Do Siberian Cats Like Water?

Do Siberian Cats Like Water

Siberian cats are a well-loved breed of feline hailing from the coldest regions of Russia. They have medium to long coats that are thick and water-repellent, making them one of the few cat breeds in the world that have a positive relationship with water.

So, do Siberian cats like water? The short answer is yes. Their luxurious, waterproof coats make them fearless of the water. Many of these kitties also have a great interest in swimming, hunting, and playing. No wonder why they make the perfect companions for those who have an active lifestyle!

Before getting a Siberian kitten, it is very important that you understand their temperament and unique quirks. If you are curious to know more about the Siberian personality and their unusual love of the water, this article might help shed some light.

Siberian cat personality – an overview

Animal behaviorists will tell you that, just like humans, cats’ personalities often impact their preferences and their reactions to their environment – including being around and in water. So, let us look at a brief overview of a Siberian’s unique temperament:

1. Affectionate

Siberians are one of the most affectionate cat breeds – that is for sure! If you are lucky enough to own one, then you will know that they love curling up on your lap, purring away, or following you around the house like a shadow.

These beautiful cats love their families and get along well with other pets, so your furry family members will quickly become best friends. But the most amazing thing about Siberians is that they love cuddling, whether in the bed next to you or on your shoulder while you are doing other things. It is almost as if they can sense when you are feeling down and need some extra love and attention.

2. Playful

Siberian cats are the definition of playful. These kitties love toys, playing fetch, and can tackle puzzle games like pros! They also love hunting games and running around the house – basically, if it has anything to do with playing, they are all in. In fact, they might even challenge you to a game of tag in your living room.

Unfortunately, Siberians do not always know when to stop, and can sometimes get a bit too enthusiastic. So, if you are up for a bit of an adventure, these cats are sure to keep you on your toes and your house full of laughter and fun!

3. Highly athletic

If you think cats are lazy, think again – especially when it comes to Siberians!

Siberians are not couch-potato cats. They are highly energetic and athletic – as mentioned, they love to run, jump and play. They are full of energy and will likely stay playful and active their entire lives. 

When it comes to agility, Siberians are top-of-the-line. They move with grace and elegance, and can often be seen jumping from high places. They are also incredibly muscular, which makes them appear even more impressive when in motion! But do not worry – their activeness does not mean they will be damaging your furniture. Siberians are also known for their gentleness and calm demeanor. Hence, these kitties are the perfect combination of energy and relaxation.

4. Inquisitive

Siberians are inquisitive cats. They love to explore and investigate all sorts of places. From closets to dark corners, they will try to figure out how to get in! For example, if a door is closed and you do not want them to go inside, you may find them pushing it open with their noses or pawing at the handle. It is quite comical to watch, but you cannot help but admire their tenacity.

5. Intelligent

Siberian cats are not just cute cuddle buddies – they are extremely intelligent cats, too! They can be trained to do tricks, like walking on a harness or solving puzzle toys. They can also be taught to do other complex tasks like opening doors and pushing buttons.

Overall, Siberian kitties love to learn and explore new things, so you can keep them entertained for hours with new challenges. Plus, this makes them great companions – their intelligence and curiosity make them a joy to be around.

Do Siberian cats like water?

Siberian cats might surprise you in that, unlike most cats, they actually love water! And this is believed to be linked to their ancestry – they are descended from wild forest cats in Siberia (hence their name). The extremely cold weather in this part of Russia also gave them a thick, triple coat that is water-resistant. For this reason, they are less likely to have any fear of water!

Thanks to these waterproof coats, you might see these cats playing in puddles after the rain. It has also been said that they enjoy swimming in ponds or streams, although this is not a recommended activity! All of this means that bathing your Siberian should not cause you a lot of stress, as they are likely to cooperate.

Can Siberian cats swim?

If you are in doubt as to whether Siberian cats can swim, the answer is a resounding yes! This is, in part, thanks to their dense, water-resistant triple coat and their curious and active nature.

If your Siberian cat has been acclimatized to the water from a young age, then their chances of being afraid of water will be very low. Instead of avoiding the water, your pet might hop into it with full confidence. It is like their secret feline superpower!

Siberian cats also tend to be comfortable in the water as it triggers their curiosity and hunting instinct. So be careful if you have a fish aquarium or a pond, as your furry companion will likely take a great interest in them!

And, if you offer a Siberian a bath, be prepared for fun! Your cat will love the pampering and likely jump into the tub as soon as they get the chance. 

In summary, if you think your Siberian is fond of being in the water, make sure to give them plenty of opportunities to play and even swim in the pool or the tub.

Do Siberian cats like drinking water?

Yes – and that is because these kitties have a positive relationship with water. In fact, they are known for lapping water straight from the faucet!

The primary reason behind this unusual love for water is that the movements and sounds of water trigger their curiosity. They cannot help but investigate! Keep in mind that it is important to provide plenty of fresh, clean water for any cat, as this is necessary for health and hydration. Aside from the health aspect, though, moving water will also keep your Siberian entertained. 

If you are looking for ways to keep your cat amused and well-hydrated at the same time, then you should definitely consider a cat water fountain. Not only will it provide them with a never-ending supply of fresh water; it will also help them beat boredom for hours.

The next time you see your whiskered companion drinking from the faucet, take it as your cue to invest in a high-quality cat water fountain, like this Veken automatic water fountain. Your pet will be sure to thank you for it!


Siberian cats are known to love the water, and most cat aficionados believe this is due to their high intelligence and playfulness. Plus, their coats are thick and water-repellant, so getting wet is not an issue for them. Most Siberians will bathe with you willingly. Hydration will also not be a problem, as Siberian cats love drinking and playing with water!

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