Litter Locker Vs. Litter Genie

Litter Locker Vs. Litter Genie

Pet parents have one big struggle when it comes to their furry cats and that is cleaning up and disposing of cat poop. The strong and unmistakable smell of poop can be so arresting and could cause major nasal turmoil, if not properly disposed of. Thanks to some innovative products,  litter disposal systems have become the norm when it comes to convenient poop disposal.

Litter Locker vs. Litter Genie? Which one is better? Let’s check out each product and compare its features. 

Litter Locker cat litter disposal system: Pros and cons 

This disposal system reduces the need for small bags and effectively locks in poop odor. Just scoop the waste and put it on the pail. It can store waste for more or less 2 weeks and you’ll save a lot on the grocery bags. When the bag is full just open the pail, cut the bag and then take it to the bin.  Then you simply pull a new bag out, tie a knot and the disposal unit is ready to use again.


  • it’s easy and convenient to use
  • it lessens the odor 
  • stores 2 weeks worth of waste, thus, there’s no need to use small waste bags  


  • the refills are costly 

Empty weight: 1.4 kg. 

Dimension: H= 17.63 inches ; W = 9.38 inches; L= 9.5 inches

Color: white with grey 

Price:  More or less $ 25  

Litter Genie cat litter disposal system: Pros and cons

Litter Genie cat litter disposal system Pros and cons
Image: / Lightspruch

The Litter Genie is an innovative cat litter disposal system with antimicrobial ingredients that effectively eliminate foul odors. It can fit into your bathroom or under the sink and anywhere you want to place it. What makes this product great is the carrying handles that make it easy to move it around. You don’t have to go frequently to the garbage bin as it can store up to 2 weeks’ worth of waste for one cat. 


  • has a seven-layer refill bag with barrier technology that locks bacteria and odor 
  • 100% odor-free because of antimicrobial features
  • convenient and easy to use
  • well-priced 


  • refill cartridges are expensive 

Empty weight: 1.4 kg. 

Dimension: H = 17 inches; W = 8.5 inches; L = 9.5 inches 

Color:  black and silver 

Price: More or less $27 

Litter Locker vs. Litter Genie: Which is the best?

Both of these two cat litter disposal systems have roughly the same size and weight. The cost is fairly affordable although the refills can be pricey. Both products are made of high-quality plastic and durable materials for their refill cartridges. Your location plays a major factor when it comes to the price. Litter Locker is a UK product while Litter Genie is from the USA.

What sets Litter Genie a step higher is its seven-layer technology with its refill bags and antimicrobial ingredients to kill bacteria. However, Litter Locker is also exceptional because its refill bag is equivalent to 60 grocery bags and can last up to 2 months for one cat. 

Which is the best? There is no real answer. A close check of the product details, quality, and overall effectiveness will reveal that both have innovative features and reasonable price. Nevertheless, your location will probably be a big factor in deciding what’s your final choice. If you’re based in the UK or Europe then the Litter Locker may be a smart option because it’s a UK-based product. However, if you’re based in the USA then opt for the US-based Litter Genie, because it will be typically cheaper there. 

What to look for in a cat litter disposal system?

After a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the mentioned litter disposal products, maybe this checklist can also provide you with a clearer idea of what to look for in a cat litter disposal system.

Here’s what to look for in a cat litter disposal system:

  1. A double-seal system that locks in odor effectively.
  2. A continuous liner that’s simple to empty and refill. 
  3. A hands-free operation so that you don’t have to touch the unit with your hands. 
  4. A secured and durable lock system so pets and kids can’t squeeze inside.
  5. A heavy-duty scoop that’s included with the product.
  6. A substantial unit with a reliable warranty. 

Eco-friendly cat litter disposal methods 

As a responsible pet owner, you’re conscious of the proper manner of cat poop disposal in a way that won’t harm the environment. Here are some eco-friendly ways to dispose of your kitty’s litter.

Use organic alternatives to traditional cat litter 

Commercially-available cat litter such as clumping clay litter isn’t biodegradable and may contain chemicals like silica dust that are harmful to the environment.  Instead, you may opt to use other alternatives like the following:

  • a homemade litter with  newspaper

This is made from recycled newspapers. It’s cost-effective although a bit time-consuming.

  • wood pellets and pine 

This type of litter is made from pine and wood shavings or pellets as well as plant fibers. It’s not only eco-friendly, but it also gives off a pleasant woody smell.

wood pellets and pine
Image: / Veni vidi…shoot

Create a compost heap along with a mixture of kitty litter 

A brilliant way to dispose of kitty litter is to create a compost pile along with a mixture of the collected kitty litter. You can create a compost heap by building or reusing compost bins and you need a large wooden box with enough space for the compost system. 

Compost is mainly used for gardening and landscaping and an eco-friendly way to nurture plants. Make sure not to add cat litter that’s clay, sand, or crystalline-based which are non-biodegradable. Also, compost the cat litter in a safe distance from edible vegetables, fruits, and plants. 

Avoid throwing cat litter in plastic containers.

Plastic containers take around 20 years to decompose so using it to gather cat litter is a big no-no because it’s not eco-friendly at all. 

Never flush away cat litter. 

Don’t ever flush cat poop because it may be contaminated with bacteria and as a result will contaminate the waterways endangering the lives of marine animals and even humans. 

Final thoughts

Thanks to innovative kitty litter disposal systems, pet parents like you don’t have to go through a lot of stress. Both Litter Locker and Litter Genie have admirable features and affordable pricing. Most of all, these products are convenient and a time-saving method, too. 

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