Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad?

Does Dry Cat Food Go Bad

Most cats like to nibble at any given time of the day which makes dry cat food an convenient option. Pet owners also like it because it is affordable, easy to serve and lasts longer that its wet counterpart. However, dry cat food can also go bad and may get stale if not stored properly and consumed within six months. It should also be consumed within 14 days to three weeks once the package is opened. 

Does dry cat food go bad?

Yes, dry cat food does go bad just like with other types of food and consumables and it is not suitable for the consumption of your cat  beyond the date specified. The “best by” date on the dry food bag is often six months after the date of production. Thus, dry cat food will last for that certain time and ideally, it should be consumed within that period.

Also, the expiration date is only good if the bag of dry cat food is unopened and stored at a cool temperature. However, once it is opened, it should be used within a maximum of 14 days to three weeks. 

Tips to store dry cat food safely

Here are some tips on how to store dry cat food safely:

1. Dry cat food should be stored in a dry place with a cool temperature.

To ensure that your cat’s dry food remains fresh, always store it in a dry place with cool temperatures ideally less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  If it is placed in a place with high temperature, dry cat food will quickly become rancid due to oxidation of fatty acids and vitamins are destroyed. Also, it may trigger the production of aflatoxins, poisonous carcinogens from certain molds, that could harm your pet. 

2. Dry cat food should be kept and stored in its original bag.

While some pet owners tend to transfer the content into another container, it is best to keep dry cat food in its original food bag. This is because pet food manufacturers designed it to have fat barriers to maintain the freshness and lock in the flavors. Also, these bags contain the “best by” date along with product details that may come in handy should you want to check it out once in a while. 

3. Keep dry cat food in a sealed container. 

See to it that dry cat food, in its original bag, is kept and stored in a sealed container after every mealtime.  This is to prevent bacterial contamination and maintain its quality. Properly sealed dry cat food also means that nutrition and taste are preserved well. 

It’s also important to check the bag or package of dry cat food after buying it.  Make sure that there are no tears or damage to ensure that the product is sealed. 

Benefits of dry cat food 

Aside from being convenient and easy to feed and store, dry cat food is also high in energy.  It also has dental benefits derived in two ways, by the mechanical action of biting and breaking up of the food and chemical addition that reduces tartar build-up on the teeth.  Check our earlier article on wet vs dry cat food for more helpful information on this. 

Dry cat food recommendations for your pet:

Check out these dry cat food recommendations that garnered five-star reviews:

1. Purina Friskies Seafood Sensations Adult Dry Cat Food

This dry cat food combines salmon, ocean fish, tuna, and crab flavors with a hint of seaweed flavor. It has vitamins and minerals and provides balan nutrition. Other ingredients include corn gluten meal, folic acid, and biotin. 

2. Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken & Salmon Recipes

This dry cat food has chicken as its main ingredient with a blend of fiber, prebiotics, and protein. It has zero additives and contains nutrients like calcium and potassium for good heart health. Its other ingredients include ground whole grain corn, taurine, minerals, and L-carnitine

3. Purina Fancy Feast Adult Dry Cat Food

It features chicken and turkey flavors and contains essential vitamins and minerals for the overall health and wellness of  felines. It provides balanced nutrition and other ingredients include corn gluten meal and soybean meal. 


Most cats enjoy dry cat food or kibbles because they can snack on it anytime and it is convenient for pet owners because it is easy to feed and store. However, it should be stored well and kept fresh in a tightly-lid container and stored in a dry and cool place to preserve its taste and quality. Dry cat food does go bad once it goes beyond the allotted date of consumption and once opened it must be consumed within 14 days to three weeks. 

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