Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe

The winter months can be chilly and uncomfortable for cats, especially those with thin hair or hairless breeds such as the Sphynx. To keep your cats warm and cozy, you could provide them with cat beds that have a heating element. Heated cat beds are popularly used during winter, but some cat owners are concerned as to whether they are safe to use. 

Are heated cat beds safe?

Yes, heated cat beds are safe for your cats, because they are designed with cats’ features and requirements in mind. The makers of cat beds strongly consider safety precautions before crafting the final design. The heating element of these beds is safe and provides just the right temperature to keep your cat warm. 

What to look out for when choosing a heated cat bed:

  • It should have a longer cord so your cat stays away from the electrical outlet. This reduces the chances of electrical accidents. 
  • It should have durable and chew-resistant wires and cords. 
  • It should have built-in thermostats that are checked well and are safe enough to regulate the temperature to keep cats warm.
  • It should have removable heating pads and washable covers that are easy to clean. 

Types of heated cat beds: 

Electric heated cat bed 

This is the most common heated cat bed, and the heating element runs on electricity. There is an electric heating pad that generates constant heating for when you want continuous heat for long periods. 

Self-warming heated cat bed

This bed is made of multilayered thick fabrics that are radiating. It incorporates a layer of insulating material in the bed’s cushion and reflects the infrared radiation or body heat emitted from your cat’s body to her to keep her warm. 

Outdoor heated cat bed 

This type is usually made of PVC, which is a sturdy material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also incorporates a soft fleece fabric to keep your cat warm and comfortable. This is ideal if you want to keep your cat warm and cozy despite it being outdoors. 

Heating pads 

These are small, rectangular or oval-shaped pads with a heating element, but they are not as sturdy or large as a heated bed. The heating element may rely on electricity or the cat’s body heat. These can be placed in any corner of the home. 

Heating covers

These are similar to heating pads, but more portable and easy to store. They have a heating element in the cover that you can place under your cat’s favorite spot. It keeps your cat warm while keeping your furniture protected from paws and fur. 

Pros and cons of heated cat beds


  1. They do not require too much electricity, so there is no danger of a short-circuit, electric shock or catching fire. 
  2. They adjust to the cat’s body temperature and do not get hotter beyond a certain limit. Your cat is comfortable for extended periods. 
  3. They are made with extreme care and with safety precautions in mind so they are guaranteed safe for cats. 
  4. They provide a sense of warmth and comfort for cats, helping to avoid stress and anxiety.
  5. They have removable heating elements and covers that are easy to wash, so they are very convenient to use.
  6. They relieve stiff joints and are great for senior cats with arthritis. 


  1. They are not recommended to use if your cat has a habit of chewing on wires or surfaces. 
  2. There are wires attached to the beds that could endanger your cats if ingested. 
  3. There is a danger that your cat may get burned, so always make sure that the heating bed has temperature regulation or a thermostat that adjusts the heat according to your cat’s body temperature. 
  4. They may not be a good idea if you have multiple cats that are very active, as they may get entangled in the wires when they play. 
  5. They could result in an accident if kept close to your cat’s food or water bowl. Always see to it that the heated cat bed is a safe distance from your cat’s eating quarters. 


Cats deserve warmth and comfort, especially during the winter months. A heated cat bed is the ideal sleeping buddy for your cat, keeping her warm and comfortable. These are safe for cats since they are made with cats’ specific features and requirements in mind. They also provide just the right temperature so that your cat remains relaxed, warm and cozy on chilly nights. 

Image: / Merrimon