How To Use The Feliway Spray?

How To Use the Feliway Spray

The Feliway Spray can be used at home to reduce urine marking and to calm your cat during stressful situations like thunderstorms, home renovation, or parties. It can also be used by spraying it into your cat’s carrier at least 15 minutes before letting your cat get in in order to relax and calm her before going to the vet or on a trip. Be sure to re-spray every 4 to 5 hours but see to it that your feline is not too close when respraying the area at home or the carrier.

How to use the Feliway Spray?

To use Feliway Spray at home, simply spray on doorways, window sills, cat flaps, and other prominent objects at home where your cat may spray urine or scratch inappropriately.  Spray on marked areas at least 2 to 3 times a day and re-spray daily to minimize the likelihood of re-marking until your cat stops marking it. This is usually effective if the scratching is due to stress but may work with territorial scratching, too.  You should provide scratching posts or surfaces while treating the scratched items or objects.

You can also use the product by spraying it on your cat’s carrier or basket before a visit to the vet or car ride. Spray 8 to 10 pumps at least 15 minutes before allowing the cat to get inside the carrier. One spray should be made to each of the four corners, 2 sprays on the floor, and 2 sprays on the top of the carrier. Be sure to re-spray every 4 to 5 hours but see to it that the cat is away while re-spraying. 

What is Feliway Spray?

What is Feliway Spray
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Feliway Spray contains synthetic facial cat pheromones that cats emit and leave naturally by rubbing their face and cheeks against objects or people when they feel calm and comfortable and in marking their environment. The product helps reduce stress and calms down your cat during vet visits, while traveling, or if moving to another home.

It also relaxes your cat during stressful situations like thunderstorms, in caseof a new addition to the household like a family member or another pet, if there are loud noises like fireworks and if you are remodeling or renovating your home. Moreover, it also allows for targeted management of areas marked by your cat through urine spraying or by scratching. 

What not to do if using Feliway Spray?

You should not spray the product directly on your cat and never spray the carrier if your cat is inside it. Also, do not spray on the scratching post as it will dissuade the cat from using it. 

Does Feliway Spray work?

Yes, it may reduce scratching and spraying on vertical surfaces such as walls and doors in at least 90% of the cases.  It also has an immediate relaxing and calming effect on most cats when sprayed on carriers, beddings, or in the car and the effect lasts usually for 4 to 5 hours. However, this may not apply to all cats as each one is unique and the level of effectiveness may vary. 

Are there other Feliway products aside from Feliway Spray?

Are there other Feliway products aside from Feliway Spray
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Yes, aside from Feliway Spray there are also other products like the Feliway Classic Diffuser,  Feliway Friends/Multicat Diffuser, and FeliScratch. These products have the same synthetic facial cat pheromones except that Feliway Friends/Multicat uses the feline pheromones from the mammary gland area after a mother cat gives birth to bond with the newborn kittens. Through its use, aggressive cats in a multi-cat household become relaxed, calm, and get along well with each other.  The Feliway brand also has refill packs for the Feliway Classic and Feliway Friends Diffusers to ensure the continued use of the products for optimum results and to maintain a stress-free environment for your felines.


For the best results, Feliway Spray should be used on your cat’s carrier, bedding, or in the car at least 15 minutes before your cat gets in.  It should be sprayed at least 8 to 10 times but always makes sure that your cat is not around while this is done. Be sure to re-spray every 4 to 5 hours to ensure that your cat remains calm and relaxed during every vet visit or trip and to prevent your cat from being anxious during a home remodeling, or while moving to a new home.