How Does Litter Genie Work?

How Does Litter Genie Work

Having a cat around the house requires quite a bit of work including ensuring that the cat has a clean and odor-free litter box. A great way to make the litter -related duties a bit easier is to use a cat waste management system like Litter Genie that saves you time, money and effort. 

How does Litter Genie work?

The Litter Genie works much the same way as a self-container diaper pail that has a built-in bag distribution system. It saves you time from having to go on a constant trip to the dumpster to dispose of cat waste and it also keeps the odors contained. 

Here is how it works:

The Litter Genie litter pail holds a cartridge that dispenses a continuous bag that opens at both ends. To start using the system, tie the end of the bag, place the refill or cartridge on the unit’s top and gradually push the bag to its bottom. Next, drop the cat’s waste along with the included scoop to the pail’s top.  Pull out the handle that is sticking out in front of the pail. Upon putting it back to place it forms an airtight seal so that the litter smell is confined in the bag’s lower section.  

To check if the bag is full, open the unit in the middle part. If the bag is already full, use the built-in cutter and tie the top of the bag to seal both ends.  At this point, the filled bag is ready to be disposed of in the dumpster. 

To continue using Litter Genie, just pull down some more bags from the cartridge. Tie a knot in the base and it is now ready to be filled up again. Litter Genie also comes with a safety razor which makes it easy to cut off the bag at the top section. 

Litter Genie: Pros and cons 

Litter Genie is available in black and silver colors and can store up to two weeks worth of cat litter. It has microbial ingredients to ensure that it is odor-free. It weighs around 3.26 pounds and its dimensions are 9.5 inches x 8.5 inches x 17 inches. It has a seven-layer bag cartridge and comes with a built-in barrier technology. The product comes with a refill cartridge, a litter scoop and a litter scoop holder. 


  • it is easy and convenient to use 
  • it is affordable 
  • the refills are easy to insert
  • it controls cat litter odors
  • the process can be easily learned by anyone


  • it lacks durability because of the flimsy plastic elements
  • the refill cartridges are expensive 

The Litter Genie is also available in two other sizes, the Litter Genie Plus and Litter Genie XL.  These variations share the same features except that they are larger and Litter Genie Plus has more colors to choose from. You may check out our earlier articles on Litter Genie vs Litter Genie Plus for more information as well as the Litter Genie XL review. 

Since the Litter Genie is affordable you may like to place one with every litter box that you have. Since it can hold a lot of litter, you do not have to go out to the dumpster every day. 

The downside of it is that the refills may cost a fair amount of money. However, these refills will last long, usually around two months if you have a single cat and one month if you have two cats. 

Here’s a checklist on how to choose the best litter pail for your cat:

  • it should have a sturdy scoop 
  • it must have a hands-free operation so you do not have to touch it with your hands
  • it should have a continuous liner that is convenient to unload and refill 
  • it should have a double seal system that confines odors 


You do not have to go on daily trips to the dumpster to get rid of smelly cat litter, thanks to innovative products like the Litter Genie. It works by placing a refill or cartridge, dropping the cat’s litter and pulling a handle to put an airtight seal so the smell remains in the lower section. If the bag is already full simply use the built-in cutter and tie the bag to seal it. 

Image: / Mariia Kokorina