Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate?

Are Sphynx Cats Affectionate

For some people, it might be challenging to love a hairless breed like the sphynx. True, they might look weird and a bit creepy due to their baldness and wrinkled skin – but, as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover! Despite their appearance, these bald beauties have the ability to enchant almost anyone with their charming temperament and sense of humor. No wonder they are one of the most popular cat breeds in the US.

If you are considering introducing a hairless cat to your household, you will surely fall in love with the sphynx’s affectionate nature. 

Are sphynx cats cuddly?

Aside from their oddly naked appearance, sphynxes are also popular for their charming temperament. They are playful, energetic, and affectionate toward the people they care about. It is hardly surprising that these adorable felines are a popular option for families with young children and other pets.

Sphynx cats are actually very cuddly. They love a good snuggle with their humans at any time of the day, and these are some of the reasons they make great cuddle buddies:  

1. They have no fur

Unlike other cat breeds, sphynxes do not have enough fur to protect their delicate skin from the environment, so it is likely that your kitty finds you a suitable heat source to keep himself warm and cozy.

2. It gives them a sense of security

Cuddling is one of the many behaviors that cats learn during kittenhood. Young kittens tend to huddle together with their momma cat to keep themselves warm and secure, and adult cats continue to crave such warmth and affection through their trusted humans. Cuddling also gives them a sense of security that, as adults, they would not find anywhere but in their human’s arms.

3. They are naturally affectionate

Thanks to their friendliness and love for attention, sphynxes are wired to stay close to the people they love. This means they will not hesitate to jump on your lap whenever they are in the mood for cuddles.

Signs of an affectionate sphynx

Cats, in general, have a reputation for being inscrutable. When it comes to showing their affection, however, they are nearly all alike! Just like other cat breeds, a sphynx can communicate his love and affection for his human keepers through the following behaviors:

1. He bites or nibbles you

Biting might sound like an oddly hurtful way to show affection, and you might think your feline is trying to attack you. But, in a cat’s world, this is a typical sign of affection. And, while a kitten trying to nibble on your fingers might sound cute, it certainly will not be when they become adults. To avoid this unwanted behavior, do not let your cat get used to playing with your bare hands. 

2. He kneads you

You might have seen cats kneading their owners or soft objects when they are about to settle down to relax or take a nap. Sphynxes also do this to show a bit of love. So, if your kitty is kneading you while you pet him, he is merely trying to tell you that he feels comfortable and relaxed being near you.

3. He stares at you

Staring can be considered rude for humans, but in a cat’s world it is another way of showing affection. Have you noticed those slow blinks as he stares at you? If so, then your feline friend truly loves you. Sit back and let your sphynx take his time to adore his favorite human. 

4. He meows a lot

Some cat breeds are naturally vocal, as if they have an opinion about everything – and among the most vocal breeds is the sphynx. They tell you when they feel hungry, sad, or happy. They will probably yell at you as well, if you forget to clean their litter box. But, when everything seems fine, he is just probably saying ‘I love you’ to his caretaker.

5. He headbutts you

Headbutting is one of your cat’s unique ways to bond with you. From time to time, you might also find him rubbing his cheeks, back, or tail against you. Aside from expressing a familial relationship, cats use this action to deposit their scent on you or other objects to mark their territory, which helps them feel safe and secure. 

6. He trips you up

Sphynx cats can easily trip their human keepers as they try to get attention. Sometimes, whether you admit it or not, having a cat winding his way between your legs can be irritating. But know that your kitty does not do this on purpose – he might just need something from you, such as a warm meal or a good cuddle. Somehow, cats have learned that this method is very effective to make you stop and notice them. 

7. He enjoys grooming you

Licking is not just a grooming routine for cats; it is also a form of affection. Your sphynx might lick you incessantly, not just to spread his scent but also to let you know that you are an important person in his life – just as humans would kiss those they love and care for. 

Are Sphynx cats clingy?

Sphynx cats might look unique due to their hairlessness and wrinkled skin, but when it comes to feline behavior, they are no different to most other cat breeds. Without proper nurturing and social interaction, these sweet souls can become too attached or clingy to their humans. That is why a sphynx is not the best pet for people who are always busy and away from home.

Some signs of clinginess are:

  • Being too demanding of your attention.
  • Extreme vocalization if they cannot get what they want.
  • Overly affectionate and dependent on their human companions.
  • Jealousy and aggression toward other pets or animals you are interacting with.
  • Blocking you from using your gadgets or other objects that take your attention away from them. 
  • Not drinking or eating without your presence.

How to cuddle with your sphynx

Cuddling with your sphynx can be very therapeutic, thanks to these cats’ warm nature and genuine love for their humans. If you have just brought one of these unique cats home, here are a few tips to make your snuggle time enjoyable:

  • Sphynx cats have delicate skin due to their lack of fur. Make sure to wash your hands before bonding with your cat to prevent potential irritants from reaching his skin.
  • Do not surprise your sphynx with a hug right away. Instead, pet him gently behind the ears, under his chin, or on his back. When he responds with signs of approval, then let him jump on your lap for some cuddles.
  • Forcing your cat to cuddle is not polite or respectful – let him come to you on his own terms. Any attempt to bond against his will is not going to make your relationship better. Sneaking up behind your kitty while he eats or sleeps is also a bad idea. 
  • You will know your sphynx is ready for a hug when he feels relaxed and starts purring. Let him feel your affection by gently lifting him up towards your chest while stroking his back or neck like a baby.

Sphynx personality traits

Some people might find hairless cat breeds like the sphynx a bit creepy due to their lack of fur, wrinkled skin, and alien-looking eyes. But, once you bring one home, you are sure to find this kitty entertaining and charming. This is why:

  • Sphynx cats are devoted and loyal to their human companions. They might follow you around the house, snuggle with you, or wag their tail when you are near.
  • Although they often prefer to cuddle with their owners, they can also be very playful. Like most cats, sphynxes tends to enjoy chasing games to practice their hunting skills, so be prepared to purchase interactive toys like feather wands or laser points to keep your kitty happy.
  • Sphynx cats love jumping on high places, be it a bookshelf, a kitchen countertop, or a refrigerator. To avoid potential accidents, make sure to provide your kitty with a safer outlet for his energy, such as a cat tower.
  • Believe it or not, Sphynx cats are quite quirky and entertaining companions at home. This irresistible temperament has captured the hearts of many, making this breed charming and lovable despite the pot-bellied baldness!
  • They are very sociable and love being the center of attention. Due to their friendly disposition, sphynx cats can easily get along with other people and pets.
  • These gorgeous baldies are not only loved for their outgoing personality, but also for their intelligence. You can even teach them cool tricks to show off to your friends and visitors.
  • Due to their inquisitiveness, you might find your sphynx wanting to be part of your daily activities, whether you are cleaning, cooking, or simply working on your computer. 
  • They are very sociable and people-oriented. Leaving them alone for a long time can cause depression or separation anxiety. So, before adopting a sphynx, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.
  • Sphynx cats can get up to mischief if they do not get your attention. To avoid boredom that leads to potentially destructive behavior, make sure you provide your cat with lots of stimulation. That includes regular play sessions as well as interactive toys and cat scratchers.
  • If you have lived with sphynx cats for some time, you are probably used to their high-pitched meows already. Being chatty is part of their character, and whether they are feeling happy or upset, they will be vocal and honest about their feelings.
  • Since sphynx cats do not have fur to keep them warm, they have a low tolerance for cold weather. Make sure to invest in a cat electric bed or self-heating cat bed to keep your sphynx warm and cozy during winter.
  • Sphynx cats are ideal pets for homes with children or other pets. It can also be a good idea to get another sphynx cat so that your resident cat will not feel too lonely. 

Is a sphynx cat the right pet for you?

If you are looking for a feline companion that comes in a complete package – smart, loving, affectionate, and with a sense of humor – then the sphynx might be the right pet for you. Despite their serious facial expressions, these sweet kitties are the exact opposite of their looks – they enjoy entertaining their loved ones with their quirks, like little acrobatic clowns. Having these extrovert cats in your home is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Image: / NataBene