Litter Champ Vs. Litter Genie

Litter Champ Vs. Litter Genie

Litter disposal systems take some of the hassle out of pet parents’ hands and offer convenient way to dispose of cat litter properly. Let’s check and compare the Litter Champ vs. Litter Genie and decide which of these two brands is the best. 

Litter Champ: Features, Pros, and Cons  

Litter Champ is a convenient cat litter disposal system that’s completely odor-free. It’s been gaining good reviews from pet owners. Here are its features as well as the pros and cons. 


This revolutionary litter pail has an elegant acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resin design that’s modern-looking and fits well into your home decor. The capacity is approximately 4 gallons and the product includes a free bag liner, a litter scoop, and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Its scented refill liners are 100% biodegradable and have a strong and durable 18-micron thick film.

This litter pail has an exclusive triple-seal design that locks in litter odor and has an easy to operate and touch-free foot pedal. The durable liner refill can last from 2 to 3 months per cat and the continuous liners also indicate zero-waste even if the receptacle is emptied before it’s full. Other features include an inner lid with a locking mechanism, a roomy interior, and features a pedal to open the pail. 

Dimensions:  Size : L= 26 cm.; W= 24 cm.; H= 49.5 cm.

Weight : 5.6 pounds 

Opening:  9.45 in diameter

Color: cream/beige and white 


  • it’s an environment and ozone-friendly product 
  • it’s more affordable than other popular brands like Litter Genie and Litter Locker II
  • it is non-toxic 
  • its lock design keeps pets and small children away
  • it has biodegradable liners that are compostable and cheaper 
  • the litter pail is recyclable and can be used as a multi-purpose trash 


  • it has a possible weak inner-lid mechanism 
  • since the flap is not recessed you have to force the flap open by pressing with the use of the scoop 

Instructions on how to empty the Litter Champ litter pail

Here’s a step by step guide on how to empty the Litter Champ litter pail:

Step 1: Once the litter bag is full and already reached full capacity, carefully pull the bag downward.

Step 2:    Cut the full bag using the door-mounted safety cutter then tie it off and it’s now ready to be disposed of to the garbage bin. 

Step 3:  Tie a knot on the bottom part of the refill as it gradually creates a new bag and then tightly shut the door of the litter pail and it’s ready for use again. 

Litter Genie: Features, Pros, and Cons 

Litter Genie is another popular cat litter disposal system brand that’s also earning raves among pet owners. Let’s check out its features, pros, and cons. You can also read our Litter Genie XL review.


This litter pail fits well into areas of your home like the bathroom or under the sink because of its sleek and compact design and the carrying handles make it easy to move it around. It has 30 liters of bag space and can store up to 2 weeks worth of waste per cat. It also contains microbial ingredients that eradicate foul odors. It has an 18-foot and seven-layer bag cartridge along with a built-in odor barrier technology. Included in the product are one refill cartridge, a litter scoop, and a litter scoop holder that fits on either side of the pail. 

Dimension:  Size: L = 9.5 inches; W= 8.5 inches; H=17 inches

Weight: 3.26 pounds 

Color:  black and silver


  • 100% odor-free because of antimicrobial features
  • it’s convenient and easy to use
  • it has a proper smell locking mechanism
  • it is well-priced but priced higher than Litter Champ
  • it has a large scoop and upper chamber to drop the soiled litter 


  • refill cartridges are expensive 
  • it has flimsy plastic elements 
  • it has a smaller capacity compared to Litter Champ

Instructions on how to use the Litter Genie litter pail 

Step 1: Carefully scoop the litter from your pet’s litter box. 

Step 2:  Open the lid of the Litter Genie and deposit the clumps collected from the litter box.

Step 3:  Close the lid and pull the handle to secure and seal the germs and odors. 

Litter Champ vs. Litter Genie: Which is the best?

Both the Litter Champ and Litter Genie have outstanding features that’s why they’re popular among pet parents. These cat litter disposal systems work well to prevent odors and bacteria and a convenient way to store cat litter without ever having to go on frequent trips to the trash bin. Litter Champ has a bigger housing and priced reasonably plus it has a foot pedal that allows for a hands-free disposal routine. On the other hand, Litter Genie has an innovative litter locking mechanism that locks the odors and germs in. However, it has a smaller storage space and more pricey compared to Litter Champ.

So, between the two brands, which is the best? The answer would be both of them because each has unique features that pet owners are looking for in a cat litter disposal system.  The choice will depend on your preferences whether it’s based on price, quality, product durability, and innovativeness. 

Things to consider when buying a cat litter pail 

A cat litter pail is a necessity in every pet parent’s home as it will make litter disposal more manageable and hassle-free. Here are some important questions to ask when buying a cat litter pail:

  • How much am I willing to spend on this product?
  • Are design and size important factors?
  • How good are its components and is it of good quality?
  • Is it easy to operate and maintain?
  • Are the refill cartridges easy to find and buy?

Also, here’s a checklist that may come in handy if you’re browsing or shopping around for a new cat litter pail for your kitties:

  1. Check if the litter pail has a continuous liner that’s easy to empty and refill. 
  2. It must have a double seal system that locks in odor.
  3. The product should have a hands-free operation to prevent you from touching the unit. 
  4. The litter pail should also have a sturdy scoop. 
  5. It should have a durable lock system to keep away small children and pets. 
  6. The product should have reliable warranty terms,


Having a durable cat litter pail is beneficial to handle and dispose of cat litter in a sanitary and fuss-free manner. Both of these products are outstanding litter disposal systems and have their strong and weak points along with a slight difference in its level of affordability and features. Nevertheless, both are similarly efficient at litter storage and odor management.