Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water

For most fur parents, cats and water are like oil and water – they certainly do not mix! However, this might not always be the case. While some cats are seen scrambling to get away from a bathtub filled with water, others might surprise you with their enthusiasm for playing or even swimming in the water.

So, do Russian blue cats like water?

The answer depends on several factors, such as their individual personality and how they were raised. If your feline is a curious and playful one, it is more likely that they will be naturally drawn to water. But keep in mind that playing with water and actually getting into the water are two different things! A cat might enjoy batting at the water, but still hate having a bath.

If you want to understand more about your Russian blue’s fear of or fascination with water, read on!

Your Russian blue’s relationship with water

Have you ever seen a cat jump into a pool on a hot day? Most likely not, because cats are generally known to hate the water. This may seem strange, given that cats love grooming themselves and staying clean. 

The primary reason cats hate being in water is their ancestry. Domestic cats are descended from desert wild cats, and thus never adapted to living near bodies of water. Their instinctive fear of water is carried down to most modern house cats, including the popular Russian blues.

So, even if your Russian blue might not be actually afraid of the water, they simply do not have any inclination to go in it. But of course, every cat is different, and there might be some who do enjoy swimming and playing with water. If your Russian blue has been used to the water since they were young, you should not have any problem bathing them, or may even inviting them to swim with you in the pool.  

A behavior trait that is often observed in cats is their love for playing with water, while not actually being in it. Russian blues are no different, and will likely enjoy lapping and playing with water from your kitchen faucet. Moving water can pique their curiosity in the same way that small prey does. But again, this does not mean they will enjoy (or tolerate) being in the water.

Do Russian blue cats like to play with water?

Yes – Russian blues do like playing with water – they are incredibly playful and curious cats. When a Russian blue sees a bowl of water or a faucet dripping, they cannot help but want to investigate. They will gladly dip their paws in and splash around, playing to their heart’s content! 

But you might wonder – do they really like water, or are they simply fascinated by its sound?

Well, the answer is quite simple – Russian blues are known for their intelligence and playfulness, and moving water is fascinating to observe! But, while they might enjoy watching a dripping tap or a running fountain, they pretty much prefer to stay out of it. This might also have something to do with their double-layered coats that are not suited to swimming.

Or, perhaps it is just that they are not as enamored of water as some other feline breeds, such as Bengals. Whatever the reason, it is best not to force your furry friend to spend time with you in the pool or bathtub. They might appear to be curious, but deep down they would much rather watch from a safe distance!

If you are looking for a cat that loves being in the water, then a Russian blue is probably not the breed for you.

Do Russian blue cats like swimming?

The answer to that is more often yes than no. 

Most Russian blues prefer playing with water, rather than actually getting into it. But some might still enjoy swimming if they were trained as kittens. You can get them used to swimming by giving them shallow and safe pools to play in. They may not take to it immediately, but with patience and lots of treats, they might eventually learn to love it!

Of course, some cats are born with a natural swimmer’s instinct, so if you are lucky, you might have one of those! In the end, it all comes down to whether or not your feline feels comfortable being in the water. If they do, they will definitely enjoy swimming and jumping into the pool with you. Just make sure, though, that the water is safe for your cat. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Use rainwater collected through a clean pipe or directly from the sky. Avoid rainwater harvested through contaminated gutters or other unclean channels.
  • Use clean baby pools that are free of strong chemicals like chlorine.

For your cat’s safety, you should never let them swim or play in these water sources:

  • Puddles which may be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria.
  • Lakes and ponds, as these may be contaminated with toxic algae, heavy metals, bacteria, and parasites. 
  • Seawater that may be polluted with human waste. While allowing your cat to occasionally dip in the ocean might not cause serious harm, keep in mind that seawater also contains high amounts of salt that can be toxic for cats. Also make sure to give your cat a good rinse after playing in the ocean, or simply let them stay on the beach and watch from afar to avoid the risks. 

Do Russian blue cats need baths?

Well, that depends! If your cat has been rolling around in the mud or playing in the dirt and doesn’t seem able to clean themselves completely, then a bath might be needed.

Similarly, if your Russian blue is an outdoor kitty (which we discourage), then frequent bathing might be needed to keep them clean and pest-free. But, if your cat stays indoors and lounges in their favorite spot on the couch, then you probably do not need to worry about giving them a bath very often.

Just remember, if your Russian blue does need a bit of help with their grooming, be sure to use a gentle pet shampoo. This will help keep their fur soft and that signature grayish-blue color vibrant. And, if your furry friend is not a fan of the bath, do not worry! They will probably get used to it with enough of your patience and care.


Russian blues do like playing with water, but that does not mean they are comfortable getting into it. Like most cats, your Russian blue will likely avoid being bathed at all costs. But, if your feline has been used to being in the water since they were a kitten, then bathing will not be so stressful for either of you. 

Whatever your cat’s preferences are, just remember that their comfort, safety and well-being matter the most! Always consider these factors before taking your cat to a beach or swimming pool.

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