Siamese Domestic Shorthair Mix – Interesting Facts Every Cat Owner Should Know

Siamese Domestic Shorthair Mix

The Siamese is one of the most well-loved breeds among cat fanciers. Over the years, this exotic breed has become a popular member of households the world over, thanks to its unique and striking appearance. Their colorpoint shades and light fur, combined with a playful, people-friendly temperament, are among the traits that make Siamese stand out from other, average cats.

Due to this popularity, the ancient Siamese breed has been mixed with other breeds in the hope of achieving a unique new breed that retains the beautiful Siamese traits. Today, you might notice a lot of Siamese mix breeds, both long-haired and short-haired, gaining popularity around the world. Although these cats possess differing genes, it cannot be denied that most of their physical and personality traits are dominated by the Siamese parent breed.

You might have noticed some of these traits in your short-haired kitty, and are now wondering whether your cat has Siamese lineage. Read on to learn how to tell whether a cat is mixed with Siamese, as well as the perks of owning a Siamese shorthair mix breed.

How can I tell if my cat is mixed with Siamese?

Siamese cats are one of the oldest and best-known breeds in Europe and North America. Native to Thailand, the original Siamese has an apple-shaped head with a pointed color pattern, a long and well-muscled body, large ears, and deep blue eyes. And, because of their captivating features, these felines have been bred with other cats in an attempt to create new, unique breeds that retain the best Siamese features. One of these mixed-breed types is the Siamese Shorthair mix.

Most modern Siamese Shorthair breeds have a softer, rounder look than purebred Siamese. The Siamese genes remain dominant in most mixed breeds, though, so if you own a mixed Siamese breed, you will still notice your cat’s deep blue eyes, white or grey fur with darker points, and medium-sized body. Aside from the physical traits, the common Siamese temperament, habits, and behavior may also be evident. 

Your breeder can prove more decisively what genes your feline carries through certification. Or, you could give your kitty a DNA test to get accurate results (this can be a little pricey, though). Alternatively, just look out for obvious Siamese features that your cat might have, such as the eyes. If your kitty has brown or green eyes, it is more likely that he does not have the Siamese lineage. 

Types of Siamese Shorthair mix breeds 

Siamese cats are widely appreciated for their unique beauty and elegance. Although they were originally bred to guard temples hundreds of years ago, their striking Siamese features, such as their light fur and enchanting blue eyes, made these cats immensely popular far beyond the temples. For years, they were cross-bred with other felines to achieve certain desirable traits and hopefully develop new breeds. One of the most common of these is the Siamese Shorthair mix.

Siamese mixed breeds can have various patterns and characteristics, depending on their genetics and how they were bred. Below, we list some of the more popular shorthair mix breeds.

1. Colorpoint Shorthair

The beautiful and elegant Colorpoint Shorthair is a mixture of the American Shorthair and the Siamese, resulting in colorpoint fur, a slender, muscular body, triangle-shaped face, and tall ears. This cat is medium-sized despite its elongated body and legs. It has smooth, glossy fur adored by any cat fancier, and because it is a short-haired breed, the Colorpoint is low-maintenance and does not shed a lot.

2. Flame Point Siamese

The Flame Point Siamese is a cross between a purebred Siamese and a domestic shorthair tabby, which has red or orange fur. The color points on their ears, tail, paws, and face are noticeable, with red tones instead of dark brown points. And, just like its Siamese ancestors, the Flame Point cat retains the light or cream-colored fur and piercing blue eyes so admired by cat lovers.

3. Oriental Bicolor

Known for their intelligence and mesmerizing looks, Oriental Bicolor cats are the most affectionate furry companions you could wish for. This mix, between a Siamese and a bicolored American Shorthair, is the result of an experimental pairing in England during the 1950s. The Oriental Bicolor is considered a cousin of the other Oriental cats, both shorthairs and longhairs. Oriental Bicolor is not considered a breed type by most registries, but rather a descriptive name for these cats’ bicolor coat pattern.

4. Snowshoe Siamese

The Snowshoe Siamese is not your average kitty. Cat fanciers the world over love this charismatic feline as it possesses the enchanting traits of both the Siamese and the bicolor American Shorthair. The modern Snowshoe Siamese are usually the result of Snowshoe-to-Snowshoe breeding, although the other shorthair mix is still well-accepted by most registries provided the color patterns are retained. Snowshoes also have a slightly similar muscular appearance to their Siamese ancestors, as well as the typical piercing blue eyes, making them some of the most beautiful felines in the world.

5. Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats are the perfect mix between the Siamese and Burmese breeds. They are well-loved for their muscular appearance, intelligence, and easy-going temperament. But do not be deceived by their slender looks; they can actually be very heavy. A typical Tonk has a slightly rounded face, medium-sized ears, bright almond-shaped eyes, svelte limbs, and silky-smooth hair. These cats come in 12 different point shades, including champagne, chocolate, lilac, platinum, and red. 

Siamese Shorthair mix personality

Even though the Siamese shorthair breed is a mixture of different genes, most of their physical traits and temperaments are influenced by the Siamese parent breed. If you plan to bring home a Siamese shorthair mix, you can expect your cat to have most of these personality traits:

1. Vocal and chatty

Just like their parent Siamese cats, the Siamese mix breed can be vocal and demanding, especially if they want food, playtime or attention from their owners. They can also be moody at times, particularly if they cannot get what they want. Expect your furry companion to follow you wherever you go for love and attention.

2. Athletic and intelligent

Siamese shorthair mix cats are mostly strong-willed and active. They can also be stubborn and like to do things their own way. With their muscular bodies, these felines require lots of play and exercise. So, if you own a Siamese mix, make sure your cat is regularly challenged to avoid boredom. Unless you provide sufficient entertainment, he will likely end up bruising your carpets or stealing stuff out of your drawers!

3. Sociable and outgoing

Most Siamese mix breeds are known for being sociable and friendly to people other than their owners, depending on how well they were socialized as kittens. Although they develop a closer bond with their owners, Siamese mix felines are not shy and can easily get along with house guests and other pets. They are people-oriented and love attention, making them some of the best furry companions to have at home.

4. Difficult to train

Despite their intelligence and lovable temperament, the Siamese shorthair mix can be stubborn and difficult to train. The reason is that they hate following instructions and would rather do things their own way. You will need lots of patience to get your pet to learn any tricks or to manage his errant behavior.

Are Siamese mix cats good pets? 

If you are looking for a friendly companion at home, the Siamese shorthair mix could be the right pet for you. Aside from their beautiful looks, these cats are also praised for their affectionate personalities and loyalty to their owners. This amiable breed loves the company of other people, as well as animals. If you have other cats or dogs at home, it should not be too difficult for you to introduce them to your Siamese mix. 

Just like their Siamese parent breed, these shorthair mix cats are highly energetic and playful. Their high energy levels mean they do not get tired easily, even if you play with them the whole day. They can also be good companions for young children, as long as the children are taught not to play too rough with cats. This beautiful breed thrives on human interaction and will not be found hiding under a bed when you have house guests.

Since most Siamese shorthair breeds are quite clingy, they might not be the right pets for busy owners. These cats do not like being left alone at home for too long, and this might lead to depression. 

Common health problems in Siamese shorthair mix cats

Siamese cats are popular for their longer life spans and resilient genes. They can survive up to 20 years given the right care and a healthy lifestyle. However, this does not make them immune to certain health problems, just like any other cat. For a Siamese shorthair mix, common health issues might include any of the following:

  • Hip dysplasia, a disorder more common to dogs and some purebred felines.
  • Feline asthma, a common respiratory problem in cats, but due to genetics a Siamese mix might be more prone to this disease. Like their human counterparts, asthmatic Siamese cats can survive well and enjoy a normal life with proper treatment. Inhalers, such as those containing ventolin, are widely available and can help manage asthma attacks.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy, a type of eye disease that can result in permanent blindness in cats. Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for this feline vision problem.

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for a cat that possesses both the beautiful traits of a shorthair breed and those of a Siamese cat, then you might want to consider a Siamese shorthair mix breed. They make ideal home companions due to their playful, affectionate personalities and extreme loyalty. Expect your Siamese mix cat to follow you everywhere – these kitties crave lots of attention and love from their owners. With most of their beautiful physical traits coming from their Siamese genes, any cat owner is sure to fall in love with these mixed breeds!

Image: / vvvita