Places to Take Cats For Fun – Our Top Recommendations

Places To Take Cats For Fun

So you are ready to take a break and enjoy some different scenery. – but you are also a cat lover, and you cannot just leave your furry friend alone at home. You want to enjoy your trips with your best friend alongside you to share the fun experience. Thankfully, there are many cat-friendly places you can go for some bonding time with your kitty.

Keep in mind, though, that many cats might not really enjoy the experience. Depending on your cat’s personality, it might be difficult to get him used to a leash or carrier while travelling. And it is never a good idea to force these things on your cat, or they will forever remember the unpleasant experience.

However, if you have a confident, outgoing cat that is used to travelling and does not mind wearing a harness, then have a look at the list of activities below that both you and your cat can enjoy together.

1. Camping

Camping trips can be a great bonding experience for you and your furry friend. Together you can enjoy the natural outdoors, scenic views, fresh air, and a sense of freedom from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is also a great time for your curious furball to explore the beauty of the wilderness. 

While it might take some time for your cat to get accustomed to this new activity, the overall experience can be enriching provided you have planned the trip properly ahead of time. That includes bringing all the necessary pet supplies, such as sleep bags, bug repellent, food, water, and, most importantly, a harness for your cat. We highly suggest purchasing an escape-proof leash and harness like this one from CatRomance to prevent your pet from running off into the wilderness. 

2. Hiking

What could be more fun than exploring a nearby trail with your furry buddy? You get to enjoy the sunshine, breathe fresh air, and get some good exercise while carrying your favorite companion. If you are getting bored of staying at home over weekends, this could be your stepping stone to some great cardio sessions.

Just like camping, be sure to plan your hike ahead of time – it is always better to be prepared if you want this to be a pleasant activity. If your cat does not like the harness, go for a neat cat backpack. This is a great hand-free way to carry your pet, especially when the hike is long. And do not forget to stay updated about the weather – the last thing you want is to hike on a slippery trail in the rain!

3. Pet conventions

So, neither you nor your whiskered friend enjoy long hikes or dealing with mosquitos in camping sites. In that case, why not visit a pet convention? These events gather together pet business owners worldwide to showcase new products you may not have seen yet in any pet stores. You might even get some freebies and sample products!

Expos are great opportunities to bond with your cat and other pet lovers. An outgoing cat is sure to enjoy the attention, since he will be treated like the star of the event! Every state should have at least one pet convention per year, so go ahead and google the next event to have some fun.

4. Renaissance faires and festivals

If you are a geek and love the arts, costumes, and plays that portray the Renaissance era (such as Game of Thrones and the like), then the weekend “Ren Faires” might be the perfect place for you and your kitty. There are so many interesting things to explore, and you may get a chance to meet other fur parents and their pets in fancy costumes. What’s more, you will struggle to resist the smell of all the delicious foods on offer!

However, some of the larger renaissance faires might not allow cats inside, so be sure to check this out before you go. Some faires offer a separate pass for pets, which you can buy ahead of time. Check out the available events in your area and be sure to call the organizers to find out their pet policies ahead of time.

5. Pet-friendly hotels

If you do not like being in a crowded area, then why not spend a short vacation at a pet-friendly hotel? This is a great way to gradually ease your furry companion into the idea of travelling and exploring new places (remember, cats are territorial so do not push it if travelling is too stressful for him).

The great thing about pet-friendly hotels is that the staff are generally pet lovers like you. This means it should not be difficult to keep your cat comfy there, as the staff are sure to be accommodating to your little travel buddy. Some hotels might even offer luxuries for your cat, like comfy beds, pet store coupons, toys and delicious treats. Others might allow your pet to stay for free, or offer discounts if you bring your pet with you.

6. Strolling at the local park

If your cat is naturally curious and adventurous, then visiting a local park in your area might be a good idea. However, this experience will be safer and more enjoyable if your furry friend is harness-trained. It may also be a challenging outing if your cat is known to have problems socializing with other animals.    

If you are taking your cat to the park for the first time, it is highly recommended to do a few short trips first to see how he responds. Walk him to the park and find a peaceful spot away from other animals. This will ensure that he does not associate a simple visit to the park with something unpleasant or frightening. 

7. Road trip

Do you own a recreational vehicle and love going on road trips? Then why not take your cat along the next time you make plans? Instead of leaving Kitty alone at home, your road trip could be even more exciting if he tags along. Just be sure that you are well prepared and that your recreational vehicle is outfitted like a normal home. That way, it will be easier to have a comfy space to sleep, eat, and bond with your pet.

Also note that you will need a portable litter box, since your cat is unlikely to do his business outside like dogs do. If it is an option, you can also stop at pet-friendly hotels along the way to chill. Again, this needs a little time to plan. 

If you do not have a recreational vehicle, then it might not be a good idea to take your cat on longer trips as he can easily get restless. Consider taking shorter trips, instead and make sure your feline is comfortable in his carrier.

8. Have fun at the beach

The beach can be a relaxing place – it offers stress relief and helps improve your well-being. It is also an awesome place to hang out with family and friends as you enjoy the waves and a good picnic. So, if you need to boost your happy hormones, go ahead and bask in the warmth of the sun and the soothing water. And, if your furball has the right temperament for it, let him tag along and share the experience!

Just like any trip, you need to make sure you have prepared everything you need for a day at the beach with your feline. The most important thing is the leash, and of course your cat should be properly leash-trained prior to the trip. If he is not, it will be impossible to walk with him along the shoreline without him getting swept up by the waves or lost in the crowd. Also do not forget water and a drinking bowl to keep him hydrated.

9. Cruise ships or boating trips

Some cat breeds actually enjoy the water. If you own one of these, then boating trips or a holiday on a cruise ship can be an awesome experience for the two of you to share. Just make sure that your pet is allowed to come with you, and that you have everything prepared for the trip.

10. Biking

Biking around your neighborhood is another great way to get some fresh air. It is a way to break the boredom at home, and you can take your furbaby with you. There are bike attachments available that are designed to secure your kitty as he rides with you and enjoys some sightseeing. We highly recommend pet baskets like the one from Petsfit, since it comes with a safety rope and buckle to prevent your cat from jumping out. You can even bring along some other necessities like treats and water, as the basket is cleverly designed with large pockets to hold your belongings.

Final thoughts

Taking your cat on an outing can be a great way to kill boredom for both of you. As much as possible, we want them to be able to enjoy and explore other environments, rather than just staying confined at home. 

Unlike with dogs, however, visiting pet-friendly places with cats can be a little challenging. Thankfully, there are some places out there that you and your cat can enjoy together, provided your cat is leash-trained and not too anxious. Just make sure to plan ahead, so that your first trip with your furball is memorable for all the right reasons!

Image: / Kateryna Kovarzh