Can Cats Climb Chicken Wire

Can Cats Climb Chicken Wire

We love our cats because they’re so frisky and affectionate. They like to hop, jump, and chase each other all over the house. Watching them do their crazy antics is always heartwarming. However, it’s another story when they start to extend their playground to your flower garden, fence, or backyard. So you start to ask around what’s the best cat deterrent to keep them away and most probably the word “chicken wire” will pop up. 

What’s chicken wire and why do cats avoid it?

Chicken wire or poultry netting is made of flexible galvanized steel wire. It’s thin and has hexagonal gaps. The reason why cats avoid it is that they don’t like the feel of it on the bottom or pads of their paws. Your cats can’t gnaw or chew on it either so they usually keep away from it. 

Can cats climb chicken wire?

Cats are natural-born climbers and it is possible that they can climb chicken wire. Having said that, it is difficult for a cat. This is because the wire is unstable and there’s not much for their paws to hold on to. As a result, they generally avoid and stay away from the chicken wire. 

How to use chicken wire to keep cats away

These are just some of the ways you can use chicken wire to deter your cats and keep them away:

As a wall fence 

You can use chicken wire as a wall fence to keep your furry friend from wandering away to your neighbor’s house. It’s also a sensible way to keep your cats from harm especially if you live near busy roads and highways. This will ensure that your cat is safe and secured. Be sure to install the wire in an inward curve. This will make things extra complicated for your pets since they have to climb upside down and over it to be able to pass through. Needless to say, cats are smart enough to analyze that it’s a no-go zone for them. 

As a covering for the soil in your garden

If you’re into gardening but also have an inquisitive cat you can install chicken wire as a soil covering. Cats love digging and scratching the soft soil. However, this means a major disaster if you’re just starting to plant your favorite flower or vegetable seeds!  Chicken wire effectively does the trick of keeping your pet cat away from the soil. 

As an enclosure around vegetable and flower gardens 

Putting a chicken wire enclosure around your gardens may not be a pretty sight but it is a good way to ensure that your garden is undisturbed. Use wood or rods as a border or outline and wrap the chicken wire around and over the whole area, enclosing the garden.