not only a popular breed but they are also famous on the silver screen.  Some of the renowned pop-culture idols include the following:

  • Si and Am of the Disney film, “The Lady and the Tramp”.
  • Tao from the movie, “The Incredible Journey”.
  • Shun Gon from the film, “The Aristocrats”.
  • DC from the film, “That Darn Cat”.
  • Pyewacket from the movie, “Bell, Book and Candle”.

Final thoughts 

If you do not mind having a very vocal pet in your home, a Siamese cat would be a good fit for you.  These cats are not only intelligent and playful but also affectionate and sociable. They are medium-sized cats and they may get as big as around 10 inches in height and may weigh around eight to 10 pounds. They are considered fully grown when they reach two years old although their coloring will continuously develop throughout their lifetime.