Do Cats Like Water Fountains?

Do Cats Like Water Fountains

Domestic cats are notorious for snubbing their water bowls – but most cannot resist a fun water fountain!

But why do cats like water fountains? The primary reason is most probably related to their preference for clean, free-flowing water. Plus, running water is very entertaining for a cat – anything that moves will quickly catch a feline’s interest!

In this article, we will explain why cats love water fountains and why you should consider purchasing one!

Why cats are picky drinkers

Cats are notoriously fastidious. They spend an enormous amount of time grooming themselves, they do not like dirty litter boxes, and they would definitely avoid drinking from a bowl of stale water!

So, first off, why are cats picky drinkers? Cats seem to have their own established standards when it comes to the quality of their drinking water, and their human guardians must be discerning enough to understand these preferences. Otherwise, Fluffy may avoid her water bowl for the rest of her life, for no apparent reason!

Below are some of your cat’s valid reasons for avoiding a bowl of water:

1. Felines are designed to get hydration from live prey

Most domesticated cats do not like drinking from a water bowl, and they likely inherited this preference from their wild cat ancestors. As you might know, wild cats normally get their hydration from eating live prey, and somehow our furry companions have held onto this genetic preference.

But a house cat’s typical diet is way different from that of a wild or feral cat – their daily meals usually include dry kibbles, with the occasional can of tuna, which can be pricey. This means that their food does not provide as much fluid as it would if they were feasting on freshly-caught prey every day.

2. Cats do not like standing water

Stagnant water creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and your cat instinctively knows it! But most cat owners tend to leave their pets a bowl of water, and the worst scenario is when they forget to refresh it with clean drinking water daily. Cats do not find this appealing, and it is quite normal to see them lapping water from your dripping faucet rather than drinking from their water bowls.

Unfortunately, your cat’s picky behavior can cause dehydration, which leads to a variety of health issues, including kidney disease and diabetes. For this reason, you need to fix your cat’s avoidance of her water bowl to prevent dehydration.

3. Cats hate their whiskers being touched

Did you know that your cat’s whiskers are very sensitive? These little antenna-like hairs are very important for cats to navigate their environments. They even help them calculate the distance they need to jump to reach the top of your cabinets! And, because these little hairs are so sensitive, they really do not like being touched!

So, if you give your cat a water bowl that is too deep, their little whiskers will most likely touch the rim of the bowl as they drink. This can lead to whisker fatigue, and your furry friend will thus have a good reason for avoiding the water bowl.

Do cats like water fountains?

Cats absolutely love water fountains for one common reason – they are naturally drawn to flowing water!

In the cat world, moving water is more interesting than still water. The motion of a flowing stream is mesmerizing for cats and triggers their natural predatory drive. Additionally, it gives them something to focus on as they drink! 

Another reason cats love water fountains is that they perceive flowing water as fresh and clean. Cats are suspicious by nature, and they often do not trust a bowl of stale water. Additionally, if you put their water bowl in a corner, it might make them uncomfortable as they have to turn their back to the world in order to drink from it. Cats want to observe their environment at all times, even while drinking or eating – this is part of their survival instinct.

If you are looking for ways to entice your cat to drink more while also having fun, then a water fountain might be your best bet. There are many types of water fountains on the market, but make sure to choose the one with appropriate safety features. For example, this cat water fountain from Homerunpet offers a high-quality filtration system, sturdy rubber grips, smart LED lights, and a foreign object detection security system to ensure your cat’s health and safety.

Why water fountains win over water bowls:

1. Moving water is cleaner

Cats like moving water more than still water.

This is not just because they can see moving objects better than still ones – they also tend to be drawn to things that move. It is likely that the constant motion of the water makes it appear more interesting, and thus cats are drawn to drinking from a fountain.

Additionally, moving water is less likely to have microorganisms growing in it. Even though we cannot see what is happening under the surface, there is definitely less opportunity for contamination in moving water.

2. Filtration reduces smell

Cats are known for their keen sense of smell, and water fountains have a filtration system that removes bad smells and bacteria from the water. This means fresher-smelling water and less chance of getting sick!

3. Water tastes fresh and cool

Cats love to drink fresh, cool, flowing water. By using a water fountain filter, you can ensure that your cat always has access to clean, cool water – and all the benefits of filtered water. Plus, water fountains make drinking water taste better because they filter out impurities and debris from the water. This makes the water taste better than tap water or bottled water.

4. The sound of trickling water is fascinating

Cats also love water fountains because of the trickling sound made by the flowing water. Felines are known to be active and playful, and playing with a water fountain is one way to release their energy without going outside or doing anything dangerous like jumping off high places.

5. Water fountains entice your cat to drink more

Water fountains are a great way to keep your cat hydrated and entertained if they tend to avoid their water bowl. Keep in mind that hydration is very important for cats, especially during the hotter seasons. It is crucial to give your furry friend a constant supply of fresh, clean water every day. 


If you have a cat, it cannot hurt to buy them a water fountain. Most cats love water fountains because they are entertaining as well as providing fresh, free-flowing drinking water.

At the end of the day, cat owners want what is best for their furry friends. In an effort to ensure your kitty stays hydrated, you can help to increase their water intake by introducing a cat water fountain. This way, you will finally be able to relax in the knowledge that your cat is well-hydrated, healthy and happy!

Image: / Emily_M_Wilson