Do Norwegian Forest Cats Like Water?

Do Norwegian Forest Cats Like Water

The Norwegian forest cat, or “Wegie”, as they are affectionately known, is a stunning breed of cat popular for its long, thick coat and beautiful colors. 

But what makes the breed truly unique is their love of water – something quite rare among cats! Thanks to their waterproof coat, they can happily go for a swim, or even just enjoy a drink from the sink faucet. Their playful attitude towards water makes them a great pet for those who like to get a bit more interactive with their feline buddies. 

So, do Norwegian forest cats like water? The answer is a big yes, and this article will explain why!

Facts about Norwegian forest cats and water

When we think about cats, we automatically imagine them running away from the tub all soapy and wet, leaving their poor guardians covered with scratches. But this is not the case for the beautiful Norwegian forest cats! In fact, they are one of the few cat breeds that actually like being in the water. 

Thanks to their dense, waterproof coats, most Wegies do not mind getting a little wet. Running water can be fascinating for these kitties, and batting and splashing in the faucet water can be a regular form of entertainment.

They also may be more open to being in water than other cats due to their innate hunting instinct. Norwegian forest cats might be very interested in watching fish in the water, so if you have a pond at home, you should beware!

Norwegian forest cats can also be great swimmers if trained well from a young age. Since these athletic feline giants are not afraid of the water, you might find them the ideal furry companion in the pool. However, if you are taking them into the water for the first time, make sure to use lots of treats so the experience becomes a positive one! 

Do Norwegian forest cats like water?

Yes, Norwegian forest cats do like water! And this has something to do with their history.

At a first glance, these gentle giants might look cute and cuddly, but they are actually quite the adventurers! In the past, this breed was used to get rid of rodents on Viking vessels. Over time, they developed waterproof coats to keep them warm and cozy, no matter the weather. 

But that is not all – they also have some pretty impressive swimming skills! Unlike most cats, the Norwegian forest cat is surprisingly comfortable in the water. They even use their swimming skills to hunt for fish in lakes and streams! So, if you are looking for a cat that is the complete package – adventurous, cute, and affectionate – then a Wegie could be your match!

Can a Norwegian forest cat swim?

Yes, most Norwegian forest cats love to swim, as many owners can attest! 

Because Wegies have thick coats that keep them warm and dry in the water, they do not have to worry about getting cold. However, if you’re thinking of taking your Norwegian forest cat for a dip, make sure the water is safe for them to swim or play in. There might be some hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface, so do not leave them unsupervised. 

But, if you can find a safe spot to let them play in the water, you will be rewarded with a very happy Wegie! Just make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold for them. 

All in all, swimming is a great way for Norwegian forest cats to stay active, so if you have access to a body of water that is safe for them, why not let them take a dip? Your swimming sessions will not be so boring now that you have a swim buddy!

Should you bathe a Norwegian forest cat?

Norwegian forest cats do not need frequent baths. But, of course, there are always a few exceptions! If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors and gets very dirty, then you may need to give them a bath to help them clean up. But even then, you will not need to bathe them very often. In fact, too much bathing can actually strip the natural oils from their fur and leave it dry and brittle. 

Tips to get your Norwegian forest cat accustomed to water

While Wegies are known for being water-loving kitties, not all of them might actually enjoy getting wet. If you find your furry friend a little water-shy, you can still train them to become confident in the water. All you need is a little patience and some clever tactics to help them learn to love baths and swimming.

The first step is to introduce them to the water slowly and gradually. Make sure your cat always feels comfortable. Offer lots of treats and toys, and be sure to give them the option to stay or leave the water. If your cat shows signs of liking it, you can make the water a little deeper. 

If you succeed, your furry companion may learn to love splashing around in the tub! Instead of a nightmare, bathing can turn into a fun, stimulating experience for you and your cat!

Do Norwegian forest cats like drinking water?

Most cats do not like drinking water from a bowl – they are carnivores whose wild ancestors got their hydration from live prey. But Norwegian forest cats are the exception to the rule. 

Most Wegies actually love drinking water, especially after a tiresome play session! It is not uncommon to see a Norwegian forest cat lapping water from the bowl or even from the sink. It is almost as if they cannot get enough!

And of course, it is important for them to stay hydrated, especially after running around and expending lots of energy. So it is good that they enjoy drinking water so much. 

If you are thinking of getting a Norwegian forest cat, do not forget to get a big water bowl. Better yet, get a cat water fountain like this one from Veken – your cat will surely love it!


Norwegian forest cats are known for their amazing water-based antics. These cats are usually perfectly comfortable being in the water and even have an uncanny ability to swim, making them ideal swimming companions in the pool.

Wegies are also known for being very sociable and affectionate cats. So, with their intelligence combined with playfulness, they are the ideal choice for those who want a loyal and adventurous pet.

Image: / pum_eva