Where To Buy Feliway?

Where To Buy Feliway

Feliway is widely available and you can buy it from online retailers, local pet stores, and from your veterinarian as well.  Here is the list of online retailers that sell Feliway products:


This American multinational company is based in Seattle, USA, and founded by Jeff Bezos who’s also its Chairman and CEO. You can purchase Feliway products from Amazon easily even in the comfort of your home. 


You can easily purchase Feliway products from this American multinational e-commerce company which is based in San Jose, California.


Feliway products are available in Walmart, an American multinational retail company with various branches all over the country. 


You can easily buy Feliway products from this American retail chain which operates in the USA and Canada. This company sells specialty animal products, among others.


Feliway products are readily available in this American online retailer which sells pet food and other pet-related products and is based in Dania Beach, California. 


You can buy Feliway products from this UK-based online retailer which sells pet care products, pet food, accessories, and veterinary prescription medicine.


Purchase your Feliway products from this American pet retailer company which sells pet products and services like grooming and dog training.

Pet Circle  

You can buy Feliway products from this Australian online pet supplies company based in New South Wales, Australia. 

Pets At Home 

Buy your Feliway products from this UK-based pet supplies retailer which is also considered as UK’s largest retailer for pet products. 

What is Feliway?

What is Feliway
Image: istockphoto.com / ivanolianto

Feliway is a product that mimics the pheromones which cats emit through the glands in their faces when they feel calm and as a way to communicate with other cats and the world around them. It works on the cat’s brain and results in a calming and relaxing state. The product also makes cats peaceful and alleviates the causes of stress and anxiety. 

It is available as Feliway Diffuser and Feliway Spray. The diffuser type can cover more or less 700 square feet of open space in your home and should be placed in an unobstructed area where there’s good airflow. The spray type is usually used on cat carriers before bringing your cat on a car ride.  

Feliway is usually used during these cases when your cat is showing signs of stress and anxiety:

  • if your pet feline urinates outside the litter box
  • stress that’s related to moving, remodeling, or traveling 
  • if your cat is inappropriately scratching at objects like furniture 
  • during trips to the vet 
  • if you have multiple cats in the household and they’re always fighting especially during mealtime 

Other signs of stressed cats:

  • your cat is hiding and showing signs of fearfulness  
  • your cat has a decreased appetite 
  • your cat is overgrooming herself 
  • she’s showing signs of aggression 

Aside from the classic Feliway, the product also has another formulation, the Feline Multicat, which is available in diffuser type. It mimics the facial pheromones of mother cats which they emit to calm down their kittens. It’s best used if you have multiple cats at home who are aggressive towards each other.

The 3 types of feline messages that are used to create Feliway are the following:

1. Happy messages

Cats mark their territory as familiar when they’re comfortable and happy and they rub their faces on furniture, people, corners, and other cats. This releases happy messages which are released by  Feliway Classic and Spray into the home.

2. Harmony messages 

Cats and their siblings are most likely to get along and won’t fight with each other since their mothers release harmony messages to ensure that kittens get along. These harmony messages are released by Feliway Friends to restore harmony and to curb fighting among cats at home. 

3. Territory messages 

Cats usually scratch to assert their territory since they’re territorial by nature and Feliscratch by Feliway sends these territorial messages to encourage cats to scratch at appropriate places like a scratching post instead of your furniture. 


Cats normally feel stressed or anxious even in seemingly mundane situations like a car ride, a visit to the vet, or if there are loud noises at home. This is because cats are creatures of habit and they adhere to a specific routine.  Be prepared for the unexpected by having Feliway products handy to alleviate the signs of stress and to keep your feline pet relaxed, calm, and comfortable. Feliway products can be purchased conveniently from various online retailers as well as from your local pet stores and your veterinarian.