Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

The best cat food for older cats with bad teeth is a food that consist of small and tender pieces that are easy to chew and digest while giving the cat the right proteins along with a balanced amount of important nutrients.  Cats are considered elderly when they reach 11 years old and will usually begin to have health and dental issues by this age.

Best cat food for older cats with bad teeth 

Here are our recommended best cat foods for older cats with teeth problems:

Adult 7+ Canned Wet Cat Food by Hill’s Science

Flavors:  savory chicken – 2.9 oz. ; savory turkey – 5.5 oz 

Key benefits:

  • it has balanced nutrition for kidney and vital organ health 
  • it contains high-quality protein that helps build lean muscles 
  • it’s made with purposeful ingredients for a tasty and nutritious meal 

The Hill’s Science Adult 7+ wet canned food is a veterinarian-recommended brand that contains antioxidants and Vitamins C and E for feline immune support. It’s made with natural ingredients with a calorie content of 90 kcal per 2.9 oz. can. It is nutritionally balanced to be gentle on your cat’s digestion. It’s perfect for older cats with dental issues because it has a soft and even texture and it doesn’t have chunks, thus, less chewing is needed.  It’s also ideal even for senior cats diagnosed with kidney failure in its early stages. 

Beyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food by Purina

Variety: dry and wet food 

Flavors: turkey and lentil; turkey (available in 3 oz. can)

Key benefits: 

  • it’s budget-friendly 
  • it’s easy to chew and digest 
  • it has real meat constituents 
  • it’s rich in proteins 

Other ingredients: vegetables, thickeners, poultry broth, liver, dried up egg products, plant ingredients such as spinach and potatoes.

Cat experts recommend this cat food for elderly cats because the meat is very tender which makes it very easy to chew and swallow. It’s not mushy and contains liver and quail. Elderly cats will benefit from this cat food because it contains a good balance of proteins to keep them strong and enough moisture for easy digestion. 

Royal Aging Canin 12+ Wet Cat Food

Royal Aging Canin 12+ Wet Cat Food
Image: / AaronAmat

Flavors: thin slices in gravy; loaf in sauce ( 3.oz. can) 

Key benefits: 

  • tailored for senior cats with age 12 years old and above 
  • it contains Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain healthy joints and help elderly cats to stay active 
  • it has a good ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates 
  • it supports kidney health with appropriate phosphorus levels 

Other ingredients: pork by-products, chicken liver, wheat flour, carrageenan, Vitamin B2 and B12, folic acid, and fish oil, among others 

This cat food brand is soft and easy to digest and also thinly-sliced which makes it very ideal for elderly cats with bad teeth. 

Purina Pro Plan Prime Plus Adult 7+ Salmon & Tuna Entree Classic Canned Cat Food ( 3 oz.) 

Key benefits: 

  • it’s backed by years of intensive research to help improve the quality of cats’ lives even during their senior years 
  • it contains antioxidants, beta carotene, and Vitamin E
  • it also contains prebiotic fiber from chicory root and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids 
  • it contains improved microflora for a balanced digested system 
  • it maintains lean body mass, promotes healthy skin and coat and supports a strong immune system
  • made from real salmon in pate form for a more tasteful flavor

Other ingredients: liver, meat by-products, soybean oil, tuna, minerals, taurine, fish oil, vitamins, folic acid, and beta carotene, among others

Caloric content: 1,278 kcal/kg. 109 kcal/ can 

This budget-friendly cat food brand contains fiber which is vital for easy digestion and appropriate for elderly cats with dental health problems.

IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food ( 16 lbs.)

Key benefits:

  • its main ingredient is chicken 
  • it’s rich in protein to help support strong muscles and healthy energy 
  • it contains Vitamin E to help restore immune responses among senior cats and keep them healthy 
  • it has a crunchy cat kibble texture to prevent plaque buildup 
  • it contains essential nutrients like calcium and potassium to support strong bones and healthy joints 
  • it has L-Carnitine to help elderly cats maintain a healthy weight 

This cat food brand is a good choice for your elderly cats as it’s budget-friendly and has a long shelf life since it’s dry cat food. This cat kibble is formulated to provide complete nutrition for cats including bones, teeth, and joints to keep senior cats active, healthy, and well-nourished. 

Ingredients: chicken, chicken by-product meal, corn grits, dried beet pulp, vitamins, dried egg product, natural flavors, and rosemary extract, among others 

Signs of dental health problems in senior cats

Signs of dental health problems in senior cats
Image: / Sergey Pakulin

Here are some of the common signs and symptoms that may indicate that your elderly cat is experiencing dental health problems:

  • eating on one side of the mouth only or refusing to eat at all
  • weight loss 
  • your cat has an unkempt fur and grooming less
  • she has bad breath 
  • your cat is drooling 
  • your cat has visible tooth tartar 
  • she has inflamed gums 
  • she’s reluctant to let you touch her head
  • she’s pawing at her mouth

Should you give wet or dry food to your elderly cat?

Senior cats are more prone to dental health issues because of their advanced age.  Dental problems also arise because of the accumulation of plaque which could lead to periodontal disease.  Thus, your elderly cat should usually be given canned wet food because of its moisture content.  Your senior cat will find it easier to eat and digest the food because it requires less chewing on her part.  However,  dry food may still be given to your elderly cat with bad teeth but always see to it that she has ample water supply nearby to help her digest the dry food more easily.  Dry cat food also contains carbohydrates which some cats find hard to digest but if your elderly cat has feline diabetes then it should be avoided. 

Final thoughts 

Your elderly cat needs extra care especially if she already has bad teeth and can’t easily eat and ingest food like before.  There’s a wide array of cat food brands that offer flavorful meal varieties as mentioned above which are packed with nutrients to keep your elderly cat healthy, nourished, and active.  Most importantly, these best cat food for older cats with bad teeth is packed with moisture to ensure that your kitties can easily chew and digest it.