Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

Do Bengal Cats Like Water

Bengal cats are one of the smartest and most playful cat breeds, as any Bengal owner will attest! They have an insatiable curiosity about their surroundings, and will closely investigate anything that sparks their interest.

But do Bengal cats like water? The answer is a resounding yes! Most Bengals love water. In fact, they are famous swimmers in the cat world. 

If you have a Bengal cat, this article might offer you some interesting facts about Bengals and their love for water!

Getting to know your Bengal’s personality

First off, before getting a Bengal, it is worth knowing a bit about their special personalities, so you can avoid any surprises! 

Bengal cats are naturally-born explorers. They are not the typical house-cat that sleeps on your lap or snuggles with you on the couch all day. Bengals love to venture out into the world and see what is around them, just like their wild cat cousins. They are curious, playful, inquisitive, and always ready for action. Thus, it is not surprising that most of these kitties love being a part of their owners’ lifestyle and having as much fun as possible!

These personalities are the same reason they are not the best pets for people who cannot make time for their furry companions. But, if you are not a super busy person and enjoy having an active and playful companion at home, then a Bengal could make the perfect family member.

Do Bengal cats like water?

Bengals are highly intelligent cats. They are the type of pet who can easily figure out how to open doors and drawers. At times, they can be naughty, too – Bengals are notorious for stealing their owners’ possessions and hiding them. You might also find them playing with their food, knocking over your cups or picture frames, or ruining your carpets and drapes.

The bottom line is that, if you do not provide them with enough entertainment, they will definitely find ways to get up to mischief while you are not around! 

But this curious and fun-loving Bengal demeanor is also the reason these cats tend to love water so much. In fact, just the movement of water is enough to spark their interest and trigger their predatory drive. That is why you often see Bengals splashing and swimming in bathtubs and pools. Unlike most cats, this breed has no fear of playing with water or getting wet.

Why do Bengal cats like water?

The Bengal’s love of water is strongly influenced by its ancestry and breed personality.

Swimming is one of “leopard” cats’ most enjoyed activities, and is actually a survival skill in the wild. They even swish any debris they find in the water using their paws, as they prefer drinking from a clean source. And this rare fascination with water is one of the many traits that Bengal kitties have inherited from their leopard ancestors!

Temperament plays a huge role, too. As mentioned, Bengals are highly intelligent, curious, and adventurous. While they can be prone to mischief, their inquisitive and playful nature is also the reason they are easily trainable, like their canine counterparts. Your mini-leopard friend loves investigating anything that sparks their curiosity, and that includes the sound of flowing water from your faucet.

Do Bengal cats love swimming?

While it is rare to see a cat enjoy swimming, you might find that your Bengal bucks this trend. Not only do these cats love to swim; they are exceptional swimmers, too, with no fear of the water! That means they will jump into a bathtub or swimming pool without hesitation to join their human friends for a nice, relaxing swim.

So, do not be surprised to see your Bengal friend joining you for a dip in the pool. Take advantage of this opportunity to bond and play with your cat. Remember, not all domestic cats enjoy swimming and splashing in the water – you are just lucky enough to have a Bengal who is a natural swimmer!

Are Bengal cats scared of water?

While Bengal cats are famous for their love of water and excellent swimming skills, not all Bengals might actually enjoy playing and swimming in the water. This simply comes down to the cat’s unique personality and early training. Remember that not every cat of the same breed type is going to be exactly the same.

So, in short, it is completely possible to have a Bengal cat with a strong distaste for water! These are some of the possible reasons:

  • Your Bengal is not comfortable or used to the sensation of the water on their skin. 
  • Your Bengal does not like the smell of the water. Perhaps your water source contains high levels of chemicals like chlorine, and your cat can smell it even though you cannot. Remember that their olfactory sensors are way more sensitive than those of humans.
  • Your Bengal has had a past traumatic experience with water. For example, they might associate water with a previous injury or a loud thunderstorm while being wet in the rain.

Keep in mind that it is unusual for a Bengal cat to hate water, because it is in their nature to swim and play around water. But, if you find that your little friend is terrified in the water, do not force them into it. 

Safety tips before letting your cat play in the water

Not all water sources are safe for your feline friend! Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure their safety:

1. Avoid hot water

We all love a hot bath – it is soothing and relaxing, especially during the cold months. We also usually use hot water when washing the dishes. But human skin is far different from feline skin. While we might find hot water enjoyable, cats might easily get nasty burns if they come near a hot water source.

Bengals are likely to find flowing water attractive without knowing its temperature, so make sure not to provide them access to your hot shower. Aside from potential burns, steaming hot water can also overheat your pet, increasing the chances of an emergency vet visit.

2. Avoid toilet water

The toilet is home to all kinds of bacteria, but cats are not smart enough to know this. Even the nasty smell of your toilet cannot deter a curious Bengal from playing with toilet water.

So, make sure that the toilet seat is closed at all times to limit your cat’s access, or keep the room closed as much as possible to keep your cat away from it!

3. Avoid puddles, lakes, and sea water

Puddles, lakes, and ponds are often breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites that can make your furry friend sick. Sea water can also be polluted with waste and high levels of salt which are toxic for cats. 

Without your supervision, letting your pets swim freely in an open body of water can also put them at risk of drowning.

So, while most Bengal cats can swim well, it is simply not worth the risk to let them play in potentially dirty or dangerous water. Instead, let them swim in chlorine-free pools or freshly collected rainwater, as these sources are usually cleaner and safer for cats. 


Bengal cats are exceptionally playful! They love playing with and around water, as they find it interesting and entertaining. From time to time, you might see them rushing toward a source of water and wading into it.

Remember, however, that there might be a few exceptions – every cat is unique. Not all Bengals might enjoy the water, and this often has to do with past trauma or individual personalities. 

So, if your Bengal kitty loves the water, take advantage of this passion by bonding with them as you bathe them! But, if your cat seems to dislike the water, never force it. At the end of the day, what matters most is your cat’s comfort and happiness!

Image: / mister Big