How To Make A Mean Cat Nice

How To Make A Mean Cat Nice

You can make your mean cat nice by learning how to pet your cat properly, giving her treats and the slow blink, and determining the cause of the mean behavior. You should also take things slowly to be able to gain your cat’s trust and affection. 

How to make a mean cat nice?

Cats come in different breeds, temperaments and behaviors. Some cats love to cuddle and sit on your lap while some are aloof and tend to be mean. Having a mean cat can be worrisome but do not lose hope because there are ways to make a mean cat nice and even affectionate. 

Here are some tips on how to make a mean cat nice:

Analyze and get a good understanding of why your cat is mean. 

Having a mean cat can be stressful but it does not mean that you have to punish your cat for it.  The best thing to do is to analyze and understand why she is mean by using the H.I.S.S. test as a basis. HISS means health, instinct, stress, and symptom solvers. Through this, you will be able to get to the root of the problem.  The H.I.S.S. Test is made of the following: 


Check out if your cat has health issues. The reason why your cat may be mean and tend to hiss and growl is that she is not feeling well.  Cats can be subtle and may hide the signs of sickness. Consult your vet for a thorough checkup and inform him of the changes in behavior as it may reveal clues why your cat is mean and grouchy. 


Consider recent changes in your cat’s life. Cats are creatures of habit and anything that disrupts their routine may bring about changes in their behavior. Have there been recent changes in the household like a new family member, a house remodeling, or parties?  Being able to ascertain this will make you understand your cat’s behavior well. 


Check out stress levels in your household. It could be that you or other family members are going through a stressful time. This can have an impact on your cat as well. Being able to identify this may give you a clear idea of why your cat is mean. 


See if you have been interpreting your cat’s behavior accurately.  It could be that you may have just misinterpreted your cat when she hissed.  She may just be doing it to show fearfulness or to warn you to keep your distance if you’re displaying too much affection toward her. 

Let her recognize your good intentions. 

Let your cat see and understand that you only want what’s best for her. Always provide her with tasty wet and dry cat food,  clean water, interactive toys to play with, and a litter box that’s regularly cleaned.  These are the basic resources that make cats happy and contented and once she sees that your relationship will most likely improve.

Make sure to spend time with your cat and let her know that you are her meal provider, guardian, and friend. If she has been ignoring you, go the extra mile and approach her. Talk to your cat in a soft and calm tone even if she does not come near and eventually she may start seeking your company.

Learn to pet your cat properly. 

Getting your mean cat to trust you may take time so you should be patient if you want to earn her trust and affection.  

Here are some tips on how to pet your cat that may avoid meanness or aggressive behavior. 

  • focus on areas with scent glands such as the chin, the area behind the ears, and on the cheeks
  • stroke the cat gently using your fingertips
  • rub the back of your hand gently along the side of her face
  • let the cat come near you and smell you before you pet it 
  • try to extend a hand or finger and wait for the cat to rub her nose against your finger 
  • if your cat allows you to pet her be sure to avoid the belly 
  • if your cat flattens her ears against the head, twitches her tail, growls or hiss then it may mean she does not want to be petted anymore so stop petting her as soon as you see these signs 

Overstimulation or over petting makes a cat aggressive or mean. Try to pet her in a gentle and controlled manner if she allows you to touch her.  However, if she acts annoyed then let her be and don’t force yourself to touch her.  Also, avoid punishing her as it may just lead to further conflict.  

Use the slow blink. 

The slow blink, which is also referred to as a kitty kiss, is a unique cat language that denotes trust.  By slowly blinking at your cat you are telling her that you are aware of her presence and that you are not a threat.  Try to do it and observe how your cat responds or reacts and hopefully you will get a blink back with a little patience. 

A  little catnip and pheromones may help. 

Cats tend to become relaxed and calm because of catnip. This plant contains nepetalactone, which, when inhaled by your cat, binds to receptors inside her nose and stimulates sensory neurons that lead to the brain. As a result, cats feel a sense of euphoria and happiness. It may also make aloof and mean cats to become friendly. Similarly,  the use of pheromones like Feliway or Comfort Zone may bring about improvement in your cat’s demeanor as it helps her feel relaxed and relieves stress and anxiety.  

Practice positive reinforcement. 

Each time that your cat shows an improvement in her behavior toward you then give her a treat. If she allows you to pet her even only for a while then offer her a treat and she will learn to associate the affectionate behavior with a positive reward. 

Final thoughts 

Transforming a mean cat to become nice does not happen instantly. Do not rush things and do not force your cat to reciprocate your attention. Be patient and give your cat time to adjust and become comfortable. Most importantly, have a clear understanding of the probable reasons why your cat may be mean as it will help you act on the problem more effectively.