Are Nebelung Cats Hypoallergenic?

Are Nebelung Cats Hypoallergenic

Yes, Nebelung cats are considered hypoallergenic. Though no cat breed is truly hypoallergenic, Nebelung cats still get this distinction because, despite being moderate shedders, they trigger allergies a lot less than most cat breeds. They may not be recommended for those with severe cat allergies, but they can definitely work for people who only have mild cat allergies. If you are thinking about getting a Nebelung cat and want to know more about the breed, keep on reading.

What is a Nebelung cat?

The Nebelung cat is considered a medium-sized breed. Their weight ranges between 9 to 13 pounds for males, and between 7 to 9 pounds for females. A relatively healthy cat breed, they can live to be 15 to 18 years old. These cats have a strong build but are well-proportioned and balanced. They have very flexible limbs and are very agile and athletic. Their tail is long and bushy.

The Nebelung’s head shape is triangular and medium-sized with a long, straight snout. Their ears are large and sit upright at the side of the head. Their eyes are round or almond-shaped with a penetrating stare, and can vary between blue and deep green colors.

While other cat breeds normally have an assortment of fur colors, the Nebelung fur color is always the same. It is gray with a bluish hue, due to their Russian Blue cat ancestor. Their hair is soft and silky to the touch, longer at the tail, and thick in the undercarriage. It takes the Nebelung cat’s coat  two years to fully develop.

Nebelung Cat Personality

The Nebelung cat is affectionate, sweet, and loving. They form close bonds with their humans and stay extremely loyal and devoted their entire lives. They are playful and intelligent and love to follow their favorite humans from room to room to keep an eye on them. They enjoy sitting down on laps while getting scratches and pets. They tend to bond with only a handful of humans.

They like to have a steady routine and will learn yours quickly. They will not like changes to their or your routines or habits. They need time to adjust to changes. If you are working from home for months, then all of a sudden start working in the office again, your cat may have trouble adjusting to being alone for long periods of time. It is important that they get a lot of time and attention during these times of change. If you have to leave your Nebelung alone for long hours, it might be best to get them a companion to keep them company.

They are soft-spoken kitties unless they really want you to notice something, such as empty food bowls or dirty litter boxes. They are usually reserved around strangers, ranging from hiding under the bed to eyeing strangers from a safe distance.

Are Nebelung cats hypoallergenic?

Yes, Nebelung cats are considered hypoallergenic. Even though they have mid-length fur and are moderate shedders, they trigger allergic reactions far less than most cat breeds. They still may not be suitable for people with severe cat allergies, but may be a great choice for those with mild allergies.

How much do Nebelung cats shed?

The Nebelung’s double coat  sheds moderately. Even though they have long hair, they are considered to be a mid-hair cat. Their fur requires regular weekly brushing so that it does not get matted or tangled.

What do I do if I want a Nebelung cat but have allergies?

Before getting a Nebelung cat, make sure that you have done extensive research on the breed. If you have a friend with a Nebelung or if there is a breeder near you, contact them to ask if you can spend a few hours playing with their cats. Note how your body reacts to interacting with the cat. This step is essential because if you get a Nebelung and later on realize that it is not working out, you risk having to rehome the poor cat. 

Tips on Managing Your Cat Allergy


Brush your cat’s coat multiple times a week to remove any loose fur. This effectively lessens the dander released in your home. Plus, these brushing sessions are a great bonding experience for you and your cat. Baths are not necessary unless they roll in something smelly or dirty. Cats are capable of keeping their coats clean by themselves, so wiping their body down with a damp cloth may be enough to remove dander on the surface.


Ask your veterinarian about starting your cat on a breed appropriate diet. Make sure that the cat food you are giving has the right kind and amount of nutrients for your cat. Give it cat food rich in Omega 3 because it helps keep their skin and fur healthy. Always supply fresh, clean water for your cat to keep it well-hydrated.

Keep Your Cat Out of the Bedroom

Make your bedroom your allergen-free space in the house. Keep your bedroom door closed so your cat does not wander in. Change into different clothes before jumping into bed to make sure no dander gets on it.


Vacuum the carpet, floor, and fabric furniture in your home regularly so dander and fur do not accumulate. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down smooth surfaces such as bookshelves and tables. If your budget allows it, invest in an air purifier to filter out allergens from the air circulating in your home.

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands with soap and water after every physical interaction with your cat. This will help avoid the transfer of allergens from your unwashed hands to your face.


Ask your physician about what type of anti-allergy medication is best suited for you.


Yes, Nebelung cats are hypoallergenic. Despite having mid-length hair and moderate shedding, they do not trigger allergic reactions as much as most other cat breeds. They still are not recommended for people with severe allergies, but they are a great choice for people with mild allergies.

Manage your cat allergies by grooming your cat properly, giving your cat a breed appropriate diet, cleaning your home regularly, keeping your cat out of the bedroom, washing your hands after touching your cat, and taking antihistamine medication when necessary.

Image: / Madelein_Wolf