Cat Not Eating Wet Food

Cat Not Eating Wet Food

Are you worried that your kitty has developed a special liking for dry food but cat not eating wet food at all? Then, worry not. If your pet cat is not eating wet food, you can slowly do the transition by introducing small amounts first and scheduling meals. While dry food is beneficial, cats should also eat wet food for optimum nutrition and health. 

Possible reasons why a cat is not eating wet food 

Cats have different preferences when it comes to tastes and textures, add to that the fact that they’re finicky eaters. If you notice that your pet cat isn’t giving an inch of interest to her wet food then there must be an explanation or reason for it. 

Here are just some of the possible reasons why your pet feline is not eating wet food:

  • she’s so used to the taste and texture of dry food
  • she prefers dry food because she can eat it any time of the day
  • she used to eat wet food but suddenly stopped because you may be giving her the same brand or flavor
  • you haven’t introduced her properly to wet food because you find that dry food is more convenient 

Advantages of dry and wet food 

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of wet vs. dry cat food and how these two forms of cat food are both beneficial for your pet cat. 

Dry food 

  • it’s convenient and easy to measure
  • easy to maintain and has long shelf-life
  • lesser risk of bacterial growth
  • may help reduce tartar and plaque buildup
  • cats actively chew, thus, removing plaque on the teeth
  • it makes your cat drink more water
  • your pet cat can easily eat it several times during the day 

Wet food 

  • convenient and allows cats to stay hydrated
  • it promotes lean body mass 
  • contains more protein and lesser carbohydrates
  • it offers more variety because it comes in various flavors, meat preferences, and textures

If your pet cat has become so used to dry food and doesn’t have much interest in eating wet food then she may be missing out in terms of essential nutrients. While dry food is convenient and can be easily stored because of its long shelf life, consuming purely dry food can also pose a problem for our cats. Dry food contains more carbohydrates than wet food since it has grains like cornmeal and rice while other brands may contain proteins from vegetables instead of meat sources. Another issue with wet food is also that it is difficult to feed to your cat while you are away.

How to make your cat eat wet food?

You can make your pet kitty eat wet food but it needs a substantial amount of time and patience on your part. The transition period may take weeks or even months and the key is for you to be optimistic. Also, it’s important that you shouldn’t do abrupt changes to your pet cat’s diet and meals because it could lead to an upset stomach, or worse, she may get sick. Here are the steps that you can do to make your cat eat wet food:

Step 1

Start your cat on a scheduled meal structure instead of the usual free-feeding type of meals.  You may schedule 3 or 4 meals a day of your cat’s dry food. Call and alert your cat every mealtime and make sure that you only put the food down for 20 minutes.  After your pet cat is finished eating promptly take the food up. 

Step 2

The moment that your pet cat becomes used to the scheduled meals, introduce wet food to her. Try to observe your cat upon serving it. Some cats will easily consume it while some others won’t touch it at all just yet.

Step 3 

Should you notice that your cat is not eating the wet food, try putting in a small amount of wet food with your pet’s kibble. If she eats it, you may gradually increase the wet food as opposed to the kibble. There are instances that your cat won’t like the flavor or texture of the canned wet food. You may experiment by trying another flavor like turkey, beef, or chicken and textures like pate, stew, or mixed with gravy. Then, just like in step 1,  only put the food down for 20 minutes or so, and if your pet kitty won’t eat the wet food then take it up and try again another time. 

Step 4

Getting your cat to eat and like wet food can be challenging and you have to creatively think of ways to make her eat it. This is somehow akin to introducing solid food to a baby who finds himself bombarded with various kinds of flavors and he’s figuring out if it’s to his liking or not. If your cat still strongly resists wet food, you may try adding warm water to it so that its consistency allows the cat to lap it up instead of biting it. You may also put a small amount of wet food on her paw or the tip of her nose so she can smell and lick it off. Hopefully, this can slowly start her off to like the taste of wet food. 

Step 5 

If you still haven’t succeeded in getting your cat to eat wet food then don’t fret. You may feed her with the dry food that she’s accustomed to so she may still be well-fed and won’t get sick. Be sure to try and start over again and slowly introduce your cat to eating wet food. The key is to be consistent and never give up easily. Gradually, your pet cat will soon be able to adjust to the new tastes and textures of wet food. 

What to do if your cat used to eat wet food but not anymore

If your cat used to eat wet food then stopped eating it, here’s what you can do:

  • try another brand and experiment with other flavors
  • make sure your cat’s food bowl is always clean and odor-free
  • try to mix dry food and wet food 
  • your cat may be ill and if so, bring her to the vet at once 

Final thoughts 

Your pet cat’s diet and nutrition are of utmost importance and you should always consult your veterinarian regarding the best food and meal choices for your kitty.  Your vet is the best person who can give you relevant advice on what to do and when it comes to the right balance of both wet and dry food for your cat’s daily diet.