Montmorillonite Clay In Cat Food

Montmorillonite Clay In Cat Food

With all the diverse pet food available in the market today, you are sometimes at a loss of what to feed your pet cat. Take, for instance, montmorillonite clay in cat food. Seeing the word “clay” may put you off in an instant. The good news is that it is safe for cats and even veterinarians are starting to recognize its health benefits for your furry friends. 

What is montmorillonite clay?

Montmorillonite clay was first discovered in 1847 in Montmorillon, France and it originated from volcanic ash, minerals, and eons of weathering. It is also known as bentonite clay, although many are wondering about the name differences. While the former originated from France, the latter was discovered in Fort Benton, Wyoming, USA. They belong to the smectite group of clays which is well-known for its detoxifying and bactericidal properties. It has the power to absorb or to soak up, as well as to adsorb, or the ability to hold molecules of a gas, liquid or solute as a thin film on the outside or internal surface within the material. 

Montmorillonite clay contains more or less 67 minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, and magnesium.  These minerals are vital for a pet cat’s overall health and it’s also easily absorbed by their bodies.

These are the two main types of Montmorillonite clay:

Sodium montmorillonite 

This type is commonly used in tile production, concrete, and oil well drilling. It’s also a major constituent for splitting rock in natural stone quarries. 

Calcium montmorillonite 

This type is known for its therapeutic properties and has been widely used by indigenous cultures and healers as both an internal and external healing agent. Also called the “living clay”, it consists of minerals that enhance enzyme production in living organisms. Ancient people use it to treat open wounds and stomach or intestinal distress.

It’s also used for the treatment of these conditions:

  •  colitis
  • hemorrhoids
  • stomach ulcers 
  • acne
  • anemia
  • pain

It has also been recently used for the reduction of aflatoxin residues in milk and dairy products. Aflatoxin is a class of toxic compounds produced by certain molds in food which can cause liver damage and cancer.

Montmorillonite clay in cat food: Is it good or bad?

Is montmorillonite clay in cat food a good or bad thing? The answer is, it is a good thing since it has therapeutic and health benefits for pets. Most pet food manufacturers nowadays add it to various pet food products, mainly as a natural anti-caking agent. Compared to man-made anti-caking agents that contain chemicals like magnesium, montmorillonite clay is all-natural and doesn’t have chemicals that may harm your pet cats.

As an anti-caking agent, it helps prevent pet food from clumping together by adsorbing excess moisture. Also, veterinarians are recommending pet food with this “living clay” because it’s a potent detoxifier. Research made by the Texas A & M University shows that the clay is a good food supplement and helps bind and remove toxins from the bodies of pet cats. 

Here are some of the therapeutic benefits of montmorillonite clay for pets

  • works with the body to expel parasites
  • it removes toxins
  • facilitates the exchange of cations resulting in a cleansing agent
  • balances and maintains the body’s ph, water balance, intestinal flora, and osmotic pressure
  • promotes healing of external injuries 

Other benefits of montmorillonite clay

Montmorillonite clay is already commonly used in people’s food products as it helps improve the digestive system’s health. It also boosts immunity and protects the body from infections. Here are its other common benefits:

  • detoxifies the skin
  • treats oily skin and acne
  • treats poison ivy
  • aids in weight loss 
  • removes lead and heavy metals from the body
  • provides sun protection
  • treats diaper rash

We want our pets to eat the right kind of pet food since their health and wellness is our utmost concern. The added benefits of montmorillonite clay in our cat’s pet food come as great assurance that our pets are protected from digestive and intestinal issues. It also detoxifies and cleanses the body and keeps our pets healthy inside and out.