Balinese vs Siamese

Balinese vs Siamese

Balinese and Siamese cats have a lot in common since the former is the outcome of a genetic mutation of the latter. However, they also have differences that are noticeable if you take a closer look at each breed. In this article, we get to know the differences between the Balinese and Siamese cat breeds, as well as their similarities. 

Balinese vs Siamese: What are the differences?

They have contrasting histories. 

These two cat breeds have different histories: The Siamese is an ancient breed. Historians note that Siamese cats were descendants of sacred temple cats, while others suggest they were the offspring of an Egyptian cat and a wild cat of Siam. 

Meanwhile, the Balinese breed was first registered in 1928, and it was only in 1955 that it was officially bred. It was officially recognized in 1963, and in 1970 it was acknowledged by the Cat Fancier Organization. The history of this breed is not based on legend or myth, like that of the Siamese breed. 

They differ in fur length.

Balinese have a single coat of long, silky fur with no undercoat. Their fine fur can grow up to two inches long, and they have a plumed tail. Owners of this breed need to maintain this long fur and have it combed regularly. Meanwhile, the Siamese cat breed is short-haired. 

The Balinese breed is more hypoallergenic than the Siamese breed. 

The Balinese breed is one of the lowest-shedding, despite being a long-haired breed. This makes them more hypoallergenic than the short-haired Siamese breed.

Similarities between Tonkinese and Balinese cats   

They both have white coats. 

Balinese and Siamese cats share the same coat color. They develop their point colors a few weeks following their birth. The warmth of the womb blocks the cats’ color gene from reaching the fur, but once the kittens are exposed to cooler temperatures they start to develop pigment around the face, tail, and paws. 

They are both outgoing cat breeds. 

Both these cat breeds are active and jolly acrobats. They play with toys and may follow you around. They also love to climb on closets, shelves, tables and other high places. Owners of these breeds attest that they are comparable to dogs in their playfulness, friendliness and attention-seeking behavior. 

These breeds can fetch things and walk on a leash. They also do not like to be alone, and if you are often away from home it is ideal to get two cats so they do not get lonely. 

They are both talkative breeds.

Both the Balinese and the Siamese are talkative and loud. If you prefer a quiet cat, these breeds are not suitable for you.

These cats are affectionate, intelligent and adore puzzle toys. They are sometimes called dog-cats, and can be taught tricks. They can toss small balls for games of fetch, and can also be trained to run agility courses. These furballs can learn to walk on a leash, so they can tag along for a walk in the park. 

Balinese and Siamese: Fun facts 

Balinese cats are roughly 12 to 18 inches long and weigh six to 12 pounds. They require weekly brushing and their lifespan is 10 to 16 years. These cats are friendly and can get along well with dogs. The common colors of this breed are white, red/orange, blue/gray, cream/beige/tan, chocolate/brown/sable, fawn, and lilac. 

Siamese cats measure 15 to 20 inches long and weigh six to 14 pounds. They have a lifespan of 12 to 20 years and may also require weekly brushing. Like the Balinese, the Siamese breed can get along well with dogs, especially with the proper training and introduction.  

This breed has a distinctive pointed coat with darker points on the ears, legs, and tail in chocolate, blue, seal or lilac. Other point colors are cream, silver, smoke, red, and tabby. 


Balinese and Siamese cats are very alike in many ways because the Balinese breed was the result of a genetic mutation of the Siamese. Their differences lie mainly in their contrasting histories and the length of their fur.  The Balinese breed is also more hypoallergenic than the Siamese cat breed.

Image: / Natalie Herzer